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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 21418

Chapter 21418 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

New record of Macrobrachium dayanum Henderson, 1893 from a freshwater ecosystem of Tripura, India. Journal of the Bombay Natural History Society ember; 98(3): 481-485

New record of Mediomastus fragilis Rasmussen, 1973 for the Italian fauna and notes on the genus Mediomastus Hartmann, 1944 (Polychaeta, Capitellidae). Atti della Societa Toscana di Scienze Naturali Residente in Pisa Memorie Serie B. 1988 ; 95: 59-67

New record of Meoma ventricosa grandis Gray, 1851 (Echinodermata, Echinoidea: Brissidae) from the Lower Pliocene of Baja California, Mexico. Coloquios de Paleontologia, 50: 151-160

New record of Merothripidae (Thysanoptera) from China. Acta Entomologica Sinica, 243: 341

New record of Metoecus paradoxus (L.) (Coleoptera: Rhipiphoridae) from Upper Silesia. Acta Entomologica Silesiana1 lipiec; 2(1): 23

New record of Micronecta (Micronecta) kiritshenkoi (Heteroptera: Corixidae) from Hokkaido. Rostria. December 25; 50: 55

New record of Mnais p. pruinosa male - f. esakii from Amami, Osaka Pref. Tombo (Tokyo): 241-4: 38

New record of Mortonagrion selenion from Saga Prefecture. Tombo (Tokyo). December 25; 371-4: 24

New record of Mya arenaria Linne, 1758 from the Sea of Marmara. Conchiglia. January-March; 34302: 34-35

New record of Nathusius' pipistrelle from Scotland. Scottish Bats, 4: 6-7

New record of Neanthes succinea (Frey & Leuckart, 1847) (Polychaeta, Nereididae) for the Norwegian fauna. Atti della Societa Toscana di Scienze Naturali Residente in Pisa Memorie Serie B. 1990 ; 97: 295-300

New record of Neosynchiropus rubrovinctus (Callionymidae) from Izu Peninsula, Japan. Japanese Journal of Ichthyology, 381: 69-72

New record of Nerita (Theliostyla) patula Recluz 1841 (Mollusca: Gastropoda) from Andaman and Nicobar Islands with a note on the species. Records of the Zoological Survey of India, 771-4: 71-74

New record of Nerita from China. Acta Zootaxonomica Sinica, 161: 128

New record of Notiobia (Anisotarsus) cupripennis (Germar) (Coleoptera: Carabidae: Harpalini). Coleopterists Bulletin, 384: 334

New record of Oberea posticata Gahan (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) on Sikkim mandarin (Citrus reticulata Blanco). Plant Protection Bulletin (Faridabad). 1995( ); 471-4: 38

New record of Obrium semiformosanum (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae) from northwestern Kyushu, southwest Japan. Elytra. May 15; 241: 141-146

New record of Onthophagus semiaureus Lansberge from Thailand. Elytra. June 30; 301: 172

New record of Ophiophagus hannah and its characteristics in Hunan Province. Sichuan Journal of Zoology, 101: 33

New record of Osteogeneiosus militaris (Linn.) (family: Tachysuridae) from Pakistan and systematic position of O. stenocephalus Day. Records Zoological Survey of Pakistan1979]; 7(1-2): 87-92

New record of Otis tarda dybowskii in Sichuan. Sichuan Journal of Zoology. Nov; 134: 170

New record of Panulirus penicillatus (Olivier 1791) in the southeastern Gulf of California, Mexico (Crustacea: Palinuridae). Revista de Biologia Tropical, 391: 183-184

New record of Perotrochus gotoi Anseeuw from Japanese waters. Chiribotan. Mar; 294: 74-75

New record of Persian Gulf seasnake, Hydrophis lapemoides (Gray), from Penang, Malaysia. Snake, 132: 134-136

New record of Pionopsis, Tiphyinae, with descriptions of two new species in Chinese water mite fauna (Acari: Hygrobatoidea: Pionidae). Entomologia Sinica, 34: 323-328

New record of Planaeschna ishigakiana Asahina from Amami-Oshima. Tombo (Tokyo): 293-4: 111

New record of Platynaspidius maculosus (Weise, 1910) from Japan.

