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Moosebewohnende Tardigraden von Stuttgart-Hohenheim

, : Moosebewohnende Tardigraden von Stuttgart-Hohenheim. Jahreshefte der Gesellschaft fuer Naturkunde in Wuerttemberg, 197-200 No. 142

A total of 13 tardigrade species was found in mosses from various locations in the area of the university and the botanical garden in Stuttgart. The species list consisted of Echiniscus blumi, E. testudo, Macrobiotus harmsworthi, M. hufelandi, M. persimilis, M. richtersi, Hypsibius convergens, H. oberhauseri, H. pallidus, Isohypsibius prosostomus, I. tuberculatus, Diphascon alpinus and Milnesium tardigradum. The structure of the individual biotopes was correlated with the appopriate species spectrum, and the role of secondary localities for tardigrades was discussed.


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