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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 21370

Chapter 21370 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

More on Telmatophilus schoenherri and T. brevicollis (Cryptophagidae). Latissimus. January; 12: 4

More on Thais haemastoma. Texas Conchologist 21(1): 1-6

More on Theropithecus at Olorgesalie: age structure and mortality: a reply. Current Anthropology, 233: 351-352

More on Trachyphloeus angustisetulus Hansen and T. bifoveolatus (Beck) (Curculionidae). Coleopterist uary; 2(3): 65-66

More on West Indian zoogeography. Herpetologica. December; 524: 622-624

More on Whyte's barbet in Harare. Honeyguide. March; 421: 32

More on albinistic occurrences. Passenger Pigeon, 432: 50

More on australopithecine sexual dimorphism. Current Anthropology, 191: 219-221

More on birding in the Kalahari Gemsbok Park. Promerops. September; 215: 12-13

More on black-crowned avocets breeding in Zimbabwe. Honeyguide, 311: 54

More on black-eyed bulbul alarm calls. Honeyguide. December; 384: 187

More on black-eyed bulbuls feeding on buildings. Honeyguide. December; 404: 249

More on chimpanzees, language and communication. Current Anthropology 17(4): 726-731

More on common nighthawk migration. Ontario Birds. December; 113: 82

More on conservation in other countries.. Lepidoptera (Copenhagen): 43: 115-116

More on cowbirds. Broad-scale control targets the wrong birds. Birding. August; 324: 362-364

More on early records of the 'cave owl' of the Nullarbor Plain. Australian Bird Watcher. December; 174: 198-202

More on energy conversion in ectotherms and endotherms: biochemical versus social costs. Oecologia Berlin 69(4): 634

More on finding Brachyopa insensilis at sap runs. Hoverfly Newsletter. November; 17: 5-6

More on fishing greenbacked herons. Bokmakierie, 394: 124-125

More on flower feeding xylotines. Hoverfly Newsletter, 2 No. 9

More on garter snakes. Victoria Naturalist Victoria B C 43(4): 23

More on ground-foraging sunbirds. Promerops. February; 237: 10

More on gulls. Buckinghamshire Bird Club Bulletin. April; 141: 4-5

More on hatching & rearing Phyllium sp. Phasmid Study Group Newsletter. March; 54: 6

More on iron acquisition by parasitic protozoa. Parasitology Today 15(5): 207-207

More on jurupari: at home in the aquarium. Tropical Fish Hobbyist. December; 474: 104-106, 108, 110

More on landings of white-throated needletails. Bird Observer (Nunawading): 97 No 611

More on magpies. GNS Journal, 434: 68

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More on marine agamas (Hydrosaurus).. Nordisk Herpetologisk Forening 32(9): 305-322

More on mass extinctions. Zentralblatt fuer Geologie und Palaeontologie Teil II Palaeontologie. 1990 ; 19906: 191-198

More on meadow fritillary. Kentucky Lepidopterist, 41: 1-3

More on mercury content in fish. Science 303(5659): 763-6; Author Reply 763-6

More on mercury content in fish: response. Science (Washington D C). 6 February; 3035659: 764-766

More on mink. Scottish Bird News, 4 No. 6

More on moustached warbler. Birding World. November; 511: 446-447

More on muskoxen. (Comment on Nikolai Spassov, 1991, The musk ox in Eurasia: extinct at the Pleistocene-Holocene boundary or survivor to historical times? Cryptozoology, vol. 10: 4-15.). Cryptozoology. 1993-1996; 12: 91-95

More on neanderthal vs Paranthropus. Current Anthropology, 203: 624-627

More on nightjars drinking. Honeyguide. June; 432: 106-107

More on nocturnal hoverflies. Hoverfly Newsletter, 3 No. 8

More on opportunism of the red-tailed hawk. Chat (Raleigh): 504: 117, 110

More on pardalotes and honeyeaters. Bird Observer (Nunawading): 92 No. 656

More on pied oystercatcher feeding on golf courses. Stilt. April; 34: 30

More on pine siskins. North American Bird Bander, 81: 17-18

More on predatory behaviour in nonhuman Primates. Current Anthropology 17(3): 512-513

More on primate taxonomy. Laboratory Primate Newsletter, 182: 1-3

More on rare and declining species. Coleopterist's Newsletter, 3-6 No. 11

More on rarity. Part 2. Shells and Sea Life, 197: 3

More on ratite breeding. Game Bird Breeders Aviculturists Zoologists and Conservationists Gazette, 288: 23-24