New record of Plocaederus bicolor Gressitt (Coleoptera, Cerambycinae) from Taiwan. Japanese Journal of Entomology, 573: 496

New record of Pollicaria from China (Prosogastropoda: Mesogastropoda: Pupinidae). Acta Zootaxonomica Sinica. Apr; 192: 254-255

New record of Polymita venusta on the Pinares de Mayari's Plateau, Holguin, Cuba. Of Sea and Shore. February 5; 261: 22-24, 30

New record of Polytoxus annulipes (Heteroptera, Reduviidae) from Japan with description of its micropterous form. Rostria ch 31; 48: 21-23

New record of Presbytis francoisi in Natural Reserve of Mt. Jinfo, Sichuan. Sichuan Journal of Zoology. November; 114: 30

New record of Procirrus lewisii (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae, Paederinae) from Ishigaki-jima of the Ryukyu Islands, southwest Japan. Elytra. Nov 15; 232: 262

New record of Psammodynastes pulverulentus (Boie) (1827) (Reptilia: Serpentes: Colubridae) from Orissa. Records of the Zoological Survey of India, 853: 453-454

New record of Pseudocalliurichthys pleurostictus (Callionymidae) from Amami O-shima, Japan. Japanese Journal of Ichthyology, 381: 73-76

New record of Puntius melanampyx (Cypriniformes: Cyprinidae) and Microphis cuncalus (Syngnathoformes : Syngnathidae) from Karnataka, India. Journal of the Bombay Natural History Society. April; 951: 128-129

New record of Reithrodontomys megalotis megalotis and recent record of R. m. saturatus (Rodentia) in Nuevo Leon, Mexico. Southwestern Naturalist, 353: 366-367

New record of Rhagomys rufescens (Thomas 1886) (Rodentia: Muridae: Sigmodontinae) in the Atlantic forest of southeastern Brazil. Zootaxa. 12 February; 431: 1-11

New record of Rhinoncus albicinctus Gyllenhall from Japan. Gekkan-Mushi. March; 373: 16-17

New record of Rismethus ryukyuensis (Coleoptera, Elateridae) from the Island of Lutao, Taiwan. Elytra. Nov 15; 292: 464

New record of Robertus kastoni (Araneae: Theridiidae) from Japan. Bulletin of the Higashi Taisetsu Museum of Natural History. March; 19: 47-48

New record of Rousettus leschenaulti in Sichuan. Sichuan Journal of Zoology. 28 February; 161: 48

New record of Salvin's albatross (Thalassarche salvini) at the Diego Ramirez Islands, Chile. Notornis. September; 503: 169-171

New record of Schismatorhynchus (Nukta) nukta (Sykes) (Pisces: Cyprinidae) from Moyar River, Tamil Nadu. Journal of the Bombay Natural History Society. April; 941: 170-171

New record of Sinocorophium sinensis (Crustacea : Amphipoda : Corophiidae) in Korea. Korean Journal of Systematic Zoology 23(2): 241-245

New record of Sitophilus oryzae Linn. damaging sugarcane and potato. Geobios New Reports, 21: 61-62

New record of Sphaeromatidae (Isopoda) from the Brazilian southern coast: Dynamenella dianae (Menzies, 1962). Crustaceana Leiden 39(2): 133-140

New record of Spilosoma obliqua Walker (Lepidoptera: Arctiidae) as a pest of shisham, Dalbergia sissoo and sal, Shorea robusta in Doon Valley. Annals of Forestry. December; 82: 285-286

New record of Staphylinidae (Coleoptera) from Japan (1). Entomological Review of Japan. June; 491: 4

New record of Staphylinidae (Coleoptera) from Japan (3). Entomological Review of Japan. June; 511: 22

New record of Staphylinidae from Taiwan, 1. Entomological Review of Japan. Dec 15; 512: 110

New record of Staphylinidae from Taiwan, 2. Entomological Review of Japan. June 15; 521: 38

