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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 20000

Chapter 20000 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Sense of movement on Precambrian shear zones, Northeast Front Range, Colorado. Abstracts with Programs - Geological Society of America 27(4): 49-50

Sense of nappe emplacement from quartz c-axis fabrics; an example from the Betic Cordilleras (Spain). Earth and Planetary Science Letters 59(1): 0-215

Sense of nappes emplacement in the northern Apuseni Mountains, Romania. Proceedings of the Romanian Academy Series B, Chemistry, Life Sciences and Geosciences

Sense of overthrust shear in the Alpine nappes of Calabria (southern Italy). Journal of Structural Geology 10(4): 373-381

Sense of place and place-based introductory geoscience teaching for American Indian and Alaska native undergraduates. Journal of Geoscience Education 53(2): 149-157

Sense of shear and displacement estimates in the Abeibara-Rarhous late Pan-African shear zone, Adrar des Iforas, Mali. Journal of Structural Geology 8(1): 47-58

Sense of shear in a major mid-Acadian mylonite zone in granulite facies metamorphosed tonalite and Rangeley Formation of the Merrimack Belt, northeastern Connecticut. Abstracts with Programs - Geological Society of America 19(1): 14

Sense of shear in high-temperature movement zones from the fabric asymmetry of plagioclase feldspars. Journal of Structural Geology 10(1): 73-81

Sense of shear in the Sacandaga mylonite zone, south-central Adirondacks. Abstracts with Programs - Geological Society of America 20(7): 123

Sense of shear on low-angle Neoproterozoic ductile shear zone, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Abstracts with Programs - Geological Society of America 35(3): 18

Sense of shear strain components near deformed lithotectonic boundaries imaged by geophysical methods. Lithoprobe Report 63: 67-82

Sense of tectonic transport in intensely deformed Trusmadi and Crocker sediments, Ranau-Tenompok area, Sabah. Geological Society of Malaysia--Kesatuan Kajibumi Malaysia, Newsletter 52: 20-21

Sense, recency and rates of faulting along the Laguna Salada and Canon Rojo Fault, NE Baja California. Abstracts with Programs - Geological Society of America 16(6): 602

Sensibilite des macles mecaniques aux defauts primaires de structure. Soc Franc

Sensibility in vitro to iprodione, growth rate and pathogenicity to Rosa sp. of Botrytis cinerea strains.

Sensibility of prestack depth migration to the velocity model. SEG Abstracts 60(Pages 1275-1278

Sensible energy storage in aquifers; 1, Theoretical study. Water Resources Research 18(2): 245

Sensible heat advection and snowmelt on the Greenland ice sheet. Abstracts, Annual Meeting - Association of American Geographers 1995: 265

Sensible heat exchange during snowmelt. Pages 143-154 2000

Sensible heat flux and radiometric surface temperature over sparse Sahelian vegetation; I, An experimental analysis of the kB (super -1) parameter. Journal of Hydrology 188-189(1-4): 815-838

Sensible heat flux and radiometric surface temperature over sparse Sahelian vegetation; II, A model for the kB (super -1) parameter. Journal of Hydrology 188-189(1-4): 839-854

Sensing Quaternary climate change through hydrology; the ostracode connection. Abstracts with Programs - Geological Society of America 35(6): 129

Sensing and interpretation techniques. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 140(Pages 258-265

Sensing and logging for in-seam boreholes. Exploration and Mining Research News 7: 3-4

Sensing and predicting thermal pollution of groundwater. Conference Proceedings

Sensing by satellite; hyperspectral imaging spans the electromagnetic spectrum to highlight exploration targets. Hart's EandP 73(11): 48-52

Sensing elements of seismotransformers based on bimorphic piezoelectric disks. Seysmicheskiye Pribory 22: 40-44

Sensing of diurnal and semi-diurnal variability in the water vapour content in the tropics using GPS measurements. Meteorological Applications 14(4): 403-412

Sensing of subsurface faults based on an imaging technique for teleseismic waveform data; numerical experiments. Butsuri-Tansa = Geophysical Exploration 48(4): 268-269

Sensing sub-surface geology. International Water Power and Dam Construction 37(5): 19-20

Sensing techniques in exploration, Part 1. Oil and Gas Journal 67(22): 110-112

Sensing the Earth. Musk-Ox 0(40): 63-65

Sensing the soil physics at the surface of Mars. Abstracts of Papers Submitted to the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference 22: 321-322

Sensing the ups and downs of Las Vegas; InSAR reveals structural control of land subsidence and aquifer-system deformation. Geology (Boulder) 27(6): 483-486

