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Okophysiologische Untersuchungen on Pisidium personatum Malm, 1855 und Pisidium obtusale (Lamarck, 1818) (Bivalvia, Sphaeriidae)

, : Okophysiologische Untersuchungen on Pisidium personatum Malm, 1855 und Pisidium obtusale (Lamarck, 1818) (Bivalvia, Sphaeriidae). Zoologischer Anzeiger, 2053-4: 162-180

P. personatum and P. obtusale living in temporary ponds were investigated for resistance and respiration rate. P. obtusale is more resistant to temperatures below C than P. personatum. The average duration of life at a temperature of C and desiccation is 300 h for P. obtusale, and 100 h for P. personatum. A temperature of C is lethal for P. personatum after 1 h; for P. obtusale after 48 h (55% of the specimens). Frozen water at a temperature of C is not endured by either species. The freezing point of the tissue for P. obtusale is on the average C, and at C for P. personatum. The resistance to heat of P. obtusale is higher than that of P. personatum. A temperature of C is lethal for P. personatum only for a low percentage of the specimens. At C the average duration of life is 6.8 h for P. obtusale and 5.2 h for P. personatum. The resistance against periods of desiccation is higher in P. personatum than in P. obtusale. At 100% relative humidity and temperatures of C, the LD50 values are between .apprx. 40 and 5.1 days for P. personatum, and .apprx. 30 and 3.9 days for P. obtusale. At 75% relative humidity both species endure less than 1-3.5 days of desiccation. The average rate of respiration of adult P. obtusale in the temperature range C is 0.03-0.152 .mu.l O2/mg dry wt/h; in P. personatum the corresponding figures are 0.02-0.143 .mu.l O2/mg dry wt/h. The O2 consumption of juveniles is different from that of adults. Increasing the temperature by C causes a doubling of O2 consumption in P. obtusale; in P. personatum only a slight increase in respiration rate occurs in the temperature range of C. The O2 consumption of specimens exposed to air is .apprx. 20% of the respiration rate in water. The results are discussed in terms of literature data on different species of Pisidium and other mollusks.


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