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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 22327

Chapter 22327 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Data report: radiolarian biostratigraphy, ODP leg 202, site 1237. Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program Scientific Results, 202: 1-29

Data report: silicoflagellates and ebridians recovered from Leg 199 Sites 1218, 1220, and 1221, eastern equatorial Pacific. Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program Scientific Results, 199: 1-9

Data report: stable isotopic measurements of sedimentary organic matter and N. pachyderma (s.) from Site 1166, Prydz Bay continental shelf. Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program Scientific Results, 188: 1-11

Data report: tropical and equatorial calcareous nannofossil Pleistocene biostratigraphy, ODP leg 202. Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program Scientific Results, 202: 1-10

Data report; Consolidation characteristics of sediments from IODP Expedition 308, Ursa Basin, Gulf of Mexico. Proceedings of the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program 308(2006

Data report; Gas hydrate structural and compositional characterization by spectroscopic analysis, IODP Expedition 311. Proceedings of the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program 311(2005

Data report; Isotope compositions of sedimentary organic carbon and total nitrogen from Brazos-Trinity Basin IV (Sites U1319 and U1320) and Ursa Basin (Sites U1322 and U1324), deepwater Gulf of Mexico. Proceedings of the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program 308: 1-11

Data report; Petrography and phase analyses in lavas and dikes from Hole 1256D (ODP Leg 206 and IODP Expedition 309, East Pacific Rise). Proceedings of the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program 309/312(2005

Data report; Planktonic and benthic foraminifers from IODP Hole U1322B. Proceedings of the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program 308(2006

Data report; Specific surface area and physical properties of subsurface basalt samples from the east flank of Juan de Fuca Ridge. Proceedings of the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program 301(2004

Data report; regional stratigraphic correlation and a revised composite depth scale for IODP Expedition 302. Proceedings of the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program 302: 1-25

Data report; visible and near-infrared spectroscopy as an indicator of hydration in the upper oceanic crust of ODP Site 1256. Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program, Scientific Results (CD ROM) 206(2005

Data rich and conclusion poor: How can we learn more for the effort?.

Data section 9. Preliminary benthos survey. Environmental studies of Port Valdez. Occasional Pubis InstSci. College: 665-800

Data sets matter, but so do evolution and ecology. Global Ecology and Biogeography 17(4): 562-565

Data sharing in ecology and evolution. Trends in Ecology & Evolution 20(7): 362-363

Data sheets on quarantine pests. Bulletin OEPP. December; 353: 361-475

Data show extent of sexism in physics (vol 452, pg 918, 2008).

Data sierologici sull'infezione toxoplasmica in alcuni paesi dell'Africa e dell'Asia. Nuovi Annali d'Igiene e Microbiologia, 18: 491-497

Data sources and derivation of parameters for generalised northeast Pacific Ocean Ecopath with Ecosim models. University of British Columbia Fisheries Centre Research Reports 13(1): 179-206

Data sources of the New Zealand landslide database. Geophysical Research Abstracts 5(2003

Data standartization for mapping of radioactive contamination of animals. Vestnik Zoologii t- el; 40(2): 99-113

Data storage and handling of plant nucleotide sequences. Plant Molecular Biology Reporter 2(4): 32-35

Data storage and retrieval. Pages 3-38 1983

Data synthesis and bioindicator development for nontidal streams in the interstate Potomac River basin, USA. Ecological Indicators ember; 6(4): 664-685

Data synthesis for the Carson Basin, offshore Newfoundland; results of 4-D petroleum system modelling. CSPG Annual Convention 2004: (unpaginated

Data to be considered, observed and, where possible, reported upon when presenting des-criptions of new species. Unknown

Data to insect fauna of the Tapolca Brook II. Folia Entomologica Hungarica NS: 17: 265-282

Data to our knowledge concerning the body weights of stags in the Carpathian basin. Annales Historico Naturales Musei Nationalis Hungarici, 51: 483-488

Data to quantitative conditions in the mollusk faunas of two different substrates in central Hungary. Acta Zoologica Hungarica, 14: 1-6

Data to studying of Lamellicornia (Coleoptera) from Tbilisi and its environs. Vest: 73-77.