Sensing tundra vegetation with surface pollen samples. Abstracts with Programs - Geological Society of America 30(7): 388

Sensing upland plant community changes from delta (super 13) C analyses of charcoal in lake sediment cores. Congress of the International Union for Quaternary Research Pages 290

Sensistivity analysis of apparent resistivity curves in porous media using Archie's law. Simposium de Geofisica y Exhibicion de Equipo 8(1998

Sensitive Earth, familiar planet. Reunion Annuelle des Sciences de la Terre 14: 83

Sensitive amino acid composition and chirality analysis with the Mars Organic Analyzer (MOA). Abstracts of Papers Submitted to the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference 36: (unpaginated

Sensitive areas, vulnerable zones and buffer strips; a critical review of policy in agricultural nitrate control. Special Publication - Royal Society of Chemistry 237(Pages 189-205

Sensitive clay flows along the South Nation River, Ontario; a history of slope failure and the results of recent geotechnical investigations. Program with Abstracts - Geological Association of Canada(Mineralogical Association of Canada(Canadian Geophysical Union, Joint Annual Meeting 22: 6

Sensitive clay flows along the south Nation River, Ontario, Canada and their impact on land use. Proceedings of the International Symposium on Landslides = Comptes Rendus du Symposium International sur les Glissements de Terrain 7, Vol

Sensitive clays in the Bootlegger Cove Formation. Open-File Report - U S

Sensitive dependence, divergence and unpredictable behaviour in a stratigraphic forward model of a carbonate system. Geological Society Special Publications 239(Pages 77-94

Sensitive detection of trace elements in pure water by laser-induced atomic fluorescence spectroscopy in microwave discharge atomization. Analytical Chemistry 65(15): 2096-2101

Sensitive determination of aliphatic amines by high-performance liquid chromatography with a new fluorogenic probe 3-(4-fluorinebenzoyl)-2-quinoline carboxaldehyde. Journal of Separation Science 31(1): 38-46

Sensitive determination of nonlinear properties Berea Sandstone at low strains. Geophysical Research Letters 27(13): 1985-1988

Sensitive energy active points (SEAP); a clue to better understanding of earthquake physics?. Russian Geology and Geophysics 46(1): 85-100

Sensitive factor model of the synthetical evaluation on the quality of geoenvironment for new site of Wushan County, Chongqing, China. Dizhi Keji Qingbao = Geological Science and Technology Information 17(2): 71-75

Sensitive high-resolution records of Holocene palaeoclimate from raised bogs. Quaternary Newsletter 73: 37-38

Sensitive instrument for measuring remanent magnetization of rocks. Izvestiya Akademii Nauk SSSR, Fizika Zemli 3: 77-81

Sensitive mercury vapour meter for use in geochemical prospecting. Inst Min

Sensitive method for gold analysis. U S

Sensitive method of measuring magnetostriction in rocks in a broad temperature range. Geomagnetizm i Aeronomiya 8(1): 98-100

Sensitive resistivity and self potential variation measurements using telluric tensor cancellation. Eos, Transactions, American Geophysical Union 58(6): 497

Sensitive response of basin deposits to regional stress changes. Abstracts with Programs - Geological Society of America 5(7): 715-716

Sensitive responses of calcite stable isotopes at Lake Grinnell (NJ) to changes in insolation and moisture conditions during the Holocene. Abstracts with Programs - Geological Society of America 38(7): 82

Sensitive spectrophotometric determination of erbium(III) in geological materials and glasses with 2-(5-bromo-2-pyridylazo)-5-diethylaminophenol. Zhurnal Analiticheskoy Khimii 54(6): 665-669

Sensitive strata in Bootlegger Cove Formation. Journal of Geotechnical Engineering 115(9): 1239-1251

Sensitive variometer for study of the declination - theoretical study. Annales de Geophysique 26(1): 127-139

Sensitive vibrating wire rock bolt load gage. Transactions of the American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical and Petroleum Engineers, Incorporated (AIME) 262: 293-299

Sensitive zones of the Earth's crust and signal amplitude of seismic precursors. Doklady Akademii Nauk SSSR 281(1): 304-307

Sensitive zones of the Earth's crust as a manifestation of dynamics of the interaction of blocks. Doklady Earth Sciences 407(2): 418-423

Sensitive, expansive, dispersive and collapsive soils. Bulletin of the International Association of Engineering Geology 56: 19-38

Sensitiveness of depth-migrated results with respect to velocity accuracy and migration method. Pages 9 1981

