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Etude d'une souche de Tetranychus piercei (Acariens: Tetranychidae), d'Indonesie: redescription, caryotype et reproduction

, : Etude d'une souche de Tetranychus piercei (Acariens: Tetranychidae), d'Indonesie: redescription, caryotype et reproduction. Entomologische Berichten (Amsterdam): 396: 88-94

T. piercei McGregor, 1950, is recorded for the 1st time from Indonesia. The species is redescribed, including the karyotype (n = 3). Its host plants in Southeast Asian countries are listed. T. piercei is reproductively isolated from other Tetranychus spp. The number of eggs deposited by mated females during the first 27 days of life is nearly twice as high as from unmated females. Egg production is not increased by matings with males of other species.


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