New record of Subprotelater hisamatsui (Coleoptera, Elateridae) from Otouto-jima Island of the Ogasawara Islands, Japan. Elytra. June 30; 301: 190-191

New record of Sympetrum fonscolonbei from Aichi Prefecture. Tombo (Tokyo). December 31; 411-4: 18

New record of Syntomis fortunei Orza as a pest of pigeonpea in Madhya Pradesh. Journal of Current Biosciences, 12: 59-60

New record of Syrrhaptes paradoxus. Sichuan Journal of Zoology, 112: 26

New record of Tanytarsus (Sublettea) coffmani (Diptera: Chironomidae) from North Carolina. Entomological News, 933: 77-78

New record of Terek sandpiper Xenus cinereus in Belgium. Wielewaal, 512: 47-49

New record of Thalamita crenata (Latreille) from Wakayama Prefecture, central Japan. Nanki Seibutu ; 42(1): 73

New record of Trachipteridae, Trachypterus ishikawae Jordan et Sngder, from East China Sea. Fisheries Science Liaoning ch; 20(2): 22

New record of Trachipterus arcticus (Brunnich) in Sjona, Nordland. Fauna (Oslo): 341: 45

New record of Trichocera mirabilis Alexander (Diptera, Trichoceridae) from Japan. Japanese Journal of Entomology e 25; 63(2): 260

New record of Trichotichnus-species (Coleoptera, Carabidae, Harpalini). Entomological Review of Japan. Dec; 482: 172

New record of Tropilaelaps clareae (Acarina: Mesostigmata) associated with Xylocopa irridipennis from India. Science and Culture. January-February; 621-2: 59

New record of Tubificoides brevicoleus Baker (Oligochaeta, Tubificidae) from the Pacific coasts of Hokkaido, northern Japan. Journal of the Faculty of Science Hokkaido University Series VI Zoology, 251: 1-8

New record of Uncinaria longespiculum in Sichuan. Sichuan Journal of Zoology, 104: 33

New record of Varroa jacobsoni Oudemans on honey bees, Apis mellifera L. for Iraq. Bulletin of the Iraq Natural History Museum (University of Baghdad): 81: 125-129

New Record of Xylaria persicaria on Liquidambar Fruits in Korea. Mycobiology 35(4): 171-173

New record of Zalissa albifascia (Walker) (Lepidoptera: Agaristidae) from Assam and West Bengal. Records of the Zoological Survey of India, 853: 463-464

New record of Zyxomma obtusum from Iriomote Island. Tombo (Tokyo). December 31; 391-4: 46

New record of a Jaw-fish, Opistognathus nigromarginatus Ruppell (Perciformes: Opistognathidae) from Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Geobios (Jodhpur). April-July; 282-3: 171-172

New record of a barb, Puntius terio (Ham.) from Bihar, India. Geobios New Reports. February; 141: 33-34

New record of a benthic chaetognath from Nalabana Island, Chilka Lake, Orissa. Indian Journal of Fisheries. July-September; 463: 323-325

New record of a chalk brachiopod. Proceedings of the Dorset Natural History and Archaeological Society. 1983 ; 105: 169

New record of a cobitid fish, Nemacheilus rupecola from Pandai River, West-Champaran, Bihar. Geobios New Reports. February; 141: 49-50

New record of a colubrid snake from Ennore Estuary, Tamil Nadu. Bulletin of the Zoological Survey of India. 1985 ; 72-3: 335

New record of a dragonet fish, Repomucenus olidus, (Pisces: Callionymidae) from Kum-River (Kang'gyong-up), Korea. Korean Journal of Limnology, 181-2: 43-50

New record of a freshwater copepod Neodiaptomus schmackeri (Calanoida: Diaptomidae) from Kata-no-uchi, Shimane Prefecture, western Japan. Bulletin of Plankton Society of Japan, 332: 125-131

New record of a freshwater hydra and a marine hydromedusa (Cnidaria, Hydrozoa) in Korea. Korean Journal of Systematic Zoology. April; 171: 13-19

New record of a fungal pathogen Aspergillus niger Van Tieghem on mulberry silkworm Bombyx mori L. Geobios New Reports. February; 121: 72

