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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 22147

Chapter 22147 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

A technique for precisely timing captures of Peromyscus maniculatus. Canol: 1275 1277

A technique for producing antifertility tallow baits for predatory mammals. J Wildlife Manage 32(1): 183-184

A technique for prolonged blood sampling in free-swimming salmon. J Fish Res Board Can 21(4): 711-717

A technique for recording rapid consecutive field observations. Auk 71(4): 464

A technique for simultaneous echolocation of fish and thermal plume mapping. Transactions Am Soc: 462-466

A technique for staining and counting leaf-hopper eggs laid in leaf tissue. Sciult: 597 598

A technique for the capture of caribou, Rangifer tarandus, in winter. Canat: 221-229

A technique for the decalcification of the skull of mammals for the dissection of the brain for morphological studies. Procn Sci. Congr: 407

A technique for the morphological characterization of submarine landscapes as exemplified by debris flows of the Storegga Slide. Journal of Geophysical Research 112(F2): (F02001

A technique for the study of Mammalian chromosomes. AnatPhiladelphia: 77-86

A technique for the water mounting of microfossils for study and photography. Micropaleontology 18(1): 119-121

A technique of indoor rearing of Antheraea assamensis Ww. Indian: 18-19

A technique to monitor insect behavior utilizing infrared emitters and detectors. Journal of Entomological Science 43(1): 143-152

A tectonic interpretation of Eburnean Terrane outliers in the Reguibat Shield, Mauritania. Journal of African Earth Sciences 49(4-5): 179-186

A tectonically uplifted marine shoreline deposit, Knights Point, Westland, New Zealand. New Zealand Journal of Geology and Geophysics 49(2): 203-216

A telemetric study of nesting female alligators on Rockerfeller Refuge, Louisiana. Proceedings a SEast. Ass. Game Fish Commnrs: 175-193

A telemetrically-guided program for weight reduction in overweight subjects (the SMART study). Deutsche Medizinische Wochenschrift 133(24): 1297-1303

A telemetry technique for monitoring diet waterfowl activity. Journal Wildl: 187-190

A Temperature-sensitive mutation in the Arabidopsis thaliana phosphomannomutase gene disrupts protein glycosylation and triggers cell death. Journal of Biological Chemistry 283(9): 5708-5718

A temporal analysis of trophy quality in South Africa: has trophy quality changed over time?. South African Journal of Wildlife Research 37(2): 153-158

A temporal, multicity model to estimate the effects of short-term exposure to ambient air pollution on health. Environmental Health Perspectives 116(9): 1147-1153

A temporary gonopodium in a pseudoscorpion, Garypus japonicus. SciTokyo Kyoiku Daig. (B) 14 (209-214): 113-120,2 pis

A temporary respiratory organ in the tail of Tilapia mossambica fry. Copeia4: 800-802

A ten-year record of bird occurrence on the Hastings Reservation. Condor Berkeley Cal9: 236-241

A ten-year study of meroplankton in North Carolina estuaries: annual occurrence of some brachyuran developmental stages. Chesapeake Sci2: 53-61

A ten-year study of meroplankton in North Carolina estuaries: assessment of environmental factors and sampling success among bothid flounders and penaeid shrimps. Chesapeake Sci: 27-41

A ten-year study on the size and composition of a breeding passerine bird community. Var Fagelvarld suppl: 46-94

A ten-year-old titmouse. Eesti Loodus: 738.

A tendency towards posterior erythrization in the Psammocharidae. Washington Doc. Ent. Soc: 238

A tentative check list of the superfamily Cica-delloidea of Japan (Homoptera). SciMatsuyama agric. Coll: 1-72

A tentative key for sex determination of common redpolls (Acanthis flammea flammea) in the northern United States during winter. Bird Banding(1): 13-21.

A tentative law relating to the incubation of the eggs of Margaropus annulatus. J Ent., Concord, N.H: 51-55

A test of the Judas technique as a method for eradicating feral pigs. Transactions of the Western Section of the Wildlife Society 40: 120-126

A test of the scale-dependence of the species abundance-people correlation for veteran trees in Italy. Annals of Botany 101(5): 709-715

A test on the use of Cladophora prolifera (Roth.) Kutz. (Chlorophyta, Cladophorales) as effective fertilizer for agricultural use. Thalassia Salentina 29: 93-98

A teveszto sznek szerepe az allatvilagban Die Bedeutung der beirrenden Farben in der Natur. Allatt Magyar Tars: 165-170

A text-book of Economic Zoology Chapter VII Arachnida & Myriopoda.

