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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 21365

Chapter 21365 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Molecular, cellular and functional characterizations of PACAP and its receptors in the cerebellum of new and old world monkeys.

Molecular, cellular and physiological effects of oil-derived hydrocarbons on molluscs and their use in impact assessment. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London B Biological Sciences, 3161181: 603-623

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Molecular, phenotypic and clinical predictors of Richter syndrome (RS) in chronic lymphocytic leukemia.

Molecular, topographic, and functional organization of the cerebellar nuclei: analysis by three-dimensional mapping of the olivonuclear projection and aldolase C labeling. Journal of Neuroscience 27(36): 9696-9710

Molecular-based diagnostic of cystic fibrosis lung infection using amplicon length heterogeneity - Polymerase chain reaction (ALH-PCR).

Molecular-biologic analysis of avian influenza virus isolates which caused epizootics on the south of West Siberia and in Crimea. Zhurnal Mikrobiologii, Epidemiologii, i Immunobiologii: 28-32

Molecular-biological and morphological peculiarities in females with neoplastic processes of the reproductive tract associated with sexually transmitted infections. Uzbekiston Tibbiet Zhurnali (5): 73-75

Molecular-epidemiological characteristic and possible origin of Vibrio cholerae non O1/non O139 with complete and limited set of virulence genes. Zhurnal Mikrobiologii, Epidemiologii, i Immunobiologii: 24-28

Molecular-genetic basis for the formation of ecological races in cuckoos. Berkut, 91-2: 136-139

Molecular-genetic characterization of locus du323, containing several types of microsatellites, in the parthenogenetic lizard species D. dahli (Lacertidae).

Molecular-genetic classification and phylogenetic relatedness of some species of Lacertidae lizards by taxoprinting data. Molekulyarnaya Biologiya (Moscow). Yanvar'-Fevral'; 321: 172-183

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Molecular-targeted therapies: lessons from years of clinical development. Cancer Treatment Reviews 34(1): 61-80

Molecular/genetic manipulation of extrinsic axon guidance factors for.

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Molecularizing embryology: Alberto Monroy and the origins of Developmental Biology in Italy. International Journal of Developmental Biology 44(6): 537-553

Molecularly defined vaccines for immunotherapy of cancer.

Molecularly imprinted chitosan-genipin hydrogels with recognition capacity toward o-xylene. Biomacromolecules 8(11): 3355-3364

Molecularly imprinted polymer based on chemiluminescence imaging for.

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Molecularly imprinted solid phase extraction in a syringe needle packed with polypyrrole-encapsulated carbon nanotubes for determination of ochratoxin a in red wine. Food Science and Technology International 13(5): 375-380

Molecularly targeted immunochemotherapeutic formulation (SEVINA) composed of pegylated trispecific disulfide linked Fv (sdFv) targeting epitopes of EGFR, PTHrP and RANKL conjugated covalently with SATA to vinorelbine eradicated osteolytic metastases of multiple myeloma inhibiting proliferation of tumor associated and bone microvascular endothelial cells inducing ADCC, AMP and type I, II, IIIPCD.

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Molecule, nerve and embryo. Unknown

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Molecules and methods for inhibiting shedding of KIM-1.

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Molecules and morphology in evolution: conflict or compromise?. Unknown

Molecules and morphology in phylogeny - the radiation of rodents. Unknown

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Molecules, morphometrics and new fossils provide an integrated view of.

Molecules, museums and vouchers. Trends in Ecology & Evolution 9(11): 413-414

Molecules, populations and species evolution in the genus Mus (Mammalia: Rodentia). Unknown

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Molekularbiologische Methoden in der phylogenetischen Rekonstruktion.

Molekularbiologische Untersuchungen des Spatrezidivs bei Hodentumoren.

Molekularbiologische Untersuchungen zur Pathotypendifferenzierung bei Heterodera schachtii.

Molekularbiologischer Verleich und Kreuzungsversuche bei zwei hohlenbewohnenden Unterarten von Choleva septentrionis (Coleoptera, Cholevidae).

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Molekulargenetische Vaterschaftsprufung beim Somali-Wildesel: ein Fallbericht.

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Molekulyarnye osnovy parazitizma.. Unknown

Molelculare translationale Forschung - eine Gegenuberstellung internationaler Entwicklungen und eigener Forschungsansatze.

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Molgula manhattensis.

Molidae. Unknown

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Moliusku virskinamojo trakto bakteriocenozes kaip tarsos bioindikatoriai.

Mollicutes (Mycoplasma, Acholeplasma, Ureaplasma). Unknown

Mollicutes (mycoplasmas). Unknown

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