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Neurological and behavioural effects of kinurenins - kinurenic and xanturenic acids - in the bee Apis mellifera L

, : Neurological and behavioural effects of kinurenins - kinurenic and xanturenic acids - in the bee Apis mellifera L. Zhurnal Evolyutsionnoi Biokhimii I Fiziologii, 251: 38-44

Studies have been made of the effects of kinurenins.sbd.kinurenic (1 .cntdot. 10-4-4 .cntdot. 10-4 M) and xanturenic (2 .cntdot. 10-4 and 3 .cntdot. 10-4 M) acids on excitability thresholds of the nerve-muscle preparation and sensitivity to diethyl ester in the bee at imago stage, as well as on the rate of formation and reformation of the feeding conditioned reflexes to the olfactory stimuli and feeding excitability in immobilized insects. It was shown that kinurenic acid exerts dose-dependent, stable and longlasting inhibitory effect both on the functional activity of the nervous system and conditioned reflex activity, facilitating the process of reformation of positive conditioned reflex into a negative one. Neurological and behavioral effects of xanturenic acid are similar to those of kinurenic one, although they are less stable and significant at the concentrations used. The data obtained reveal certain parallelism in neuroeffects of these acids in invertebrate and vertebrate animals indicating possible similarity of mechanisms underlying the inhibitory effect of kinurenic acid.


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