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Ecological sensitivity of some acaricides on the predators Panonychus ulmi Koch

, : Ecological sensitivity of some acaricides on the predators Panonychus ulmi Koch. Zastita Bilja, 392: 183-195

The population dynamics of the development of Panonychus ulmi Koch. and of its predators was followed from April to October. There has been established the presence of several predatory species, such as: representatives of the family Coccinellidae (Stethorum punctillum Weise), Anthocoridae (Orius vicinus Rib.) Phytoseidae (Amblyseius andersoni Chant), development and further reproduction of which are closely connected with the development of the population of P. ulmi as well as of Chrysopidae (Chrysopa carnea Steph) which is polyphagous. On the basis of the number of mobile forms of P. ulmi were determined their critical number (threshold of noxiousness) on a leaf and the term of application of acaricides. The obtained results indicate that Acarex 60 manifested partial toxicity to S. punctillum, O. vicinus, and a complete selectivity to Ch. carnea. It is not ecologically selective to the predator A. andersoni. Neoron 500 is ecologically selective to S. punctillum and Ch. carnea, and completely selective to O. vicinus. It is not selective to A. andersoni, where it causes total mortality as early as after 72 hours. Omite 57E shows a complete ecological selectivity to S. punctillum, O. vicinus and Ch. carnea. This preparation manifested a partial selectivity to the predator A. andersoni where there survive 20 p.c., which is an important factor in the use of these methods in the protection of apple trees against this pest.


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