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The erigonine spiders of North America. Part 4. The genus Disembolus Chamberlin and Ivie (Araneae: Linyphiidae)

, : The erigonine spiders of North America. Part 4. The genus Disembolus Chamberlin and Ivie (Araneae: Linyphiidae). Journal of Arachnology, 93: 259-284

The erigonine genus Disembolus Chamberlin and Ivie, which appears to be endemic to North America, was revised. Cochlembolus sacerdotalis Crosby and Bishop, Soudinus corneliae Chamberlin and Ivie, Tapinocyba alpha Chamberlin, T. kesimba Chamberlin and T. (?) phana Chamberlin were transferred to Disembolus. Disembolus apache Chamberlin and (in the absence of the type) D. zygethus Chamberlin were excluded from the genus. The somatic characters of the Disembolus spp. are very similar to those of the genera Spirembolus Chamberlin and Scotinotylus Simon; Disembolus can be adequately defined and differentiated only on the structure of the male palpal organs and of the female epigyna. Synapomorphic genitalic characters for the genus were identified. The genus now contains 22 spp., including the following 16 new taxa: Disembolus amoenus, D. anguineus, D. beta, D. concinnus, D. convolutus, D. galeatus, D. hyalinus, D. implexus, D. implicatus, D. lacteus, D. lacunatus, D. procerus, D. sinuosus, D. solanus, D. torquatus and D. vicinus. Descriptions, diagnoses and distribution maps are given for all the species.


DOI: 10.2307/3705067

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