More on rearing the death's head hawk moth. (Acherontia atropos). Exotic Entomology Group Newsletter, (Winter): 78-79

More on reduced monarch butterfly populations. Ohio Lepidopterist. December; 204: 58

More on regulations against collecting in southern Illinois. Chicago Herpetological Society Newsletter : 1p ruary

More on ringed teal. Game Bird Breeders Aviculturists Zoologists and Conservationists Gazette, 284: 26-27

More on sailfin loricariids, and other notes. Tropical Fish Hobbyist. April; 438: 146-150

More on scarlet mutations. Bird Keeping in Australia, 352: 65-66

More on serpents in the mind. Current Anthropology, 261: 537-539

More on sexual isolation between D. melanogaster females and D. simulans males: female receptivity and hybridization. Drosophila Information Service: 38 (63)

More on snow bathing. Connecticut Warbler, 91: 6

More on sorting benthic samples. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 116: 150-152

More on spotted nightjars. Bird Observer (Nunawading): 66 No. 619

More on suburban birds - Newtown, Geelong. Geelong Naturalist, 173: 23-25

More on suburban birds in a Newtown garden. Geelong Naturalist, 203: 77-78

More on systematics and Neotropical diversity. Mastozoologia Neotropical. 1997( ) Julio-Diciembre; 42: 151-153

More on tape recording bird song. Honeyguide, 313: 135-136

More on the African green pigeon. Honeyguide. April; 451: 21-22

More on the Cape Verde Islands cone puzzle. Hawaiian Shell News 33(4): 9-10

More on the Cape vulture-livestock controversy. Vulture News, 20-21 No. 21

More on the Cape weaver in the Great Karoo. Promerops, 5 No. 199

More on the English names of birds. Kingbird, 331: 37-39

More on the Gorse Farm visit. Sandnats. November; 192: 6-7

More on the Headlands cliff swallows. Honeyguide, 372: 76-77

More on the Hydroporus key. Balfour-Browne Club Newsletter, 3 No. 41

More on the Mutare bat hawks. Honeyguide, 343: 121-122

More on the affinities of Nectarinia ('Anthreptes') pallidigaster. Honeyguide. March; 421: 54-56

More on the affinities of the black-collared thrush of Borneo (Chlamydochaera jefferyi). Journal fuer Ornithologie, 1282: 246-248

More on the avifauna of the Dichwe Lemon Forest and its environs. Honeyguide, 10-16 Nos 103-104

More on the banded field snails (Cepaea spp.) of Brandon Marsh Nature Reserve S.P. 386760. Proceedings of the Coventry and District Natural History and Scientific Society, 57: 230-234

More on the birds of the centre of Salisbury - Part 2. Honeyguide, 44 No. 93

More on the blue crane in Zimbabwe. Honeyguide, 351: 19

More on the blue scarlet-chested parrot. Bird Keeping in Australia, 305: 79-80

More on the changing voltinism of Hertfordshire's moths. Entomologist's Record and Journal of Variation. September-October; 1135: 202-203

More on the comb duck. Oman Bird News. Summer; 14: 3

More on the cooing of wood pigeons.. Anser, 301: 66

More on the distribution of Pecten maximus (Linne, 1758) in the North Sea.. Zeepaard, 415: 152

More on the eared pheasants. Game Bird Breeders Aviculturists Zoologists and Conservationists Gazette, 2712: 6-9

More on the effects of burrowing animals on archaeological site formation. American Antiquity 52(4): 856-857

More on the enigmatic cuckoo hawk. Gabar: 62: 47-50

More on the ethics of captive breeding. Endangered Species Update, 811: 6

More on the eyes of bettas: how did he do that anyway?. Freshwater and Marine Aquarium. November; 1711: 24-25, 27

More on the family Bruchidae. Chrysomela. April; 31: 3

More on the generic status of Minolia nedyma Melvill 1897. Argamon, 63-4: 27-29

More on the genus Coluber.. Nordisk Herpetologisk Forening, 288: 227-242

More on the hunting method of the sparrow hawk.. Anser, 173: 166

More on the larval foodplants of the burnished brass moth, Diachrysia chrysitis (Lep.: Noctuidae). Entomologist's Record and Journal of Variation, 1033-4: 107

