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Redescription of Stylactaria conchicola (Yamada, 1947), comb. nov. (Hydrozoa: Hydractiniidae) from Hokkaido, Japan

, : Redescription of Stylactaria conchicola (Yamada, 1947), comb. nov. (Hydrozoa: Hydractiniidae) from Hokkaido, Japan. Hydrobiologia, 2312: 69-76

Stylactaria conchicola (Yamada), comb. nov., a highly polymorphic athecate hydroid, is redescribed based on specimens collected from the type locality (Muroran) and a new locality (Oshoro) in Hokkaido, Japan. Three new types of zooids (thick-gastrozooid, non-hypostomed gonozooid and tentaculozooid) are described in addition to the two types of known zooids (slender-gastrozooid and normal gonozooid). The non-tentaculate gonozooid orginially described as the third zooid type is considered a normal gonozooid being degenerated under rearing conditions. Aberration of gastrozooids is also described and briefly discussed in terms of zooid differentiation. Intercolonial variation of zooid composition is presented and its significance in species indentification is discussed. Nematocyst composition and morphology of gemetes are also described. S. conchicola is substrate specific; all of the 78 colonies examined were found on the shells of living gastropods, Homolopoma amussitatum (Gould, 1861).


DOI: 10.1007/bf00006498

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