Data to the Hungarian distribution of Elmidae (Coleoptera). Folia Historico Naturalia Musei Matraensis, 30: 211-214

Data to the Hungarian distribution of Plecoptera. Folia Historico Naturalia Musei Matraensis 30: 181-188

Data to the Hungarian distribution of some aquatic beetles, with notes on an extralimital species (Coleoptera: Gyrinidae, Haliplidae, Elmidae, Dryopidae). Folia Entomologica Hungarica, 66: 81-94

Data to the Hungarian harvestman (Opiliones) fauna. Folia Historico Naturalia Musei Matraensis, 30: 117-128

Data to the Hungarian mayfly (Ephemeroptera) fauna arising from collectings of larvae III. Folia Historico Naturalia Musei Matraensis, 29: 101-110

Data to the Hungarian mayfly (Ephemeroptera) fauna arising from collectings of larvae IV. Folia Historico Naturalia Musei Matraensis, 30: 143-158

Data to the Macrolepidopterous fauna of the Vendland and the Orseg. Folia ent, Budapest (N.S.): 301-325

Data to the Mongolian encyrtid-fauna (Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea). 1. Ergebnisse der zoologischen Forschungen von Dr Z. Kaszab in der Mongolei (No. 272). Acta Zoologica Hungarica, 17: 387-396

Data to the avi-fauna of the town Hodmezovasarhely. Aquila. 1944-47 ; 51-54: 196

Data to the biostratigraphy of Palaeogene deposits of the Western Kazakhstan. Biostratigraphy of the Palaeogene deposits of the Turgaisk flexure of the northern Pre-Arals. Lamellibranch Mollusca. Trudy Vsesoyuznogo Nauchno-Issledovatelskogo Geologicheskogo Instituta NS: 82: 1-214

Data to the biostratigraphy of Palaeogene deposits of the Western Kazakhstan. Mollusca of the Ozinkov layers of the southern slope of Obshchego Syrta. Trudy Vses-nauchno-issled geol Inst NS: 82: 215-254

Data to the breeding of the Little Egret and Squacco Huron at Algyo. Aquila, 51-541944-47: 184

Data to the development of the fledgelings of the Hungarian short-toed lark, Calandrella brachydactyla hungarica Horrath. Vertebrata Hungarica, 8: 105-110

Data to the distribution of Sialis species in Hungary, based on larvae (Megaloptera: Sialidae). Folia Historico Naturalia Musei Matraensis, 30: 227-230

Data to the distribution of four species of Baetis in Hungary, based on larvae (Ephemeroptera: Baetidae). Folia Historico Naturalia Musei Matraensis, 29: 95-100

Data to the fauna of ectoparasites of mountain field-voles from the Alticola genus in Tuva and adjacent territories of Mongolia. Vest. Zool.: (4): 38-43

Data to the insect fauna of Tapolca Brook and its surroundings. 4. Sphecoidea (Hym.). Folia Entomologica Hungarica, 23: 93-112

Data to the knowledge of Callogonia virgo Tr. and the description of a new subspecies (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae). Acta Zoologica Hungarica, 14: 399-405

Data to the knowledge of Hungarian Macrolepidoptera. 2. Comparative population studies on three Arctiid species by the aid of light traps. Annales Historico Naturales Musei Nationalis Hungarici, 59: 359-373

Data to the knowledge of Hungarian Macrolepidoptera. 3. New taxa from the subfamily Hadeninae. Annis Hist-nat Mus natn hung, 60: 227-238

Data to the knowledge of Hungarian Macrolepidoptera. I. Annales Historico Naturales Musei Nationalis Hungarici, 58: 453-468

Data to the knowledge of Innervation of the bird's digestive tract. Acta Biologica Szegediensis, 14: 57-63

Data to the knowledge of Macrochelidae (Acari, Gamasina) in Hungary. Parasit Hung, 4: 201-214