More on the lesser florican Sypheotides indica at Rollapadu Wildlife Sanctuary, Kurnool district, Andhra Pradesh. Journal of the Bombay Natural History Society. August; 962: 314-316

More on the name Rallus hodgenorum. Notornis, 342: 167-168

More on the neanderthal problem: the Vindija case. Current Anthropology. December; 415: 838-840

More on the nests of the long-billed and red-faced crombecs. Honeyguide. December; 394: 197-198

More on the question of longevity in amphibians.. Ziva, 352: 71

More on the redback status question. Australasian Arachnology. August; 47: 3

More on the relation of inheritance to dominance. Animal Behaviour. September; 463: 600-602

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More on the spiny murex from the Red Sea. Texas Conchologist, 221: 10-12

More on the spread of the thick-billed weaver in Harare. Honeyguide. September; 393: 149

More on the validity of Cypraea aequinoctialis (Schilder, 1933). Festivus, 1711: 113-114

More on the yellow-billed storks breeding in the south-east lowveld. Honeyguide ember; 41(3): 164-166

More on therevid larvae. Larger Brachycera Recording Scheme Newsletter. Summer; 11: 5

More on those night calling cuckoos. Honeyguide 33(2): 61

More on turd-turning. WBC News. September; 166: 7

More on unusual micro-moths in Somerset. Entomologist's Record and Journal of Variation. May-June; 1123: 128-129

More on var. viridis of Aequipecten opercularis (L.). Conchiglia, 18 Nos 158-159

More on whistling or whistling tree ducks?. Honeyguide. December; 424: 217

More on willow warblers foraging on the ground. Honeyguide, 302: 77

More on wing mounts. Antenna, 113: 90

More on wolverines. Blue Jay. June; 622: 115-116

More on wood duck olfaction. Loon, 633: 199-200

More or less bison: reply to Bamforth. Plains Anthropologist, 33: 408-409 No. 121

More or less risk of hypoglycaemia in users of angiotensin receptor antagonists? A study of spontaneous reporting.

More orang-utans repatriated from Taiwan to Indonesia. Asian Primates. March; 33-4: 9-10

More panantigens in Leishmania. Trends in Parasitology 17(2): 63-64

More pelagic bird sightings off Dominica. Journal of Caribbean OrnithologySpring; 16(1): 26-30

More pelican colonies in Tasmania. Australian Bird Watcher, 76: 208

More peregrines released.

More pieces of the puzzle discovered.

More plains-wanderers located. World Birdwatch, 92: 5

More precise estimation of population size by computer modeling based on the results of selective censuses and interpretation of its dynamics in wild goat (Capra caucasica Guld.) from the Caucasian Biosphere Reserve. Ekologiya (Moscow). Sentyabr'-Oktyabr'; 5: 382-387

More pygmy cormorants in Poland. Dutch Birding, 225: 288

More range extensions. Lanioturdus, 215: 1

More raphidophyte blooms in South China waters. Harmful Algae News. August; 22: 1-2

More rapid outgrowth kinetics of BCR-ABL mutations in advanced versus newly, diagnosed philadelphia-positive acute lymphoblastic leukemia (Ph+ALL): Clinical-translational evidence for a contributory role of non-mutational resistance mechanisms.

More rapid wear of bands of common goldeneye than on white-winged scoter. North American Bird Bander 12(3): 97-98

More rare shells from Davao. Carfel Philippine Shell News, 14: 5

More rare shells from the Philippines. Carfel Philippine Shell News, 46: 11

More rare than dangerous: a case study of white shark conservation in California. Unknown

More recent Philhygra terminalis (Gravenhorst) (Col. Staphylinidae) records.

More records Gomphaeschna furcillata in the U.P. Williamsonia. July; 13: 2

More records and observations.

More records for Bruchidius varius (Olivier) (Chrysomelidae). Coleopterist. August; 72: 65

More records from Croajingalong National Park, east Gippsland. Victorian Entomologist, 103: 29-30

More records of a short-toed lark in Poland. Notatki Ornitologiczne, 321-2: 131-135

More records of avian prey for the pearl-spotted owlet. Honeyguide, 302: 75

More records of blister pearl formation in landsnails. Triton (Rehovot). March; 3: 33-35

More records of breeding barn swallows in riverside, California. Western Birds, 263: 155-156

More records of breeding birds from Montague Island, northern Gulf of California. Western Birds 25(4): 201-202

More records of entomogenous fungi from preserved dragonfly collections. Journal of the Bombay Natural History Society, 771: 176-178