A text-book of Zoology. 6th ed. Vol. I revised by O. Lowenstein.

A textbook of embryology. 7th Ed.

A textbook of general physiology. Vols 1 & 2. (Fourth edition).

A textbook of histology. 3rd edn.

A theoretical approach to bat echolocation. Diss: 107-108.

A theoretical solution for pile-supported embankments on soft soils under one-dimensional compression. Canadian Geotechnical Journal = Revue Canadienne de Geotechnique 45(5): 611-623

A theory of attending, remembering, and reinforcement in delayed matching to sample. Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior 88(2): 285-317

A theory of cerebellar function. Mathematical Biosci0(1-2): 25-61.

A theory of storm-induced drift dispersal of the gasterosteid fish Aulorhynchus flavidus. Copeia4: 794-796

A theory of the causes of development of epizootics of nosema disease of the honey bee. Jour Insect Pathol 3(3): 297-309

A theory-aided dissemination strategy for emerging technologies in cervical cancer screening. Gynecologic Oncology 107(1 Suppl 1): S35-S39

A therian from the Lower Cretaceous (Albian) of Texas. Postilla. 93: 1-18

A thermodynamic analysis of the anaerobic oxidation of methane in marine sediments. Geobiology 6(5): 436-449

A thermoluminescence study of Semarkona chondrite; an application on determination of metamorphic history of Stardust particles. Abstracts of Papers Submitted to the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference 38(Pages (Abstract 1055

A third Scottish locality for Araneus alsine (Walckenaer, 1802), the 'strawberry spider'. British Arachnological Society Newsletter ch; 96: 17

A third contribution to the ornithology of Cyprus. Ibis London: 2-14

A third nesting site of the pelican at Peel Inlet. Western Aust: 67-68

A third paper on Hemiptera associated with the Pyrrhocoridae. Occidental Ent(10): 123-133.

A third report on limnological apparatus. Trans Wisconsin Acad Sci 22: 299-314

A third smooth species of Polylepiscus (Polydesmida : Euryuridae). Proc Soc. Wash: 171-174

A third specimen of the hydrozoan cnidarian Pelagohydra mirabilis Dendy, 1902, with observations on its morphology and its behaviour in the laboratory. Proc Roy Soc Ser B Biol Sci 168(1013): 439-448

A third supple-mentary note upon the life histories of Polysphinetas (Hym. Ichneum.). Ent, Copenhagen: 215

A thorough redescription of Asphondylia phyllanthi (Felt). Cecidologia Ind: 53-57

A thousand miles of coral reef. The marvellous natural structure built by the lowly coral animals and known as the Great Australian Barrier Reef. Nat N.Y: 204-218

A threat to the pink-footed goose in Iceland. Polar Rec5(97): 530-534

A three-decade review of club capital-budgeting practices. FIU Hospitality and Tourism Review 26(1): 10-20

A three-dimensional display of the flow around a moving fish. Voprosy Ikhtiol3(6): 1112-1115

A three-dimensional model of fluid-structural interactions for quantifying the contractile force for cardiomyocytes on hybrid biopolymer microcantilever. Journal of Biomechanics 40(13): 2823-2830

A three-dimensional satellite retrieval method for atmospheric temperature and moisture profiles. Advances in Atmospheric Sciences 25(5): 897-904

A three-dimensional solid model for OSB mat. Forest Products Journal 58(1/2): 53-58

A threshold feeding behaviour in Calanus pacificus. Limnology Oceanogr0(2): 263-266

A tidepool at home. ine Aquarist1: 11-14

A timber-concrete composite slab system for use in tall buildings. Structural Engineering International 18(2): 174-178

A time course analysis of systemic administration of aqueous licorice extract on spatial memory retention in rats. Planta Medica 74(5): 485-490

A time series analysis of outdoor air pollution and preterm birth in Shanghai, China. Biomedical and Environmental Sciences 20(5): 426-431

A time series study of the carbon isotopic composition of deep-sea benthic foraminifera. Paleoceanography ember; 17(3): 8.1-8.27

A time study of events in the life span of Daphnia magna. Biol Bull 83(2): 260-272

