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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 21456

Chapter 21456 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Nutritional status in preschoolers attending a public day-care center in Valencia, Venezuela.

Nutritional status of 23 patients submitted to low protein diet.

Nutritional status of Cuban elders in three different geriatric scenarios: community, geriatrics service, nursery home.

Nutritional status of Parkinson's disease patients.

Nutritional status of adult ewes during early and mid-pregnancy. 2. Effects of supplementation with selenised yeast on ewe reproduction.

Nutritional status of adults in north-west Iran.

Nutritional status of children during treatment for acute lymphoblastic leukemia in the Central American Pediatric Hematology Oncology Association (AHOPCA): preliminary data from Guatemala. Pediatric Blood & Cancer 50(2 Suppl): 502-5; Discussion 517

Nutritional status of elderly patients: assessment of handgrip strength and malnutrition universal screening tool.

Nutritional status of female farmers on agricultural intensification in selected communities of Gombe State, Nigeria. Journal of Human Ecology 22(4): 285-289

Nutritional status of infants with neonatal cholestasis. Digestive Diseases and Sciences 53(3): 803-808

Nutritional status of marine larval and juvenile Menidia menidia reared on Artemia salina and various artificial diets. European: 159-176 (4)

Nutritional status of persons with HIV infection, persons with HIV infection and tuberculosis, and HIV-negative individuals from southern India. Clinical Infectious Diseases 46(6): 946-949

Nutritional status of tadpole populations of Rana temporaria in the Central Alps (Austria). Berichte des Naturwissenschaftlich Medizinischen Vereins in Innsbruck 93: 147-159

Nutritional status of the southern Alaska Peninsula, Nelchina and other southcentral Alaska caribou herds. Alaska Department of Fish and Game Division of Wildlife Conservation Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Research Progress Report, i, 1-42 W-23-4, Study 3.36

Nutritional status of tortoises using morphometrics to assess body condition. Vivarium (Lakeside): 82: 46-49

Nutritional status predicts hospital length of stay and mortality in older adults: assessment of handgrip and malnutrition universal screening tool.

Nutritional status, parasitic infections and health of road workers in 4 areas of Kenya: part 3 Kisumu district - Lake Victoria Basin. East African Medical Journal, 604: 221-227

Nutritional status, swallowing and functional conditions in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Dysphagia 22(4): 406

Nutritional status: Measurements and outcomes.

Nutritional strategies in dinoflagellates: A review with emphasis on cell biological aspects. European Journal of Protistology 28(1): 3-24

Nutritional strategies of cnidarians: the absorption, translocation and utilization of dissolved nutrients by Heteroxenia fuscescens. American Zoologist, 223: 659-669

Nutritional strategies of the hydrothermal vent ecosystem bivalves. Progress in Oceanography, 241-4: 71-80

Nutritional stress in Psammomys obesus: physiopathology of the. adrenal gland FT Stress nutritionnel chez Psammomys obesus. Physiopathologie de la glande surrenale.

Nutritional stress on ovipositional frequency and gonad index of the water bug Diplonychus indicus. Hexapoda (Insecta Indica): 101-2: 75-82

Nutritional studies and feed development of the Epinephelus groupers in Taiwan. TFRI Conference Proceedings, 4: 169-172

Nutritional studies in juvenile Penaeus indicus with reference to protein and vitamin requirements. CMFRI Special Publication. April; 56: 15-23

Nutritional studies of an aphidophagous coccinellid, Harmonia axyridis. (4). Effects of chemically defined diet and some fractions of honeybee brood on the reproduction. Bulletin of the Faculty of Agriculture Tamagawa University, 47-55 No. 20

Nutritional studies on a noctuid caterpillar Plusia orichalcea Fabr. (Lepidoptera) consuming sunflower as a host plant. Society of Biosciences Environmental Series (Muzaffarnagar): 2: 145-153

Nutritional studies on fish and crustacean larvae. Unknown

Nutritional studies on seabass (Lates calcarifer). Asian Fisheries Society Special Publication, 5: 33-41

