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Potential secondary production from herring spawning in the Strait of Georgia

, : Potential secondary production from herring spawning in the Strait of Georgia. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, 402: 109-113

About 22% of the total herring spawning stock biomass is released annually as milt and eggs. The C contribution from herring spawning products to the Strait of Georgia is small in comparison with estimates of annual primary productivity. When the C contribution is calculated over the .apprx. 50 d day period of spawning, egg incubation and larval emergence for the areas of herring spawning, the estimate of 6.92 g C .cntdot. m-2 .cntdot. d-1 is substantially higher than maximum estimates of primary productivity. Even allowing for considerable dilution and dispersion of spwaning products, the estimate of C contribution is high relative to primary production. This material may be a source of energy to promote secondary production, particularly in the form of microzooplankton, such as protozoa, copepod nauplii, or larvae of benthic animals, all of which could serve as food for emerging herring larvae.


DOI: 10.1139/f83-019

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