A time to think: circadian rhythms in human cognition. Cognitive Neuropsychology 24(7): 755-789

A time-dependent probabilistic seismic hazard model for the Central Apennines (Italy). Eos, Transactions, American Geophysical Union 85(47, Suppl

A time-lapse photographic analysis of sponge cell reaggregation. JPhysiol: 1089-1090

A timed series of embryonic developmental stages of the Adelie penguin (Pygoscelis adeliae) from Signy Island, South Orkney Islands. Bullntarct. Surv: 45-67

A Toll receptor from Chinese shrimp Fenneropenaeus chinensis is responsive to Vibrio anguillarum infection. Fish & Shellfish Immunology 24(5): 564-574

A tomato HD-Zip homeobox protein, LeHB-1, plays an important role in floral organogenesis and ripening. Plant Journal 55(2): 301-310

A topographic fingerprint to distinguish alluvial fan formative processes. Geomorphology 88(1-2): 34-45

A topographical and stereologic trial on morphometric analysis of the forceps of Dermaptera with reference to Anisolatis maritima Gene.

A topographical approach to a study of the benthic communities on the submarine ridge, Se-no-umi, in Sagami Bay. SciYokosuka Mus: 6-8

A topography-based model of forest cover at the alpine tree line in the tropical Andes. Journal of Biogeography 35(4): 711-723

A topological model of the baseplate of lactococcal phage Tuc2009. Journal of Biological Chemistry 283(5): 2716-2723

A torpid chimney swift. Kentucky Warbler(1): 18-19

A trace fossil from the Fortunato Turbidite, west of Zambales Base Metals Inc. camp, Ayala District, Zamboanga City, Philippines. Geology Paleont. Geology PaleontAsia: 165-169

A tracer study of the inorganic carbon uptake during coccolith formation and photosynthesis in the coccolithophorid Coccolithus huxleyi. Physiol. Suppl: 1-82

A traditional oyster fishery in Cornwall. World Fishg(5): 67-69

A trail census of birds at Itasca State Park, Minnesota. Flicker, Minnesota: 90-104

A transcontinental mourning dove recovery. Auk: 924.

A transient forward-targeting element for microneme-regulated secretion in Toxoplasma gondii. Biology of the Cell 100(4): 253-264

A transitional zone of ameloblasts in mice teeth. Anat: 730-735

A translation of bloodsucking ticks (Ixodoidea) - vectors of diseases of man and animals. Miscellaneous Publs entAm: 161-376

A translational view on the biliary lipid secretory network. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1781(3): 79-96

A translocation to the sex-chromosome in Apotettix eurycephalus Hancook (Grouse locusts). AmerNew York: 57-58

A transmission electron microscopy investigation: the membrane complex in spermatogenesis of Fenneropenaeus chinensis. Cytotechnology 56(2): 113-121

A transplantable fibroma of the skin in the newt Triturus taeniatus. Experientia 14(7): 243-243

A trap for Drosophila sexing tubes. SenRev: 174-175

A treatise on the geology of Armenia. In two parts. I. Geological results of a journey by the author through Turkish Armenia. II. The geological record of Armenis. Beeston, Notts, (the author).

A treatment planning comparison of combined photon-proton beams versus proton beams-only for the treatment of skull base tumors. International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology, Physics 69(3): 944-954

A tree-climbing Woodohuck. Jl. Baltimore: 207

A trematode infection with no effect on reproductive success of a sand-bubbler crab. Ecological Research 23(3): 557-563

A trial for reforestation after forest fires with Sakhalin spruce in the northern Most Japan. Eurasian Journal of Forest Research 10-1: 31-39

A trial to detect optimal pin-pricking timing in evaluating the ability to form traumatic resin canals of Cryptomeria japonica for selecting resistant trees to Semanotus japonicus (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae). Journal of Forest Research 13(6): 386-392

A triassic Odonate from Argentina. Psyche, Cambridge, Mass7(1960) ): 71-75

A tribute to Dr Phillip Garth Law AC CBE FAA FTSE FRSV. Proceedings of the Royal Society of Victoria 119(2): XIV-XVII

A tribute to Ketty Schwartz. Journal of Clinical Investigation 118(3): 824

A tribute to Manoel da Gama Lobo (1835-1883), pioneer in the epidemiology of vitamin A deficiency in Brazil. Historia, Ciencias, Saude Manguinhos 14(4): 1341-1356