Data to the knowledge of the Phytoseiidae in Hungarian orchards. Folia ent: 321-323

Data to the knowledge of the biochemical mechanism of the process of ageing, and on the action of proper organic substances for reinstating the disturbed biochemical equilibrium in the old animal. Advances in Modern Biology, 542 5): 248-264

Data to the knowledge of the conditions in the regeneration process. C R Acad Sci Moscow N S: 693: 465-468

Data to the knowledge of the distribution of stone flies (Plecoptera) in Hungary. Opuscula Zoologica (Budapest): 9: 171-182

Data to the knowledge of the evolution of Palaearctic birds on the basis of aberration studies on some Hungarian species. Vertebrata Hungarica, 8: 111-118

Data to the knowledge of the microorganisms of the Jugoslav reaches of Tisza and the 'Danub-Tisza canal'. Tiscia, 2: 3-11

Data to the knowledge of the mollusc fauna living in the Hungarian segment of the River Tisza (Mollusca: Gastropoda, Bivalvia). Malakologiai Tajekoztato, 22: 97-130

Data to the knowledgeof submucous gland cells of the avian proventriculus. Acta Biol Szeged, 17: 131-141

Data to the macrozoobenthos of backwater Gyalai Holt-Tisza. Tiscia Szeged2006; 35: 85-87

Data to the mammalian and fish faunas of the Kardoskut reservation. Vertebrata Hungarica, 8: 135-137

Data to the mollusk fauna of Hungary. Annales Historico-Naturales Musei Hungarici, 52: 437-445

Data to the mollusk fauna of the flood area of the Danube. Opuscula Zoologica (Budapest): 7(1): 195-205

Data to the morphological knowledge of Barbus meridionalis petenyi Hack. Annales Historico-Naturales Musei Hungarici, 56: 501-517

Data to the ornis of Batchka and Banat. Aquila, 65: 234-239

Data to the summer ornithofauna of the Seskar Archipelago in Eastern part of the Gulf of Finland. Berkut 11(1): 18-26

Data to the zoogeographic importance of the Barn-Owl's food-habits. Aquila, 59-62: 451

Data transformation for rank reduction in multi-trait MACE model for international bull comparison. Genetics, Selection, Evolution 40(3): 295-308

Data transmission between neurons. Kybernetik 5(3): 83-85

Data transposition and helical scheme in prestack finite-difference migration. CSPG Annual Convention 2003: (unpaginated

Data upon foliose and fruticose lichens from Valea Neagra (Landscape Reserve Defileul Deda - Toplita).

Data vam aankomst en vertrek der Gierzwaluwen van 1902-1911. Ardea Leiden, 1 12

Data variability and uncertainty limits the capacity to identify and predict critical changes in coastal systems “ a review of key concepts. Ocean & Coastal Management 51(10): 671-688

Data, not only in aerobiology: how normal is the normal distribution?. Aerobiologia 24(3): 121-124

Data, observations and comments on the occurrence, behaviour, characteristics and migrations of tunas in the Mediterranean. Proceedings of the General Fisheries Council for the Mediterranean FAO, 7: 371-388

Data, what data?. Centre for Australian Regolith Studies Occasional Publication 3: 73-76

Data-based forecasting of beach volumes on monthly to yearly timescales. Coastal Engineering 55.12

Data-based mechanistic modelling of stochastic rainfall-flow processes by state dependent parameter estimation. Environmental Modelling & Software 24(2): 279-284

Data-driven adaptive decomposition of multicomponent seabed seismic recordings; application to shallow-water data from the North Sea. Geophysics 72(6): V133-V142

Data-driven models for near-surface geophysical studies. Eos, Transactions, American Geophysical Union 86(18, Suppl

Data-fused digital bathymetry and side-scan sonar as a base for archaeological inventory of submerged landscapes in the Rideau Canal, Ontario, Canada. Geoarchaeology 23(5): 654-674

Data-mining analysis and multi-dimensional visualization of earthquake clusters in a grid-like interactive environment. Eos, Transactions, American Geophysical Union 84(46, Suppl