Nutritional studies with the green iguana. Meehan, T P , S D Thompson And M E Allen (Ed ) Proceedings Of The Eighth Dr Scholl Conference on The Nutrition Of Captive Wild Animals; Chicago, Illinois, Usa, December 8-9, 1989 Vi+164p Lincoln Park Zoological Society: Chicago, Illinois, Usa Illus Maps Paper : 73-82

Nutritional study on mysids as food organisms for juvenile Japanese flounder. Suisan Zoshoku. September; 453: 371-378

Nutritional suitability of the dinoflagellate Ceratium furcoides for four copepod species. Journal of Plankton Research. March; 183: 323-333

Nutritional supplement of high protein content for 2-5 year old children. Development of the formulation and acceptability FT SUPLEMENTO ALIMENTICIO DE ALTO CONTENIDO PROTEICO PARA NINOS DE 2 - 5 ANOS. DESARROLLO DE LA FORMULACION Y ACEPTABILIDAD.

Nutritional supplementation and anabolic steroid use in adolescents. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise 40(1): 15-24

Nutritional supplementation and prepared diets for some southern African reptiles. Journal of the Herpetological Association of Africa, 38: 25-27

Nutritional supplementation improves embryo survival in goats submitted to the male effect under foraging conditions.

Nutritional supplementation: is it necessary for everybody?. Advances in Therapy 24(5): 1126-1135

Nutritional symbiosis in the gut of termites. Shokubutsu Boeki, 5211: 484-487

Nutritional syntrophies and consortia as models for the origin of mitochondria.

Nutritional therapy and digestive tract fistulas FT Fistulas digestivas y terapia nutricional.

Nutritional therapy for the critical patient - the role of macronutrients.

Nutritional valuation of the minor of five years and understanding of indications by caretaker who attends consultation with professionals trained in IMCI.

Nutritional value and economical viability of diets supplemented with maltodextrin and acid mix for weanling pigs FT Valor nutricional e viabilidade economica de raoes suplementadas com maltodextrina e acidificante para leitoes desmamados.

Nutritional value and safety of pyrethrum residue in pigs.

Nutritional value of cabbage family crops in monoculture and mixed sward.

Nutritional value of diets for broiler chickens as affected by fat source, amylose level and diet processing. Canadian Journal of Animal Science 87(4): 553-562

Nutritional value of diets for broiler chickens as affected by fat source, amylose level and diet processing FT Incidence de la source de matiere grasse, de la concentration d'amylose et de la methode de conditionnement sur la valeur nutritive.

Nutritional value of fermented olive wastes in growing lamb rations. Animal Feed Science and Technology 141(3-4): 375-383

Nutritional value of hard water. Journal of Zoo Animal Medicine, 93: 96-98

Nutritional value of moose winter browsing plants. Suomen Riista, 40-45 No. 29

Nutritional value of processed fish byproducts for young pigs..

Nutritional value of wheat bran in broiler chickens exposed to heat stress FT Valeur nutritionnelle du son de ble chez le poulet de chair soumis au stress thermique. Cahiers Agricultures 16(6): 465-468

Nutritional value of zooplankton in the Kuibyshev Reservoir. Biologiya Vnutrennikh Vod Informatsionnyi Byulleten': 100: 30-34

Nutritional values of waterfowl foods. U S Fish and Wildlife Service Fish and Wildlife Leaflet, 6pp. No. 13.1.1

Nutritional weight loss agent and method. Official Gazette of the United States Patent and Trademark Office

Nutritional wisdom. Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine, 201: 1-2

Nutritional, morphological and behavioural considerations for rearing birds for release. Journal fuer Ornithologie, 1284: 423-430

Nutritional, toxicological, and therapeutic aspects. Avron, M. And A. Ben-Amotz (ed.). Dunaliella: Physiology, Biochemistry, And Biotechnology. Xi 240p. Crc Press, Inc: Boca Raton, Florida, Usa; London, England, Uk. Illus. 217-229

Nutritionally induced cataracts in salmonids fed purified and practical diets. U S National Marine Fisheries Service Marine Fisheries Review, 4010: 45-46

Nutritionally induced hypocalcemic tetany in an Amazon parrot. Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association 179(11): 1277-1278

Nutritionally variant streptococci: Not your everyday endocarditis. Journal of General Internal Medicine 23(Suppl. 2): 161

Nutritionally yours.