A tribute to Mauro Mancia (1929-2007) - Obituary. Sleep (Rochester) 30(11): 1596

A tribute to Neal Philip Perry Simon 1973-2006. Canadian Field Naturalist 121(1): 96-99

A tribute to Nicholas Stephen Novakowski 1925-2004. Canadian Field Naturalist 120(3): 370-378

A tribute to S. J. Paramonov. JSoc. Aust. (N.S.W.): 45-47

A tribute to the White-eye. Emu Melbourne: 163

A triclosan-ciprofloxacin cross-resistant mutant strain of Staphylococcus aureus displays an alteration in the expression of several cell membrane structural and functional genes. Research in Microbiology 158(8-9): 651-658

A trigger mechanism for small-mammal live traps. Jl: 513-514

A trip for the collection of marine shells at Kizan and Syokei, Taiwan. Venus Tokyo3 4: 180-183

A trip to Lake Salmon, S.A. S. Orn: 96-99

A trip to Nepal and Himalaya searching for butterflies. Collecting Breed: 117-122,illust.

A trip to Oyster Bay, N. Queensland. Emui: 45-47

A trip to Seal Island, near Jurien Bay, W.A. Emu Melbourne: 296-297

A trip to the Coorong. S. Austr. Ornide: 75-95

A trip to the Sinai Peninsula. Bull Soc. Egypt: 17-19 map; also in Arabic 12

A trip to the islands near the River Murray mouth. S Orn. Adelaide: 93-102

A trip to the south-east of South Australia. Sal. Orn. Adelaide: 51-61

A triparsamido resistencia avaliada segundo a tecnica de Van Hoof de algumas estirpes de T. gambiense da Guine. Bol Guine portug: 243-244

A triphenylamine-containing donor-acceptor molecule for stable, reversible, ultrahigh density data storage. Journal of the American Chemical Society 129(38): 11674-5

A triterpene saponin from Tribulus terrestris attenuates apoptosis in cardiocyte via activating PKC signalling transduction pathway. Journal of Asian Natural Products Research 10(1-2): 39-48

A trochoceratoid nautiloid from the Henryhouse Shale (Silurian) of Oklahoma. Jnt: 622-23

A trophic comparison of avifaunas. Systematic Zool1(2): 135-150

A tropical kingbird sighting from the Florida panhandle. Florida Fld Nat(2): 40-41.

A tropical mollusc Melanoides tuberculatus pamirensis in Pamir. Zoologicheskii Zh5(5): 767-768

A trout survey of the Allegany State Park in 1922. Roosevelt Wild Life Bull: 291-481

A true snake story from the Duars.. Jeling Nat. Hist. Soc: 99

A trypanosome of T. congolense group in African lion and leopard. TransSoc. troMed. Hyg: 2

A tudatos ragadozo gazdalkodas szerepe es lehetosege a XXI. szazad vadgazdalkodasaban. Vadbiologia 11: 65-74

A tugaian focus of tularemia in the Lower Chu flow Djambul District. Zool ; 50: 1595-1598

A tumorlike growth on the foot of a freshwater mussel (Anodonta californiensis). J Res. Bd Can: 679-682

A turbine oil-degrading bacterial consortium from soils of oil fields and its characteristics. International Biodeterioration and Biodegradation 61(3): 223-232

A turntable light trap for taking insects over regulated periods. Jour Econ Ent 40(4): 583-586

A turtle of taste. Birds, beasts and gastronomes relish the Diamondback Terrapin. Nat N.Y: 22-27

A twelve-step program for evolving multicellularity and a division of labor. Bioessays 27(3): 299-310

A two year study of west Georgia streams; variations in turbidity, fecal coliform bacteria, nutrients, and total suspended solids, and their correlations with flow. Abstracts with Programs - Geological Society of America 39(2): 82

A two-headed Bull Snake. Yearb Mus. Milwaukee Wis: 161-167

A two-hybrid yeast assay to quantify the effects of xenobiotics on thyroid hormone-mediated gene expression. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 27(1): 159-167

A two-phase innate host response to alphavirus infection identified by mRNP-tagging in vivo. Plos Pathogens 3(12): E199-E199

A two-stage process using recycled acidic and basic sludges for treating acidic rock drainage. Environmental Engineering Science 25(2): 275-287