Sensitivities of deep-ocean heat uptake and heat content to surface fluxes and subgrid-scale parameters in an ocean general circulation model with idealized geometry. Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans 108(C1): 3015

Sensitivities of generalized RRI method for CSAMT survey. Geosciences Journal (Seoul) 10(1): 75-84

Sensitivities of ozone and fine particulate matter formation to emissions under the impact of potential future climate change. Environmental Science and Technology 41(24): 8355-8361

Sensitivities of report writing for weak-rock projects. Environmental and Engineering Geoscience 3(4): 573-578

Sensitivities of seismic traveltimes and amplitudes in reflection tomography. Geophysical Journal International 131(3): 618-642

Sensitivities of species compositions of the mixed forest in eastern Eurasian continent to climate change. Global and Planetary Change 37(3-4): 307-313

Sensitivitiy of deep lake temperature to past and future climatic changes; a modeling study for Lac d'Annecy, France, and Ammersee, Germany. Journal of Geophysical Research, D, Atmospheres 108(19, 2003

Sensitivity Maps and Tables for the Evaluation of Low-Grade Ore Deposits. International Journal of Rock Mechanics and Mining Sciences & Geomechanics Abstracts 11(5): 165-171

Sensitivity Ranges in Neutron Activation Analysis of Some Rare Trace Elements (Cd, Hg, Tl, Bi) in Silicate Samples. Pages 391-396 1971

Sensitivity Stability of Eppley Model 6-90 Pyranometers. Journal of Geophysical Research 77(9): 1681-1682

Sensitivity adjustments of electromagnetic seismographs. Indian Journal of Meteorology and Geophysics 16(1): 43-54

Sensitivity analyses for development of manganese nodules and cobalt-rich manganese crusts. The Proceedings of the

Sensitivity analyses for surface wave inversion studies. Proceedings of the Symposium on Engineering Geology and Geotechnical Engineering 38(Pages 243-251

Sensitivity analyses for the impact of global warming on water resources in Wales. Geojournal Library 38: 317-335

Sensitivity analyses of coal mine spoil instability in central Alaska. Occasional Paper - University of Alaska Museum, Alaskan Quaternary Center 4: 31

Sensitivity analysis and basin analysis; resolution, precision, sensitivity, and uniqueness problems. International Geological Congress, Abstracts--Congres Geologique Internationale, Resumes 28, Vol

Sensitivity analysis and data resolution; important aspects of quantitative basin analysis. AAPG Bulletin 77(9): 1669-1670

Sensitivity analysis and determination of streambed leakance and aquifer hydraulic properties; discussion. Journal of Hydrology 303(1-4): 316-321

Sensitivity analysis and determination of streambed leakance and aquifer hydraulic properties; reply. Journal of Hydrology 303(1-4): 322-327

Sensitivity analysis and inverse problem for the sub-regional flow model of the Neogene aquifer. Annales Geophysicae (1988) 16, Suppl

Sensitivity analysis and the ground-water inverse problem. Groundwater 20(6): 723-735

Sensitivity analysis for 2D modelling, Duntroon Basin, South Australia. Annual Meeting Abstracts - American Association of Petroleum Geologists and Society of Economic Paleontologists and Mineralogists 5(Pages 97

Sensitivity analysis for parameter identification in quasi-static poroelasticity. International Journal for Numerical and Analytical Methods in Geomechanics 29(2): 163-185

Sensitivity analysis for seismic source characteristics to probabilistic seismic hazard assessment in Central Apennines (Abruzzo area). Bollettino di Geofisica Teorica ed Applicata 43(1-2): 79-100

Sensitivity analysis for the EPIK method of vulnerability assessment in a small karstic aquifer, southern Belgium. Hydrogeology Journal 8(3): 337-345

Sensitivity analysis for the SALMON model of the Upper-Nepean River. Pages 609-612 1994

Sensitivity analysis for transient electromagentic sounding inversion. Geophysics 48(4): 473

Sensitivity analysis for vapor transport properties in the ASTM RBCA. Proceedings of the Petroleum Hydrocarbons and Organic Chemicals in Ground Water: Prevention, Detection and Remediation Conference 1996: 353-365

Sensitivity analysis in aquifer studies. Water Resources Research 13(4): 733-737

Sensitivity analysis in basin modelling. Publ - Chalmers Tekniska Hogskola, Geologiska Institutionen, B

Sensitivity analysis in thermal and maturity modelling. Marine and Petroleum Geology 13(4): 0-425