New record of a genus of Rodentia in China. Acta Theriologica Sinica, 53: 194

New record of a genus of a colonial ascidian from India. Current Science (Bangalore): 515: 253-254

New record of a geometrid moth Problepsis apollinaria (Guenee) (Lepidoptera) from Great Nicobar Island. Geobios New Reports ust; 18(2): 131-132

New record of a gobioid fish Brachygobius sua from West Bengal. Environment and Ecology (Kalyani). December; 124: 947-948

New record of a hinge-beak shrimp, Rhynchocinetes hendersoni from eastern coast of Izu Peninsula, Japan. I.O.P. Diving News. March; 43: 4-5

New record of a nesting beach of the hawksbill turtle, Eretmochelys imbricata (Linnaeus) in Aragusukujima Island, Yaeyama Group, Ryukyu Archipelago. Biological Magazine Okinawa: 41-42 (23)

New record of a nesting loggerhead turtle Caretta caretta in western Mediterranean. British Herpetological Society Bulletin. 1992- ( ) Winter; 42: 14-17

New record of a parasitic mite, Allothrombium neapolitanum Oudemans,1910 (Acari : Trombidiidae) from Scorpio maurus (Scorpionida : Scorpionidae) body from Booshehr, South Iran. Journal of Experimental Zoology India 11(1): 141-142

New record of a percophid fish Osopsaron formosensis (Perciformes; Percophidae) from Japan. I.O.P. Diving News. March; 73: 2-4

New record of a rare gempylid, Thyrsitoides marleyi, from the Sea of Japan. Japanese Journal of Ichthyology 26(4): 357-360

New record of a rare giant bathypelagic euphausiid Thysanopoda spinicaudata from the western north Pacific. Bulletin of Plankton Society of Japan, 321: 37-41

New record of a scorpion fish Pteroidichthys amboinensis Bleeker (Pisces: Scorpaenidae) from inshore waters of Madras, India. Matsya, 6: 19-22

New record of a serranid fish, Epinephelus hexagonatus from Wakayama Prefecture, Japan. Iiving-News. 2004: 2-4

New record of a serranid fish, Pseudanthias ventralis ventralis (Pisces: Serranidae), from Japan. I.O.P. Diving News. January; 41: 2-3

New record of a simple ascidian, Styela bicolor (Sluiter, 1887) from the Tuticorin coast of India. Current Science (Bangalore): 5022: 1008

New record of a subspecies of alpine weasel from Xizang (Tibet). Acta Zootaxonomica Sinica, 53: 231

New record of a subspecies of black bear in China. Acta Zootaxonomica Sinica, 43: 300

New record of a summer tanager in Manitoba. Blue Jay, 394: 225

New record of a sweetlips Plectorhinchus albovittatus (Haemulidae, Perciformes) from Japan. I.O.P. Diving News. October; 210: 2-3

New record of age at sexual maturity in captivity for Caiman latirostris (broad-snouted caiman). Herpetological Review 34(3): 225-226

New record of alvinocaridid shrimps (Crustacea : Decapoda : Caridea) from hydrothermal vent fields on the Southern Mid-Atlantic ridge, including a new species of the genus Opaepele. Species Diversity 12(4): 237-253

New record of an Issus (Archissus) canariensis related taxon from Tenerife: Issus (Archissus) canalaurisi spec. nov. (Homoptera: Auchenorrhyncha: Fulgoroidea: Issidae). Biologische Zeitschrift (Hamburg): 11: 58-64

New record of an acorn barnacle, Chelonibia patula (Cirripedia, Thoracica) from Pakistan. Crustaceana (Leiden). January; 661: 124-126

New record of an angelfish, Centropyge colini (Perciformes: Pomacanthidae) from Japan. I.O.P. Diving News. July; 147: 2-4

New record of an anthiine fish Luzonichthys waitei from Japan. Japanese Journal of Ichthyology, 371: 69-70

New record of an anthiine fish Luzonichthys whitleyi from Japan. Iiving-News. 2003: 2-4