A two-step electrodialysis method for DNA purification from polluted metallic environmental samples. Electrophoresis 29(15): 3239-3244

A two-system model for chitin-protein complexes in insect cuticles. Tissue & Cell 1(4): 689-707

A type of Manganese Deposit in Osima, Hokkaido. J Soc. Japan Tokyo: 615-633

A type of cytoplasmic rejuvenescence and division in Cyathodinium piriforme heretofore undesoribed for ciliates. AnatPhiladelphia: 80

A unified framework for finding differentially expressed genes from microarray experiments. Bmc Bioinformatics 8: 347-347

A unified framework for linkage and association analysis of quantitative traits. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 104(51): 20210-5

A unified model of sigmoid tumour growth based on cell proliferation and quiescence. Cell Proliferation 40(6): 824-834

A unifying framework for particle entrainment. Water Resources Research 44(4): W04415

A unifying framework for science, management, and ecological restoration in a mercury-contaminated ecosystem. Biennial CALFED Bay-Delta Program 3(Pages 229

A unique anhydrite soil in the Coastal Sabkha of Abu Dhabi Emirate. Soil Survey Horizons 48(4): 75-79

A unique crinoid from the Upper Permian. Oklahoma Geology Notes 26(3): 80-84

A unique experience in moose domestication at Pechoro-Ilychsky Zapovednik. Russian Conservation NewsSpring; 35: 2-5

A unique feature of hydrogen recovery in endogenous starch-to-alcohol fermentation of the marine microalga, Chlamydomonas perigranulata. Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology 131(1-3): 808-828

A unique population of Water Birds in Northern Ohio 1937. Wilson Bull0: 200

A unique sorting nexin regulates trafficking of potassium channels via a PDZ domain interaction. Nature Neuroscience 10(10): 1249-1259

A univariate and multivariate study of reef fisheries off northeastern Brazil. ICES Journal of: 883-896

A universal kinetic model for characterisation of the effect of chip thickness on kraft pulping. Bioresource Technology 99(5): 1486-1490

A universal threshold concept for hydrophobic mycolata in activated sludge foaming. Water Research 42(13): 3446-3454

A use of progesterone with gonadotropin-releasing hormone and prostaglandinF2 alpha in synchronization of ovulation and fixed time artificial insemination in beef cattle. Proceedings of the 46th Kasetsart University Annual Conference, Kasetsart, 29 January 1 February, 2008 Subject: Animals and Veterinary Medicine: 453-462

A user assessment of a smaller hospital surveillance program. American Journal of Infection Control 36(10): 761-763

A vacuum-assisted subsampler for use with small planktonic organisms. JRes. Bd Can: 639-640

A valid genus, Hishimonus Ishihara, 1953 (Hemiptera: uscelidae). Transactions Shikoku ent. Yearbook Am phil: 84.

A validated bioenergetics model for ruffe Gymnocephalus cernuus and its application to a northern lake. Journal of Fish Biology 73.3

A validated quantitative HPTLC method for analysis of biomarkers in Ficus carica L. Journal of Planar Chromatography Modern TLC 20(6): 437-441

A validation of MODIS snowcover products in Romania: challenges and future directions. Transactions in GIS 11(6): 927-941

A validation of the post concussion symptom scale in the assessment of complex concussion using cognitive testing and functional MRI. Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Psychiatry 78(11): 1231-1238

A vanadium-rich mineral assemblage associated with the gold telluride ore at Kalgoorlie, Western Australia. Pages 899-908 1982

A variable and decreasing sink for atmospheric CO (sub 2) in the North Atlantic. Journal of Geophysical Research 112(C11): (C11006

A variable oystercatcher family at Waikanae. Notornis(3): 261-262

A variable-length PCR target protein of Ehrlichia chaffeensis contains major species-specific antibody epitopes in acidic serine-rich tandem repeats. Infection and Immunity 76(4): 1572-1580

A variant of the Cockayne syndrome B gene cancer ERCC6 confers risk of lung cancer. Human Mutation 29(1): 113-122

A variant of transvesical extraurethral adenomectomy. Urologiia: 37-9, 41

A variation of Conus ranunculus Huass. Of Sea and Shore3: 121

A varvite ichnocoenosis from the Dwyka Series of Natal. Lethaia2: 217-233

A velencei-to halfaunajanak alakulasa nehany iy faj betel epitesevel kapcsolatban. Allattani Kozl1(1-4): 110-116

