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Review of Alpujarrid tectonic units in the Tejeda, Almijara and Guajares ranges (Betic Internal Zone, Granada and Malaga provinces)

, : Review of Alpujarrid tectonic units in the Tejeda, Almijara and Guajares ranges (Betic Internal Zone, Granada and Malaga provinces). Revista de la Sociedad Geologica de Espana 16(3-4): 135-149

The meaning, the previous correlations and the limits among different units distinguished in the Tejeda Almijara, Guajares and Albunuelas sierras in the Granada and Malaga provinces (with an area of about 1500 km (super 2) ) are discussed, particularly the so called Herradura and Salobrena Units, within de Alpujarride Complex. Some previous supposed tectonic thrust contacts within the carbonates of the Almijara and Guajares-Guindalera sierras do not exist. The conclusion is that several of these units cannot be objectively separate in the field and therefore are included together in the Almijara Unit. This unit shows a very complex structure in its western part, especially in the Tejeda and Almijara sierras, with southwards vergences in its north side and northwards in its south sector. In the eastern sector the structure is simpler, nearly tabular. In its bottom appear the Escalate unit and to the top that of the Guajares. Some of the outcrops previously considered belonging to the Salobrena unit are now included in the Guajares Nappe. The Llanadas sector, previously considered forming part of the Guajares Nappe, really belongs to the Almijara unit.


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