Nutritious composition analysis of Solen gouldii muscle. Fisheries Science (Liaoning). July; 214: 12-14

Nutritive and economic values of corn distiller's dried grains with solubles in broiler diets. Asian Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences 21(3): 414-419

Nutritive assessment of Euglena as food for fish at early stage - 1. Effect of culture conditions on the composition of Euglena gracilis. Suisan Zoshoku, 322: 83-87

Nutritive base of the main commercial species of the Sea of Okhotsk in autumn. Unknown

Nutritive characteristics and utilization of apple pomace and Tofu cake.

Nutritive characteristics of the fresh-water crayfish Astacus (Pontastacus) leptodactylus Eschscoltz, 1823. Godishnik na Sofiiskiya Universitet "Kliment Okhridski" Biologicheski Fakultet. 1988 ; 811: 5-13

Nutritive composition for muscle of the Achatina fulica. Chinese Journal of Zoology. October; 325: 39-40

Nutritive composition of earthworm's body fluids and its exploitation and utilization. Chinese Journal of Zoology, 283: 7-11

Nutritive evaluation of olive tree leaves by near-infrared spectroscopy: effect of soil contamination and correction with spectral pretreatments. Applied Spectroscopy 62(1): 51-58

Nutritive evaluation-of some trees and browse species from Scotland. Indian Journal of Animal Sciences 77(12): 1321-1325

Nutritive strategies during pre-gastrula ontogenesis, and in evolution of enveloped zygotes: the embryogen hypothesis on sexual reproduction and hatching. Unknown

Nutritive tissue in midge galls. International Congress of Entomology Proceedings, 17: 906

Nutritive traits of sugar-cane ensiled with calcium hydroxide. Boletim de Industria Animal 64(4): 329-338

Nutritive value and display-life attributes of selenium-enriched beef-muscle foods. Journal of Food Composition and Analysis 21(2): 183-186

Nutritive value and fermentation characteristics of elephantgrass silages with addition of coffee hulls FT Valor nutritivo e caracteristicas fermentativas de silagens de capim-elefante corn adicao de casca de cafe.

Nutritive value and floristic composition of permanent meadows: first results of a study conducted in the Massif Central FT Valeur alimentaire et composition floristique des prairies permanentes : premiers resultats d'une etude conduite dans le Massif Central.

Nutritive value and kinetics study of digestive tract of diets to equine containing dry grains or high-moisture of sorghum grains silage of low and high tannin FT Valor nutritivo e estudo cinetico do trato digestivo de dietas contendo graos secos ou ensilados de sorgo de baixo e alto tanino para equinos.

Nutritive value and quality characteristics of sorghum genotypes.

Nutritive value and selection of diets containing different carbohydrates by larve of Ceratitis capitata (Diptera, Tephritidae). Revista Brasileira de Biologia. novembro; 534: 611-618

Nutritive value and selection of food particles by copepods during a spring bloom of Phaeocystis sp. in the English Channel, as determined by pigment and fatty acid analyses. Journal of Plankton Research. July; 237: 693-703

Nutritive value of Euphausia superba Dana evaluated in assay with Tetrahymena thermopila DIII. Bulletin De L'academie Polonaise Des Sciences Serie Des Sciences Biologiques. 1980 ; 288-9: 491-496

Nutritive value of Iraqi fish. 2. Proximate chemical composition of ten freshwater fish species. Bulletin Of The Biological Research Centre (Baghdad): 121: 65-70

Nutritive value of Kikuyo grass (Pennisetum clandestinum, var. Whittet) in two growth seasons compared to riegrass (Lolium multiflorum) and sudan grass (Sorgum sudanense) offered to Holstein steers FT VALOR ALIMENTICIO COMPARATIVO DEL PASTO KIKUYO (Pennisetum clandestinum, var. whittet) EN DOS ESTACIONES DE CRECIMIENTO CON RYEGRASS (Lolium multiflorum) Y SUDAN (Sorgum sudanense) OFRECIDO a NOVILLOS HOLSTEIN. Interciencia 33(2): 135-139

Nutritive value of beer yeast for (Eratiris capitata, Tephritidae). Revista Brasileira de Zoologia, 52: 253-259

Nutritive value of elephantgrass silage wilted or with addition of cocoa meal FT Valor nutritivo de silagens de capim-elefante emurchecido ou corn adicao de farelo de cacau.