A verapamil-sensitive chloroquine-associated H+ leak from the digestive vacuole in chloroquine-resistant malaria parasites. Journal of Cell Science 121(Pt 10): 1624-1632

A veresmyaku arpabogar (Lema melanopus L.) eletmodja es irtasa. Kiserletugyi Kozlemenyek Budapest: 109-178

A versatile strategy for the synthesis of crown ether-bearing heterocycles: discovery of calcium-selective fluoroionophore. Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry 15(22): 7108-7115

A vertebrate fauna from a new Pliocene formation in northern California. Univ California Publ Bull Dept Geol Sci 20(2): 11-21

A vertical distribution of butterflies from Solak Mountain. J Zool., Seoul: 4-11

A very practical geoinformatics project; the reality of delivering a harmonized pan-European spatial geoscience database. Scientific Investigations Report Pages 4-5

A very rare tooth of the hexanchid shark Notorynchus aptiensis from the albian red chalk of Hunstanton cliffs. Bulletin of the Geological Society of Norfolk 55: 3-13

A vesicle with transversely striated rods from embryos of the shark Etmopterus spinax. NorwegianJ: 177481

A viability study of certain Eubranchiopoda eggs. J-Wyo. Acad. Sci: 12

A viagem de Vicente Yanez Pinzon (1499-1500) e o primeiro relato sobre a historia natural do Brasil, segundo as decadas de Pietro Martire de Anghiera. Publicacoes Avulsas do Museu NacionalAbril; 93: 3-48

A vihart es foldren-gest jelzo allatokrol.. Termt, Budapest: 213 219

A viral lectin encoded in Cotesia plutellae bracovirus and its immunosuppressive effect on host hemocytes. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology. Part A, Molecular & Integrative Physiology 149(4): 351-361

A virus and its vector, pepper yellow leaf curl virus and Bemisia tabaci, two new invaders of Indonesia. Biological Invasions 10(4): 411-433

A visit to Babel Island the nesting-place of Puffinus tenuirostris brevicaudus Gould. Ibis London: 509-512

A visit to Central Australia. Vict Melb: 53-68

A visit to Jarak Island in the Malacca Straits. Malayan Nat Jour 5(2): 38-46

A visit to Rottnest Island, W. A. Emu: 129-122

A visit to Skomer. Entomologist's Recr: 67-70

A visit to Spitsbergen. Bullol. Assoc: 79-86

A visit to a Martial Eagle's nest. Ostrich 9(2): 101-104

A visit to the Flamingoes in the great Rann of Kutch. Jy nat. Hist. Soc: 465-478

A visit to the Magdalen Islands. Bull orn. Cl: 75-80

A visit to the Mercury Islands. Notornis 10(1): 1-15

A visit to the Outer Hebrides in search of Mollusca. Trsh. Soc: 217

A visit to the Point Defiance Aquarium, Marine life of Puget Sound. Anim: 20 23

A visitor from Norway. Bird Life3: 78-79.

A visitor survey at Slimbridge. Wildfowl: 126-132,.

A visual, historical perspective of the restoration of the Murchison River in midwest Western Australia. Pages 60 2000

A vitamin B-12 derivative could potentially be used to treat hypertension and heart disease. Experimental Biology and Medicine (Maywood): 232(11)

A vitellinosis of Saiga tatarica and its influence on their population. Voprosy prirovosti Bolezn: 146-149

A viviparous Cockroach. Ins: 443 & 444

A voxel-based lidar method for estimating crown base height for deciduous and pine trees. Remote Sensing of Environment 112(3): 767-781

A voyage to the black hake grounds off the West African coast. Rapp Explor. Mer: 53-56

A vulnerability analysis in the Fei-tsui reservoir watershed in Taiwan. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 143(1-3): 9-14

A waccamaw faunal assemblage, Longs Quadrangle, Horry County, South Carolina. Geologic Notes Div. Geold, Columbia: 33-42

A walk down the Cap de Creus Canyon, northwestern Mediterranean Sea; recent processes inferred from morphology and sediment bedforms. Marine Geology 246(2-4): 176-192

A walk in the tree tops. Gazdalkodas 52(Supl.21): 52-57, 81-82

A walking fish. Nat N.Y: 248-252

A washoff model for stormwater pollutants. Science of the Total Environment 402(2-3): 248-256

A wasp trap to control predator wasps in theapiary. Indian Bee J3: 55-57

A wasp with three pairs of wings (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae). ProcAcad. Sci., Des Moines: 467-468

A wasp's nest (Vespula vulgaris L.). Transnd. ent. nat. Hist. Soc: 83-34

A water pollution study at Ruxley gravel pits in north-west Kent. Transactions Kent Fld Club2: 90-96

A water rail study. Bird Study(1): 69-79,.

