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Development of vocalizations in the American coot

, : Development of vocalizations in the American coot. Canadian Journal of Zoology, 5910: 1921-1928

Vocal development was followed in laboratory-reared American coots (F. americana). Four call types were observed in young chicks: twitter, wit-ou, squawk and yeow. During the 1st mo. all calls showed changes in pitch. Call duration showed no change in the twitter and yeow calls, but showed an increase in both the wit-ou and squawk calls. Twitters were dropped from the repertoire after 30 days of age; yeow calls were dropped after about 2 mo. of age. When appr. 2 mo. old, juveniles used 3 calls, 1 derived from the squawk and 2 derived from the wit-ou. Sexual dimorphism also developed when birds were about 2 mo. old. By 3 mo. of age, juvenile calls resembled those of adult coots.


DOI: 10.1139/z81-262

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