Data-resolution Matrix and Model-resolution Matrix for Rayleigh-wave Inversion Using a Damped Least-squares Method. Pure and Applied Geophysics 165(7): 1227-1248

Databanka fauny Slovenska - historia, sucasny stav a perspektivy . Acta Zoologica Universitatis Comenianae 44: 27-35

Databanka fauny Slovenska - stav a nove prirastky databaz v roku 2001. Folia Faunistica Slovaca 6: 145-168

Database and species diversity of Japanese Cretaceous ammonoids. Journal of Asian Earth Sciences. June; 218: 887-893

Database architecture of geosphere environmental informatics and its application. AIP Conference Proceedings 898(Pages 223-226

Database development for medicinal plants.

Database management and GIS; practical considerations and use in the exploration industry. Record - Australian Geological Survey Organisation 1999

Database management at the Bureau Gravimetrique International. Pages (unpaginated 2000

Database of TBM projects undertaken between 1950 and 1990 and an assessment of associated ground strength limitations. Publication Series - Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy 6/93(Pages 133-138

Database ownership and access issues: A discussion paper. Journal of the Royal Society of Western Australia. September; 853: 147-150

Database publishing and increasing access to food science information. Journal of Agricultural & Food Information 9(1): 21-40

Database records as a sampling-effort surrogate to predict spatial distribution of insects in either poorly or unevenly surveyed areas. Acta Entomologica Iberica e Macaronesica 1: 23-35

Database records as a surrogate for sampling effort provide higher species richness estimations. Biodiversity and Conservation 17.4

Databases and distribution of the Italian fauna: the invertebrates. Quaderni di Conservazione della Natura, 18: 21-36

Databases and science-based management in the context of wildlife and habitat: toward a certified ISO standard for objective decision-making for the global community by using the Internet. Journal of Wildlife Management 69(2): 466-472

Databases in paleobiology and the database building on the Permian-Triassic fossil vertebrates in China. Unknown

Databases on aquatic alien species: north and Mediterranean seas and non-european initiatives. Unknown

Databasing and information technology. Unknown

Datage non destructif des os fossiles. C. r. hebd. Seanc. Acad. Sci., Paris 268D: 1969: 489-492

Datas para el estudio de los Foraminiferos alguicolas del litoral de Blanes (Gerona). Publicaciones del Instituto de Biologia Aplicada Barcelona, 39: 129-135

Datation de la biopatite de restes osseux d'origine marine : application a des sites du Makran (Pakistan). Paleorient 31(1): 70-73

Datation par la m8thode uranium-thorium des hauts nivaux de coraux de la depression de I'Afar (Ethiopie). Revue Geogr. phys. Geol. dyn.: 12(1): 3-8

Datation par la methode 40Ar/39Ar de la couche de cendres volcaniques (couche VI) de Dmanissi (Georgia) qui a livre des restes d'hominides fossiles de 1,81 Ma. Comptes Rendus PalevolMai-juin; 1(3): 181-189

Datation, zonation et mammiferes. Memoires Bur. Memoires Bur Rech geol minier, 771: 411-423

Datations et environnement des Ours de la Balme a Collomb (Entremont-Le-Vieux, Savoie, France).

Date asupra ecologiei Si raspindirii geografice a testaceelor din zona vutorului lac de acumulare de la Porlile de Fier. Studii Cer. Studii Cerc Biol Ser Zool, 235: 479-486

Date asupra ecologiei morunului, nisetrului, sipului si pastrugii in primele stadii de dezvoltare postembrionara. Hidrobiologia, 6: 17-34

Date asupra ihtiofaunei raului Moldova. Studii si Comunicari Muzeul National Brukenthal Stiinte Naturale 29: 203

Date asupra nidobiologiei Maracinarului mic. (Saxicola rubetra). Studii Commun. Muzl. nat. Back' (Zool.): 325-331

Date asupra organizatiei interne la Trichopria cilipes Kieff, diu familia Diapriidae, suprafamilia Proctotrupoidea. Analele Univ Bucuresti (Biol Anim): 23: 53-62