Sensitivity analysis of DNA fingerprinting technique for detecting insect fragments in wheat flour. Canadian Biosystems Engineering: 49

Sensitivity analysis of ERS-1 SAR signal to multiscale-structures of the tropical forest by means of the wavelet transform. ESA SP European Space Agency Special Publication

Sensitivity analysis of MT measurements in time and frequency domains for layered Earth models. International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics, General Assembly 21, Week A: 101-102

Sensitivity analysis of THM simulation for high level underground nuclear waste repository. Proceedings of the

Sensitivity analysis of a catchment scale sediment generation and transport model. Pages 1140-1146 2005

Sensitivity analysis of a feedforward neural network for considering genetic mechanisms of kuroko deposits. Natural Resources Research 12(4): 291-301

Sensitivity analysis of a ground-water flow model. Pages 40-45 1991

Sensitivity analysis of a mechanistic nitrogen transfer and transformation model. Geophysical Research Abstracts 2(2000

Sensitivity analysis of a nonlinear optimization model for in situ bioremediation of groundwater. Eos, Transactions, American Geophysical Union 75(44, Suppl

Sensitivity analysis of a simple layer-equilibrium model for the one-dimensional leaching of solutes. Eos, Transactions, American Geophysical Union 72(17): 130

Sensitivity analysis of a zero-dimensional sediment resuspension model. IAGLR Conference Program & Abstracts 46: 162-163

Sensitivity analysis of amplitude versus offset (AVO) method. SEG Abstracts 57: 621-623

Sensitivity analysis of an aquifer solute transport model. Eos, Transactions, American Geophysical Union 67(44): 938

Sensitivity analysis of basin modelling with applications. Paper - Geological Survey of Canada Pages 489-504

Sensitivity analysis of canal seepage by electrical modelling. Hydrology - Journal of the Indian Association of Hydrologists 13(2): 73-86

Sensitivity analysis of capture zone area related to grid-node spacing. Pages 121-129 1994

Sensitivity analysis of crack evolution on roadbed in permafrost zone. Pages 33 2006

Sensitivity analysis of cross-well electromagnetics. SEG Annual Meeting Expanded Technical Program Abstracts with Biographies 62: 502-505

Sensitivity analysis of crosswell electromagnetics. Geophysics 60(3): 834-845

Sensitivity analysis of data-related factors controlling AVA simultaneous inversion of partially stacked seismic amplitude data; application to deep-water hydrocarbon reservoirs in the central Gulf of Mexico. Geophysics 72(1): C19-C29

Sensitivity analysis of deformation monitoring networks in the north of Israel. Israel Journal of Earth-Sciences 50(1): 23-28

Sensitivity analysis of diamond rock drilling using a surface-set core bit. Annual Meeting - Association of Engineering Geologists 39: 73

Sensitivity analysis of electrical methods on the basis of the single scattering theory. Butsuri-Tansa = Geophysical Exploration 44(2): 71-80

Sensitivity analysis of electrical tomography for the mapping of the vulnerability of ground water to non-point source contamination. Geotemas (Madrid) 6, Vol

Sensitivity analysis of electromagnetic measurements over exponentially varying conductivity Earth models. Geophysical Journal International 121(1): 111-116

Sensitivity analysis of errors in reserve evaluations due to core and log measurement inaccuracies. Pages 381-394 1990

Sensitivity analysis of estimates of pe-pH relationships in soils using thermodynamic and analytical approaches. Agronomy Abstracts 84: 239

Sensitivity analysis of flow in multilayered leaky aquifer systems. Journal of Hydraulic Engineering 122(1): 41-45

Sensitivity analysis of flow in unsaturated heterogeneous porous media; theory, numerical model, and its verification. Water Resources Research 26(4): 593-610

Sensitivity analysis of frost heave; a theoretical study. Pages 3-16 1993

Sensitivity analysis of geologicl computer models; a formal procedure based on Latin hypercube sampling. Mathematical Geology 19(2): 81-90

Sensitivity analysis of ground response modeling in seismic microzonation in Lalitpur, Nepal. International Geological Congress, Abstracts = Congres Geologique International, Resumes 32, Part 2: 1465

Sensitivity analysis of ground-water flow model. U S

Sensitivity analysis of ground-water flow models. Pages 17, 20 1988

Sensitivity analysis of ground-water models. NATO ASI Series Series E: Applied Sciences

Sensitivity analysis of groundwater flow model using the differential algebra method. Pages 360-368 1991

