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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 21842

Chapter 21842 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Syllable sharing and inter-individual syllable variation in Anna's hummingbird Calypte anna songs, in San Francisco, California. Folia Zoologica 56(3): 307-318

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Sylvian fissure angle in holoprosencephaly as a predictor of clinical outcomes.

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Sylviinae. Unknown

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Sylvirana leptoglossa (Long-tongued frog).

Symbicort SMART - Effective treatment at a lower cost. Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology 121(2-supp-S1)

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Symbiodinium-cnidarian symbioses: Ontogeny and diversity.

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Symbiogenesis and its importance in evolution..

Symbiogenesis of bacteria within amoebae.

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Symbiont heterogeneity in reef foraminifera.

Symbiont loss (''bleaching'') in the reef-dwelling benthic foraminifer Amphistegina gibbosa in the Florida Keys in 1991-92. Unknown

Symbiont loss in reef foraminifera: consequences for affected populations. Unknown

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Symbionten im Darm von Schaben.

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Symetriophasma brevitarsa n. gen., n. sp. - eine neue Phasmide aus Neuguinea (Phasmatodea: Eurycanthinae).

Symmatrypinae - a new Silurian subfamily of ribbed atrypids..

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