Date asupra planctonului si bentosului dunarii din aval de Corabia - amonte de varsarea Jiului (Km 628-692). Hidrobiologia, 13: 93-100

Date biologice Si biometrice privitoare la Rapana thomasiana Crosse (Gastropoda, Muricidae) de la litoralul romanesc al Marii Negre. Studii Cerc Biol Ser Zool, 234: 359-366

Date biometrice asupra lostritei (Hucho hucho L.) din apele Maramure sului. Buletin Stiint Pedagog. (Ser. B): 91-95

Date biometrice asupra lui Pelecus cultratus (Pisces, Cyprinidae) din Dunarea inferioara. Studii si Cercetari de Biologie (Ser Zool): 20: 137-141

Date biostratigrafice privind Triasicul de la Sasca (Zona Re1ila-Moldova Noua, Banat). Dari de Seama ale Sedintelor Institutul Geologic al Romaniei, 14: 51-64: 1973-

Date biostratigrafice privind Triasicul de la Sasca (Zona Relila-Moldova Noua, Banat). Dari Seama Sed. Inst geol Rom, 14: 51-64: 1973-

Date biostratigrafice privind Triasicul de la Sasca (Zona Relita-Moldova Noua, Banat). Diri Seams Sed. Inst Rom: 51-64 -

Date comparative asupra structurii retinei la Gobius melanostomus Pallas si Mullus barbatus ponticus Essipov. Analele Stiint Univ Al I Cuza NS (Biol): 191: 81-91

Date concerning the influence of complete anesthesia of the irradiated object on the frequency of mutations induced by X-rays. Zool J Moscow, 14: 311-316

Date cu privire la daunele provocate de Apus cancriformis Schaffer 1756 (Crustacea, Notostraca) in cyprinicultura. Nymphaea: i39-143

Date cu privire la zooplanctonul unor mlastini din comuna Poiana Stampei. Analele Stiint Al. I. Cuza (Biol.): 331-337

Date d'accouplement de Litlorina saxatilis Olivi. Bulletin du Laboratoire Museum Histoire naturelle St Servan, 9: 17

Date despre spectrul trofic al unor populatii de Triturus alpestris din zona Muntelui Ses (Jud. Bihor, Romania). Oltenai Studii si Comunicari Stiintele Naturii 171-176

Date ecologice ale coloniei de chiroptere (Myotis myotis) ce se adaposteste, in podul scolii de la Darmanesti-Suceava. Studii CommunStiinl. nat. Bacau (Zool.): 343-351

Date ecologice asupra polichetelor litoraluliu roumanese al Maru Negre in derptul Statinnu Zoologice Marine Agigea. Studii si Cercetari de Biologie Academia RPR Seria Zool, 19: 509-514

Date ecologice asupra sifonapterelor parazite pe mamifere mici (Insectivora, Rodentia) din Dobrogea de nord si Delta Dunarii. Studii Cerc Biol Ser Zool, 232: 173-184

Date guide to the occurrences of birds in Oklahoma. Fourth edition. Unknown

Date micropaleontologice privind Miocenul Superior din bazinul Cri Sului Alb. Dari Seam a Sed. Inst Rom: 77-83 -1970

Date micropaleontologice privind eocretacicul din Bazinul Dimbovicioarei. Analele Univ Bucuresti (Geol): 21: 81-88

Date moi asupre reptilelor fosile de virsta mezozoica din Transilvania. Nymphaea: 245-261

Date moth on date-palm. FAO Pl. Prot. Bull, 221: 21

Date mussels in southern N. SW Australian Shell News, 17: 8

Date noi asupra avifaunei fosila a dealului Burzau-Ripa. jnd. Bihor. Nymphaea, 2: 159-167

Date noi asupra harpacticoidelor Copepoda din Romania. Studii Cerc (Zool.): 3-6

Date noi asupra poliphemidelor caspice din bazinele dvnarii si niprului. Studii Cerc biol RPR Ser Zool, 17: 29-38

Date noi asupra raspindirii nycteribiidelor (Diptera, Pupipara) in Romania. Lucr Speol. Emil. Recovita: 115-123

Date noi asupra stratigrafiei paleogenului si Miocenului din Nord-Estul Transilvaniei. Comun Stiint Assoc Geol Carpato-Balcanica 5th, 3(1): 5-30

Date noi privind aptihii neojurasici din zona Poiana Botizei (Muntii Lapusului, Carpatii Orientali).