Nutritive value of fall-grown cereal-grain forages over time..

Nutritive value of food fed to common tern Sterna hirundo chicks. Unknown

Nutritive value of forage species grown in the warm temperate climate of Australia for dairy cows: Herbs and grain crops. Livestock Science 114(1): 0-83

Nutritive value of marginal land grasses of northern grasslands of Pakistan. Pakistan Journal of Botany 39(4): 1071-1082

Nutritive value of range plants, inhibiting plant compounds, and mixed species utilization. Unknown

Nutritive value of rapeseed and soybean proteins fed to mink as meals or concentrates. Canadian Journal of Animal Science 67(2): 597

Nutritive value of rice straw as affected by ensiling with urea and urease sources at various moisture levels. Indian Journal of Animal Sciences 78(2): 182-185

Nutritive value of six cultivars of sunflower silages at different cutting ages.

Nutritive value of some edible insects. International Congress of Entomology Proceedings, 16: 96

Nutritive value of sterols for the juvenile prawn. Bulletin of the Japanese Society of Scientific Fisheries, 528: 1417-1422

Nutritive value of timothy fertilized with chloride or chloride-containing liquid swine manure. Journal of Dairy Science 91(2): 713-721

Nutritive value of two species of freshwater teleosts. Himalayan Journal of Environment and Zoology. December; 102: 59-60

Nutritive value, phytochemical and antifungal properties of Pergularia tomentosa L. (Asclepiadaceae).

Nutritive values and feeding safety of Periplaneta americana.

Nutritive values of some aquatic life-forms of Kashmir. Environmental Conservation, 133: 260-262

Nutritive values of whole-animal diets for captive birds of prey.

Nutritive vs. interfering effects of Anabaena on Daphnia and Ceriodaphnia. Internationale Vereinigung fuer Theoretische und Angewandte Limnologie Verhandlungen, 275: 3001-3004

Nuts and coronary heart disease: an epidemiological perspective (vol 96, pg S61, 2006).

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Nuts: nutrition and health outcomes (vol 96, pg S1, 2006).

Nuts: source of energy and macronutrients (vol 96, pg S24, 2006).

Nuttall technique: A method for subumbilical incisional hernia repair revised. Langenbeck's Archives of Surgery 393(2): 191-194

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Nuttalliella namaqua (Ixodoidea: Nuttalliellidae): female internal anatomy. Journal of Parasitology, 701: 114-120

Nutzliche Fliegen (Diptera: Tachinidae und Rhinophoridae) aus Malaisefallen im Land- und Gartenbau. Decheniana. Oktober; 146: 287-294

Nutzliche Raubmilbe soll besser geschutzt werden. Praktische Schaedlingsbekaempfer, 412: 21

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Nutzlinge als Bioindikatoren fur die okologischen Auswirkungen des Pflanzenschutzes in Feldstudien - Methoden und die Probleme bei der Interpretation der Daten.

Nutzlinge und Schadlinge: Tiere als Helfer im Okosystem Garten. Unknown

Nutzlinge zur Schadlingskontrolle bei Strassenbaumen?.

Nutzlingseinsatz in Zierpflanzenkulturen - Moglichkeiten und Grenzen.

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Nutztiere der Tropen und Subtropen. Band 1. Rinder. Unknown

Nutztiere der Tropen und Subtropen. Band 2. Buffel, Kamele, Schafe, Ziegen, Wildtiere. Unknown

Nutztiere der Tropen und Subtropen. Band 3. Pferde, Esel, Schweine, Elefanten, Geflugel, Bienen, Seidenspinner.