New record of an anthiine fish, Plectranthias pelicieri (Perciformes: Serranidae) from the western Pacific. I.O.P. Diving News. September; 69: 4-6

New record of an aphid pest on teak. Journal of the Bombay Natural History Society, 852: 444

New record of an epauleted fruit bat Epomophorus labiatus Temminck, 1837 (Mammalia: Chiroptera: Pteropodidae) in Saudi Arabia. Mammalia. 1992 ; 564: 657-659

New record of an ornate pipefish, Halicampus macrorhynchus Bamber (Pisces: Syngnathidae) from Japan. I.O.P. Diving News. August; 48: 4-6

New record of an owl-moth, Ophideres salaminia Fabricius (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae: Ophiderinae) from South Andaman. Geobios New Reports. February; 171: 91-92

New record of andromorphic females in two species of Neurothemis dragonflies (Odonata: Libellulidae) from central India. Bionotes. July-September; 23: 54

New record of bats from: Rhinolophus paradoxolophus. Acta Theriologica Sinica. Feb; 221: 74-76

New record of bird - Seicercus castaniceps in northeast provinces.

New record of bird subspecies in Sichuan. Sichuan Journal of Zoology, 154: 147

New record of bird to Heilongjiang Province. Sichuan Journal of Zoology. 28 August; 163: 104

New record of bird to Shanxi Province. Sichuan Journal of Zoology. 28 August; 163: 101

New record of black-bearded tomb bat, Taphozous melanopogon melanopogon Temminck from Rajasthan. Geobios (Jodhpur): 85: 225-226

New record of breeding bird in Jilin province - Pallas' sand grous. Journal of Northeast Normal University Natural Sciences Edition. September 20; 323: 120-121

New record of budding in Zanclea costata (Anthomedusae, Zancleidae). Dusenia, 143: 89-93

New record of butterfly to Liaoning Province. Sichuan Journal of Zoology. 28 August; 163: 132

New record of coccinellids (Coleoptera) on walnut trees in India. Science and Culture, 5411: 368-369

New record of coccinellids from Uttar Pradesh III. Journal of Advanced Zoology e; 23(1): 63-65

New record of damselfly Pseudagrion microcephalum (Rambur) from Maharashtra (Odonata: Coenagrionidae). Bionotes. July-September; 43: 58

New record of dusky horned owl nesting on ground. Pakistan Journal of Zoology, 171: 109-110

New record of egg parasite and survey of natural enemies complex of white stem borer of coffee Xylotrechus quadripes Chev. (Cerambycidae: Coleoptera). Journal of Plantation Crops. November; 20: 138-139 (Supplement)

New record of elasmosaurs (Reptilia, Plesiosauria) in the Maastrichtian of the Western Desert of Egypt. Berliner Geowissenschaftliche Abhandlungen Reihe E Palaeobiologie, 18: 335-341

New record of ferret-badger in China. Acta Theriologica Sinica, 12: 158

New record of fishes from Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Environment and Ecology (Kalyani). March; 151: 107-112

New record of four fetuses in a litter of the Yezo brown bear Ursus arctos yesoensis Lydekker with mention of prenatal growth and development. Journal of the Mammalogical Society of Japan, 91: 1-8

New record of fresh water sisorid fish Exostoma stuarti (Hora) from India. Bio-Science Research Bulletin. July-December; 142: 59-63

New record of genera Stenares Hagen and Tomatares Hagen (Myrmeleontidae: Neuroptera) from Pakistan. Pakistan Journal of Zoology, 234: 366-367

New record of genus Cryptotrogus Kraatz with a new species from India (Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae, Melolonthinae). Revista Brasileira de Biologia, 391: 265-266

New record of glossy ibis.. Anser, 344: 300-301

New record of gobiid fish Tridentiger nudicervicus from Seto Inland Sea, Japan. I.O.P. Diving News. November; 711: 2-5

New record of great black-headed gull Larus ichthyaetus in Belarus. Subbuteo, 31: 51-52

New record of lesser white-fronted geese with brood in southern parts of Norway. NOF Rapportserie, 1: 56

New record of mammal from China - Bhutan takin. Acta Zootaxonomica Sinica, 61: 103