More records of the Ayre's eagle Hieraaetus ayresii in Botswana. Babbler (Gaborone). October; 28: 32-33

More records of the greater white-toothed shrew Crocidura russula (Hermann, 1780) on the island of Schiermonnikoog. Lutra, 273: 209-300

More records of the white-throated warbler in South Australia. South Australian Ornithologist, 283: 82-83

More reliable length composition and biomass of eel population in the lagoons of Arcachon Bay. Journal of the Oceanological Society of Korea, 152: 108-111

More returns from the Guanica Forest, Puerto Rico. Journal of Field Ornithology, 514: 368

More ring ouzels in Jerusalem. Israel - Land and Nature, 94: 169

More road-killed owls and a new record for Santa Catarina, Brazil. Cotinga. Spring; 13: 69

More rockhopper penguins ashore in South Africa. Cormorant, 35-36 No. 6

More roe deer, Capreolus capreolus, in Yorkshire. Imprint (York): 12-13 No. 11

More room for the woollies. New Scientist, 126: 44-47 No. 1713

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More salt in the Thames. Conchologists' Newsletter, 188-189 No. 71

More sap feeding by the Kaka. Notornis. March; 401: 79-80

More sea piggery. Sirenews, 7 No. 17

More selected bird observations from Turkey, spring and summer 1990. Ornithological Society of the Middle East Bulletin, 29-31 No. 27

More serious than Shetland?. Seabird Group Newsletter. September; 60: 2-4

More severe clinical form of unverricht Lundborg disease (EPM1) in compound heterozygotes for the dodecamer repeat expansion mutation and.

More sex-determination mutants of Caenorhabditis elegans. Genetics. 1980 ; 649-664: 96 3

More shallow-water Nautilus. Chambered Nautilus Newsletter, 1 No. 61

More sharing when there is less: insights on spider sociality from an orb-weaver's perspective. Animal Behaviour 75(3): 1063-1073

More shells from Masirah. Hawaiian Shell News, 409: 10

More short-toed treecreepers in Kent. Birding World. October; 610: 401-402

More sightings of butterflies. Edinburgh Natural History Society Journal, 31

More sightings of painted lady butterfly. Edinburgh Natural History Society Journal, 16

More significant pests of olive in southern area of Montenegro. Poljoprivreda I Sumarstvo, 381-2: 77-82

More small brachiopods - and a small coral - from the Isle of Wight. Porcupine Newsletter, 43: 66

More snow-bathers. Scottish Bird News, 2 No. 3

More soft-bodied animals and algae from the Middle Cambrian of Utah and British Columbia. University of Kansas Paleontological Contributions Paper, 1-48 No. 122

More southern records of the crimson finch. Sunbird, 203: 61-63

More specimens/fewer species: the changing nature of zoo animal populations. American Zoo and Aquarium Association Regional Conference Proceedings, 558-565

More spermatophores produced by Lonchodinae. Phasmid Studies. December; 12: 25

More state record noctuid moths from Ohio. Ohio Lepidopterist. December; 194: 43-44

More stenine beetles from Thailand (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae). Natural History Bulletin of the Siam Society, 311: 9-54

More story on luminescent file shell. Chiribotan. Mar; 253: 70

More study on two species of Mexichromis from Japan (Nudibranchia: Chromodorididae). Venus (Tokyo): 481: 12-20

More subjects achieve an HbA(1c) <= 7% without hypoglycaemia or weight gain when treated with insulin detemir in comparison with NPH insulin.

More superficial wounds result in less hypertrophic scars? Not necessarily - Exploring a new scar model.

More territories for kites - but. Fugle, 42: 14-15

More than 100 000 pairs of cormorants in Europe.. Var Fagelvarld 52.4: 30

More than 20% of European dyslipidaemic patients have undiagnosed dysglycaemia.

More than 200 years of crustacean research in Denmark. Truesdale, F [Editor] Crustacean Issues; History of carcinology : 207-223

More than 400 million years of evolution and some plants still can't make it on their own: plant stress tolerance via fungal symbiosis. Journal of Experimental Botany 59(5): 1109-1114

More than 500 visits to seabird breeding islands of Australia. Bird Observer (Nunawading): 61-62 No. 699

More than a millon elephants - but they face extinction. Oryx, 154: 321-322

More than a pain in the neck: Discussion of chronic pain at primary care visits decreases the likelihood of medication intensification for hypertension.