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Nuuksio - youngest nature reserve.. Linnut, 292: 32-35

Nuvan intoxication leads protein alteration in kidney of Labeo rohita. Journal of Experimental Zoology India 11(1): 113-115

Nxabega lion pride driven off zebra kill by hyenas. CCA Ecological Journal, 5: 269

Ny dansk aeglaegningsplante for Polyommatus semiargus Rott. Iagttagelse af aeglaegning pa engelskgraes.

Ny dansk noctuide, Euxoa adumbrata Ev. En periode med kraftig ostenvind bragte et eksemplar af denne ugle til Nordsjaelland.

Ny danske ugle - Hecatera dysodea D. & S. Lepidoptera Copenhagen 7(6): 173-175

Ny dobbeltart i Danmark, Eupithecia innotata Hfn. og Eupithecia ochridata Pinker.

Ny naeringsplante for dagsommerfuglen Agriades aquilo.

Ny nasjonal rodliste over truete fuglearter.

Ny nordgrense for spissnutet frosk i Norge.

Ny population av eremitibis upptackt. Var Fagelvarld 61(5): 28

Ny skansk hackfagel. Svarthakad buskskvatta.

Ny ubeskrevet aberration af Cryphia domestica Hfn.

Nya arter for Sverige antraffade vid Ottenby 1946-95.

Nya arter och nya landskapsfynd av skoldloss fran Sverige.

Nya fridlysningsbestammelser.

Nya fynd av getinglik blomfluga Sphecomyia vespiformis (Diptera, Syrphidae), tidigare ansedd som utdod.

Nya fynd av jatteblackfiskar i Skagerrak.

Nya fynd av klokrypare i Norrland (Arachnida: Pseudoscorpiones).

Nya fynd av klokrypare i Norrland, 2 (Arachnida: Pseudoscorpiones). Natur i Norr 20(1): 56

Nya fynd av liten tvestjart och vanlig tvestjart i Vasterbotten.

Nya fynd av rapsbaggar (Coleoptera: Nitidulidae: Meligethes) med tre for Sverige nya arter. Entomologisk Tidskriftseptember; 120(3): 117-125

Nya fynd av skraddare fran Norrland.

Nya fynd i Angermanlands flora. Svensk Botanisk Tidskrift 101(6): 321-346

Nya fyndplatser for cikadavartbitare (Metrioptera roeseli) norr om Malaren.

Nya landskapsfynd av tvestjartar 3.

Nya norrlandska provinsfynd av nattslandor.

Nyala (Tragelaphus angasii). Redwing, 22-27

Nyala records. Nyala, 52: 125-129

Nyala records - Birds. Nyala, 91-2: 75-77

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Nyala records. Birds and butterflies. Nyala, 82: 121-127

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Nyanzachoerus (Mammalia: Suidae: Tetraconodontinae) from Langebaanweg, South Africa. Durban Museum: 1-20

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Nybelinia southwelli sp. nov. (Cestoda, Trypanorhyncha) with the re-description of N. perideraeus (Shipley & Hornell, 1906) and synonymy of N. herdmani (Shipley & Hornell, 1906) with Kotorella pronosoma (Stossich, 1901). Bulletin of the Natural History Museum Zoology Series. 25 November; 652: 123-131

Nybelinian infestation and food utilization of Alaska pollack. Unknown

Nychiodes mauretanica Wehrli, espece nouvelle pour la faune francaise (Lepidoptera Geometridae). Alexanor, 131: 10-12

Nyckel till Skanes granar och adelgranar.

Nyctalopin expression in retinal bipolar cells restores visual function in a mouse model of complete X-linked congenital stationary night blindness. Journal of Neurophysiology 98(5): 3023-3033

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Nyctalus lasiopterus in the Oka Nature Reserve.. Vestnik Zoologii

Nyctalus lasiopterus in the USSR..

Nyctalus leisleri (Kuhl, 1818) nuovo per la Romagna ed il Lazio (Mammalia Chiroptera Vespertilionidae).

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