New record of mammals in China - Alticola barakshin. Acta Theriologica Sinica, 152: 105

New record of megachilid bees, their period of activity and foraging plants from northern India. JASS. June; 71: 35-40

New record of molluscs from Mumbai (Bombay) west coast of India. Geobios (Jodhpur). April-July; 282-3: 159-160

New record of mushroom pest at 5500 feet altitude in Kumaon Hills of central Himalaya. Entomologist's Record and Journal of Variation. January-February; 1111: 37-38

New record of oceanic squids from Thai waters, the Andaman Sea. Phuket Marine Biological Center Research Bulletin, 60: 1-19

New record of orchids from Andhra Pradesh, India - II.

New record of other African species of Crustacea Decapoda, Cycloes cristata (Brulle), from European and Mediterranean waters. Bios (Thessaloniki): 11: 215-221

New record of parasite, Aphidencyrtus aphidivorus (Mayr) (Encyrtidae: Hymenoptera) on Rhopalosiphum maidis (Fitch) and the efficacy of various insecticides on the host and effect on parasitism. Indian Journal of Entomology, 401: 59-62

New record of polychaete worm (Polychaeta, Eunicidae) from Hundred Islands, Pangasinan.

New record of predatory behaviour by the mandrill in Cameroon. Primates, 262: 161-167

New record of predatory mites on litchi mite (Aceria litohii Keifer) in Bihar. FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) Plant Protection Bulletin, 311: 36

New record of rare loach Noemacheilus monilis from Anaimalai Hills, Western Ghats, Tamil Nadu. Journal of the Bombay Natural History Society. December; 953: 521-522

New record of red throated pipit Anthus cervinus from Hokkaido. TORI BULLETIN OF THE ORNITHOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF JAPAN 27(4): 118

New record of rodent fleas from Queretaro, Mexico (Siphonaptera). Zootaxa. 28 November; 369: 1-15

New record of root-knot nematode (Meloidogyne spp.) on mustard (Brassica juncea var. varuna Rai) from India. UAS Technical Series University of Agricultural Sciences Hebbal, 40 No. 37

New record of sanderling (Calidris alba) in Dnepropetrovsk country. Ornitologiya, 23: 207

New record of scirtid species (Coleoptera, Scirtidae) from Hokkaido. Elytra. November; 312: 360

New record of scleractinian coral Astrangia sp. from Indian waters. Current Science (Bangalore): 5311: 585-586

New record of some tetranychid mites (Acari: Tetranychidae) from Chhindwara District, Madhya Pradesh. Records of the Zoological Survey of India. March; 961-4: 185-188

New record of spider Hersilia savignyi Lucas (Family: Hersiliidae) from Madhya Pradesh India with a description of male. Records of the Zoological Survey of India1993); 90(1-4): 117-119

New record of sponge (Porifera) from Andhra Pradesh with a note on its ecology. Geobios New Reports 5(2): 167

New record of spoonbill (Platalea leucorodia) in Belarus. Subbuteo, 6: 37-38

New record of staphylinid beetle Pseudopsis sulcata Newman (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae) in Czech Republic from the Bohemian Forest. Silva Gabreta 9: 179-181

New record of staphylinid beetles (Coleoptera) from Yoron-to Island of the Ryukyus, Japan. Elytra: 262

New record of staphylinid beetles from Minamidaito-jima Island, the Ryukyus. Elytra. May 15; 241: 40

New record of staphylinid species from Oki-no-shima Island on the Sea of Japan. Elytra. Nov 15; 232: 250

New record of staphylinid species from Rebun-to Island, northeast Japan. Elytra: 114

New record of staphylinid species from Sadogashima Island. Elytra. May 15; 211: 58

New record of swallow-tailed nightjar Uropsalis segmentata for Pichincha Province and the west slope of the Andes in Ecuador. Cotinga. Autumn; 10: 41-42

New record of the Blue bream (Abramis ballerus) in the Elbe River in the Czech Republic. Acta Societatis Zoologicae Bohemicae 71(1): 25-26