Sensitivity analysis of groundwater flow systems. Abstracts with Programs - Geological Society of America 8(1): 73

Sensitivity analysis of groundwater flow systems and an application to a real case. International Congress on Sedimentology = Congres International de Sedimentologie 10, Vol

Sensitivity analysis of groundwater, sulfuric acid, metals release, net acid generating potential, and oxidation thickness used to predict chemical composition of an open pit mine lake. Abstracts with Programs - Geological Society of America 26(7): 35

Sensitivity analysis of hydraulic fracture characteristics in carbonate formations of the Appalachian Basin. Abstracts with Programs - Geological Society of America 37(1): 4

Sensitivity analysis of laterally loaded piles by means of adjoint method. Computers and Geotechnics 13(1): 37-49

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Sensitivity analysis of the AGNPS (agricultural nonpoint source) pesticide transport model. Agronomy Abstracts 84: 52

Sensitivity analysis of the Newmark equation in the earthquake-induced landslide hazard mapping. Annual Meeting - Association of Engineering Geologists 43(4): 119

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Sensitivity analysis of the groundwater flow model parameters in a small rural watershed. Han'gug Sujaweon Haghoe Nonmunjib = Journal of Korea Water Resources Association 37(8): 687-693

Sensitivity analysis of the model for ground water flow and evapotranspiration. Pages 43-69 1979

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Sensitivity analysis of the optimum design flood evaluated by an optimization procedure. Pages 249-258 1973

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Sensitivity analysis of the stability of an earth dam. Pages 1-7 1978

Sensitivity analysis of thermal maturation modeling in the northern Gulf basin. AAPG Bulletin 84(10): 1687

Sensitivity analysis of uncertainty in seismic sources modeling on seismic hazard mapped parameters. Proceedings of the U S

Sensitivity analysis of uncertainty in seismicity on seismic hazard estimates. European Conference on Earthquake Engineering 6(Vol

Sensitivity analysis of various recharge, abstraction and hydraulic parameters during formulation of regional ground water model. Annual Convention and National Seminar on Hydrology 9: 12

Sensitivity analysis on GIS procedures for the estimate of soil erosion risk. Natural Hazards 20(2-3): 231-253

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Sensitivity analysis on measurement noise in the identification of soil properties from vertical array observation data. Earthquake Engineering & Structural Dynamics 26(9): 951-965

Sensitivity analysis on the input parameters in probabilistic seismic hazard assessment. Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering (1984) 20(5-8): 341-351

Sensitivity analysis on the thermal-hydraulic parameters governing the saturation of an engineered clay barrier system. Applied Clay Science 26(1-4): 209-217

Sensitivity analysis useful for planning data collection. U S

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Sensitivity and confident occurrence areasof earthquake precursors based on complex factors. Doklady Akademii Nauk Respubliki Uzbekistan Matematika, Technicheskie Nauki, Estestvoznanie = Uzbekiston Respublikasi Fanlar Akademiyasining Ma"ruzalari

Sensitivity and dynamic stresses in volcanic soils. Geologia Applicata e Idrogeologia 21, Part 3: 23-30

Sensitivity and evolution of sea-turtle magnetoreception; observations, modelling and constraints from geomagnetic secular variation. Terra Nova 9(5-6): 203-207

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Sensitivity and isotopic discrimination in a Nier-type source as a function of pressure; implications for argon and helium analysis. LPI Contribution Pages 43-44

Sensitivity and reliability of the fold test in paleomagnetism. Izvestiya - Russian Academy of Sciences Physics of the Solid Earth

Sensitivity and reliability of two fracture detection techniques for borehole application. JPT Journal of Petroleum Technology

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Sensitivity and response time of natural systems to climatic change in the late Quaternary. Quaternary Science Reviews 3(2-3): 91-131

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Sensitivity and specificity of monoclonal and polyclonal immunohistochemical staining for West Nile virus in various organs from American crows (Corvus brachyrhynchos). Bmc Infectious Diseases 7: 49-49

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Sensitivity criteria applied to the form indices of sand grains. Develop Sedimentol

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Sensitivity module. U S

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Sensitivity of European agro ecosystems as affected by management intensity and climate.

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Sensitivity of Michigan pollen diagrams to Little Ice Age climatic change. Program and Abstracts - American Quaternary Association Conference

Sensitivity of Monte Carlo simulation to the probability distribution of the input parameters.

Sensitivity of Northern Hemisphere air temperatures and snow expansion to North Pacific sea surface temperatures in the GISS GCM. Eos, Transactions, American Geophysical Union 73(43, Suppl

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