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Trend of salt lake changes in the background of global warming and tactics for adaptation to the changes

, : Trend of salt lake changes in the background of global warming and tactics for adaptation to the changes. Acta Geologica Sinica (English Edition) 78(3): 795-807

Salt lakes are a mirror of climate changes and provide holographic records of environmental changes of lakes. Based on a study of geological hazards in typical salt lake areas in China and other regions, the authors explain how geological hazards in salt lake areas are caused by natural agents and how humans can seek benefits, avoid hazards and reduce losses on the premise that they have monitored and mastered the trend of salt lake changes in advance and even can store flood and recharge water in lakes and extract saline resources. The climate in western China is probably turning from warm-dry to warm-moist. The authors analyze the changing trend of salt lakes sensu lato (with salinity > or =0.3 wt% (NaCl)eq) and salt lakes sensu stricto (with salinity > or =3.5 wt% (NaCl)eq) in China in such climatic conditions and distinguish three types of salt lake areas (i.e. lake water rising type, lake water falling type and lake water rising and unstable type) according to the characteristics of lake water rising and shrinking. In order to conform to the climatic and lake changes in China's salt lake areas, the authors propose to add and improve hydrological and meteorological observation stations and integrate observations with remote sensing monitoring in important salt lake areas and set up multidisciplinary and interdepartmental basic projects to monitor and study recent climatic and environmental changes in salt lake areas of western China. Moreover, it is necessary to build additional flood-control and drought-preventing water conservancy facilities in key salt lake areas and work out measures for ecological protection in salt lake areas. Full consideration should be given to the influence of flooding when building saltfields and implementing capital projects.


DOI: 10.1111/j.1755-6724.2004.tb00198.x

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