New record of the Etruscan shrew Suncus etruscus in the central Negev Desert, Israel. Israel Journal of Zoology 42(3): 293-294

New record of the Japanese mountain mole (Euroscaptor mizura) (Gunter, 1880) from Kyoto Prefecture, Kinki District, Japan. Nanki Seibutu 28(1): 46-48

New record of the Persian Gulf seasnake, Hydrophis lapemoides from Malaysia. Japanese Journal of Herpetology, 92: 63-64

New record of the Tengmalm's owl (Aegolius funereus pallens Schalow) in the Pamirs-Alai Mountains. Ornitologiya, 171 No. 19

New record of the alderfly Sialia vagans for West Virginia (Megaloptera: Sialidae). Entomological News, 991: 63-64

New record of the alderfly Sialis mohri (Megaloptera : Sialidae) from Texas and Louisiana, USA. Entomological News 118(4): 431-432

New record of the bay owl Phodilus badius from the Grizzled Giant Squirrel Sanctuary, Srivilliputhur, Tamil Nadu. Environment and Ecology (Kalyani). December; 124: 978

New record of the birds in Shanxi. Shanxi Daxue Xuebao Ziran Kexue Ban, 142: 227

New record of the blanchardi form of Tubifex tubifex (Muller, 1774) (Oligochaeta, Tubificidae) in Argentina and its relationship to suggested synonymous species. Physis Secciones A B y C (Buenos Aires). 1988 ; 46: 55-58 No. 111B

New record of the chestnut weaver Ploceus rubiginosus in the Okavango. Babbler (Gaborone). March; 26-27: 20-22

New record of the coral clam Coralliophaga coralliophaga (Gmelin, 1791) (Bivalvia: Trapezidae) in the Mediterranean Sea. Veliger, 304: 421-422

New record of the dermal lip protuberance in characiforms from Rio de La Plata Basin in Uruguay. Ichthyological Exploration of Freshwaters e; 4(1): 79-80

New record of the dragonet Repomucenus beniteguri (Callionymidae) from Korea. Japanese Journal of Ichthyology, 332: 195-196

New record of the dragonet Repomucenus ornatipinnis (Callionymidae) from Korea. Japanese Journal of Ichthyology, 324: 447-449

New record of the fungoid frog, Rana malabarica Tschudi, 1838 (Anura: Ranidae) from north-eastern India. Geobios New Reports 4(2): 170-172

New record of the garden eel, Gorgasia preclara (Congridae) from Japan. Science Report of Shima: 1-12 (6)

New record of the gekkonid lizard Gehyra mutilata (Wiegmann) from Hateruma-jima Island, Okinawa, southern Japan. Biological Magazine Okinawa, 23: 33-34

New record of the genus Agathidium (Coleoptera: Leiodidae) from Rishiri Is., Hokkaido, Japan. Bulletin of the Institute of Environmental Science and Technology Yokohama National University, 271: 157-159: 30

New record of the genus Chenacidiella Shiraki with description of its new species and distribution records of other fruit flies (Diptera: Tephritidae) from India. Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society, 643: 197-200

New record of the genus Colenis (Coleoptera, Leiodidae) from Amami-Oshima Is., the Ryukyus, Japan. Elytra. June 15; 291: 108

New record of the genus Indrival Fennah, 1978 (Hemiptera, Fulgoroidea, Dictyopharidae) from China. Acta Zootaxonomica Sinica 33(1): 33-36

New record of the genus Notonecta from China. Acta Zootaxonomica Sinica, 121: 60

New record of the genus Philodamia Thorell, 1894 from China, with descriptions of two new species (Araneae : Thomisidae). Acta Arachnologica 56(2): 77-80

New record of the genus Swirskiaphis Hille Ris Lambers with a description of one new species from China (Homoptera: Aphidoidea). Acta Entomologica Sinica ust; 43(3): 305-308

New record of the genus and species, Cyrtusa antennaria Daffner (Coleoptera, Leiodidae) in Korea. Elytra. June 30; 301: 109-110

New record of the gobiid fish Mugilogobius abei from Korea. Korean Journal of Systematic Zoology, 21: 21-24

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