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Tide-induced groundwater head fluctuation in a coastal aquifer system with a submarine outcrop covered by a thin silt layer

, : Tide-induced groundwater head fluctuation in a coastal aquifer system with a submarine outcrop covered by a thin silt layer. Hydrological Processes 22(5): 605-610

We present an analytical solution of groundwater head response to tidal fluctuation in a coastal multilayered aquifer system consisting of an unconfined aquifer, a leaky confined aquifer and a semi-permeable layer between them. The submarine outcrop of the confined aquifer is covered by a thin silt layer. A mathematical model and the analytical solution of this model are given. The silt layer reduces the amplitude of the hydraulic head fluctuation by a constant factor, and shifts the phase by a positive constant (time lag), both of which depend on the leakances of the silt layer and the semi-permeable layer. The time lag is less than 1.5 h and 3.0 h for semi-diurnal and diurnal sea tides respectively. When the leakance of the semi-permeable layer or the silt layer assumes certain special values, the solution becomes the existing solutions derived by previous researchers. The amplitude of the hydraulic head fluctuation in the confined aquifer increases with the leakance of the silt layer and decreases with the leakance of the semi-permeable layer, whereas the phase shift of the fluctuation decreases with both of them. A hypothetical example shows that neglecting the silt layer may result in significant parameter estimation discrepancy between the amplitude attenuation and the time-lag fittings. Abstract Copyright (2008), Wiley Periodicals, Inc.


DOI: 10.1002/hyp.6626

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