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Secondary magnetizations from the Clinton-type iron ores of the Silurian Red Mountain Formation, Alabama

, : Secondary magnetizations from the Clinton-type iron ores of the Silurian Red Mountain Formation, Alabama. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 67(3): 391-399

From 27 (out of a total of 29) sites a characteristic pre-folding magnetization has been obtained with D = 150 degrees , I = + 20 degrees , alpha (sub 95) = 3.5 degrees , and paleopole at 38 degrees N, 132 degrees E. However, we conclude from a bedding-error test and a conglomerate test, as well as from descriptions of the hematite as a replacement mineral, that the magnetization is a (late) post-depositional chemical remanent magnetization. The age constraints on the magnetization, between Middle Silurian and Early Permian, can be refined by a comparison with the apparent polar wander path for cratonic North America; this comparison suggests a Late Carboniferous age for the magnetization and the hematite. Similar late Paleozoic remagnetizations have been noted in other Appalachian and mid-continent formations and suggest a widespread, but as yet ill-defined mechanism for the remagnetization.--Modified journal abstract.


DOI: 10.1016/0012-821x(84)90177-8

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