More than a quick fix. BMJ 336(7635): 68-69

More than friends: white-browed treecreepers and me. Bird Observer (Nunawading). October; 790: 7-8

More than half a century ago - Yorkshire birds in 1948.

More than half a century's work on superconductivity theories.

More than half way. Oceans 15(5): 10-12

More than just a pretty face. Living Bird Quarterly, 21: 11-13

More than just birds.

More than kin and less than kind: the evolution of family conflict. Unknown

More than meets the eye: A cineradiographical analysis of egg eating in the snake genus Dasypeltis.

More than one GCDH mutation causes glutaric aciduria type 1 (GA1) in a Canadian aboriginal genetic isolate.

More than one way to get a mate. New Scientist, 99: 698-701 No. 1374

More than one way to make a worm.

More than skin deep - Neurocutaneous melanosis and malignant intracranial melanocytoma.

More than skin deep: a case of congenital lamellar ichthyosis, lymphatic malformation, and other abnormalities. Lymphatic Research and Biology 6(1): 39-44

More than the sum of its parts? Assessing litter heterogeneity effects on the decomposition of litter mixtures through leaf chemistry. Plant and Soil 303(1-2): 151-159

More than words, but still not categorization.

More than words: A reply to malt and sloman. Cognition 105(3): 649-655

More thirsty bees. EANHS Bulletin, 28 (March-April)

More thought on extinction and conservation. Bulletin of the Amateur Entomologists' Society, 38323: 90-93

More thoughts on vertebrate predator regulation of prey. American Naturalist, 1321: 148-154

More thoughts on vivarium design, part one. Herptile, 131: 34-41

More tigers. Gibraltar Ornithological and Natural History Society Newsletter, 8 No. 39

More time to taste. Focus on "Variability in Responses and Temporal Coding of Tastants of Similar Quality in the Nucleus of the Solitary Tract of the Rat".

More to crow about. A record-setting fifth alala hatched recently at the Maui Bird Conservation Center. Elepaio. November; 568: 60

More toxin tests needed. Science 319(5864): 725-726

More tree-nesting dippers. Scottish Bird News, 3 No. 1

More uncommon cones of the world. Of Sea and Shore, 93: 160-161

More under leaves. Larger Brachycera Recording Scheme Newsletter, 2 No. 7

More untufted capuchins in southeastern Amazonia?. Neotropical Primates. March; 21: 9-10

More urban eagles. The crowned eagles of Durban and Pietermaritzburg. Africa Birds and Birding. 1996- December-January; 15: 12-13

More vaccines for children? Parents' views. Vaccine 25(45): 7818-7823

More vulture deaths in Namibia. Vulture News. 4 March; 44: 22-26

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More vultures poisoned in the eastern Cape. Vulture News, 16-18 No. 17

More waders that perch. Australian Bird Watcher, 95: 159

More waterbird commuters. Promerops. November; 231: 9

More weed hosts of root knot nematodes. Two and a Bud, 262: 71-72

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More whooper swans than expected.. Fugle. Sommer; 152: 6-7

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More work on grasshoppers in glaciers, 1990. Metaleptea, 131: 6

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More yellow-legged gulls - not. Yorkshire Birding. October; 63: 98-99

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More zooplankton of the Cape Farewell upwelling. New Zealand Marine Sciences Society Newsletter, 20 No. 26

Morecambe Bay: an assessment of ecological knowledge. Unknown

Moree Watercourse. RAOU (Royal Australasian Ornithologists Union) Newsletter, 5 No. 81

Morelet's Crocodile (Crocodylus moreletii) in the Macal River watershed, Maya Mountains, Belize. Herpetological BulletinAutumn; 85: 15-23

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Morenas en el acuario. Vida Acuatica, 144-148 No. 39

Morepork calling frequency in Nelson. Notornis, 274: 397-399

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Moreton Bay in the balance. Unknown

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Morfogeneticheski aktivnye veshchestva..

Morfogenetsko proucavanje kutnjaka vrste Ursus spelaeus iz spilje Durkovine u Hercegovini.

Morfogenez al'bskikh i rannesenomanskikh ammonitid severo-vostoka SSSR..

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Morfologiya pochki..

Morfologiya, ekologiya i povedenie osetrovykh: sbornik nauchnykh trudov.. Unknown

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Morphoadaptation of grasshoppers (Acrididae) towards utilizing grasses as substrates for feeding, migration and egg laying..