A waterbird colony in Tanzania. Bulletin Enat. Hist. Soc: 73.

A watershed-scale approach to groundwater-surface water fluxes in prairie wetlands. Abstracts with Programs - Geological Society of America 38(7): 103

A weak effect of background selection on trinucleotide microsatellites in maize. Journal of Heredity 99(1): 45-55

A wealth of information on nucleosides and their analogues. Trends in Biochemical Sciences 5(9): XXV-XXVI

A wearable hemofilter for continuous ambulatory ultrafiltration - Response. Kidney International 74(4): 537-538

A wearable mobihealth care system supporting real-time diagnosis and alarm. Medical & Biological Engineering & Computing 45(9): 877-885

A weather generator for hydrological, ecological, and agricultural applications. Water Resources Research 43(10): W10406

A web based resource characterizing the zebrafish developmental profile of over 16,000 transcripts. Gene Expression Patterns 8(3): 171-180

A web resource for the UK's long-term individual-based time-series (LITS) data. Journal of Animal Ecology 77(3): 612-615

A web-based system for scheduling irrigation in sugarcane. XXVI Congress, International Society of Sugar Cane Technologists, ICC, Durban, South Africa, 29 July 2 August, 2007: 459-464

A week in the Robe District. So Austral Ornithol 9(1): 5-29

A week's spidering in the New Forest. Brr Study Gr. Bull: 1-5

A western silvereye with a deformed bill. Western Aust: 142-143.

A westward extension in the breeding range of the mountain plover. Wilson. IUCN Bull8(2): 358-359.

A whistling girl and a crowing hen: changing productivity and gender expectations. Southern Rural Sociology 22(1): 98-109

A white fronted goose in southwestern Michigan. Jack Pine Warbler: 38-39

A white heron north of Christchurch. Notornis(3): 252-253

A white sea urchin-acorn barnacle enigma. CalifGame: 134-135

A whole sample toxicity assessment to evaluate the sub-lethal toxicity of water and sediment elutriates from a lake exposed to diffuse pollution. Environmental Toxicology 24(3): 259-270

A whole-farm assessment of the efficacy of slurry acidification in reducing ammonia emissions. European Journal of Agronomy 28(2): 148-154

A whole-genome scan to map quantitative trait loci for conformation and functional traits in Canadian Holstein bulls. Journal of Dairy Science 91(7): 2844-2856

A wide-band show coulter with disc distributor. Traktory i Sel' skokhozyaistvennye Mashiny (1): 11-14

A wild goat of Crete. Field, Lond97: 128

A window on the mammary gland proteome. Journal of Proteome Research 7(4): 1368

A wing mutation in Piophila casei. AmerNew York: 306-308

A winter oriole. Bird Lore Harrisburg Pa4: 109

A winter record of humming-bird hawk-moth Macroglossum stellatarum. AtroposSpring; 25: 64-65

A winter recovery of a banded Killdeer. Bird Banding: 109

A winter sea-bird census between Tokyo and Kushiro, Hokkaido. Misc Repts Yamashina S Inst Ornithol And Zool 3(4): 227-238

A wireless tracking system for behavioral studies of snakes. Snake1: 14-19

A wonderful collection of birds from Ecuador. AvicultLondon: 373-380

A wood duck survey at land between the Lakes. Kentucky Warbler(2): 26-27

A wood turtle found at the Bayard Cutting Arboretum, Long Island. Engelhardtia(4): 54.

A wooden box trap for the capture of mouselike mammals. Ekologiya1: 104-105

A worldwide survey of cultivated Metasequoia glyptostroboides Hu and Cheng (Taxodiaceae) from 1947 to 2007. Journal of Wuhan Botanical Research 26(2): 186-196

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A xeric snail from New Mexico. Southwestern Nat9(1): 53-56

A year for the 'possums. Discovery, New Haven, Conn: 6

A year on the Great Barrier Reef.

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