Date noi privind fauna de amoniti norieni de la Ciungi (Rarau) si valentele ei himalaiene.

Date noi privind variabilitatea si evolutia structurala a dentitiei la speciile de Spalax Guld. (1770) (Rodentia, Mammalia). Studii Cere (Ser. Zool.): 221-227

Date not asupra Senonianului din Dobrogea. Studii Cerc Geol Geofiz Geograf (Ser Geol): 181: 229-234

Date not asupra faunei Cretacice din Bazinul Brezoi. Analele Univ Bucuresti (Geol): 22: 99-103

Date not despre cuibaritul ciusului (Otus scops L.). Studii CommunStiinl. nat. Bacau (Zool.): 309-315

Date not privitoare la fauna de candonine (Ostracoda - Cyprididae) din Romania. Revue Roum Biol (Ser Zool): 251: 17-23

Date of Monterosato's Nomenclatura Generica e Specifica. Journal of Conchology, 194: 118- 119

Date of arrival in England of the Marsh Warbler. Zoologist, 304

Date of discovery and Type Locality of the Mountain Mockingbird (Orpheus montanus). Auk, XVII 68 & 69

Date of publication of Gould's Handbook.. Emu Melbourne, 41: 68

Date of publication of Pallas's Zoographia Rosso-Asiatica.. Ibis, 93: 316

Date of publication of Rennie's edition of White's Selborne. Ibis28: 537-538

Date of some species of Pentremites. Journal of Paleontology, 31: 982

Date on pike feeding. Izv. vses. nauchno-issled. Inst. ozern. rechn. ryb. Khoz.: 62: 195-205

Date on the distribution of gall midges (Diptera Itonididae) in gross layer in Braila Island. Anal. Univ. Bucuresti (Biol. Anim.): 19: 79-83

Date on the species composition and ecology of moulds agents of fish saprolegniosis in Leningrad district.

Date ou privire la ritmul de csestere si gradul de ingrasare a erapului (Cyprinus carpio L.) in baltile Crapina-Jijila. Buletinul de Cercetari Piscicole Roman, 18(No. 3: 51-60

Date preliminare asupra raspindirii geografice a boisteanului (Phoxinus phoxinus L.) in motru si afluentii sai. Hidrobiologia: 291-293

Date preliminari sulle zooconesi bentoniche e sulla biowmassa in una zona dell'alto e medio Adriatico. Note Lab mar. Fano: 25-56

Date privind Cladocerele din apa Lacului Ro Su. Studii ComunStiint. nat. Bacau: 49-56

Date privind avifauna Zarandului. Nymphaea, 2: 109-127

Date privind biometria somnului pitic (Ictalurus nebulosus Le Sueur 1819) din apele bazinului Beretaului Cri Surilor. Nymphaea, 3: 117-122

Date privind copepodele din lacul Rou. Botosani, 1972: 125-130

Date privind hrana si procurarea acesteia de catre unele specii de chiroptere din fauna Romaniei. Studii CommunStiinl. nat. Bacau (Zool.): 353-357

Date privind migratia si cuibaritul cocosarului (Turdus pilaris) in Roumania. Studii CommunStiinl. nat. Back( (Zool.): 255-261

Date privind repartitia geografic a a gamasidelor ectoparazite pe mamiferele mici si reptilele din Romaniei. Studii ComunStunt. nat. Bacau: 212

Date privind resturile de animale descoperite im asezarea getica de la Zimmicea. Analele Stiint. Univ Al I Cuza NS ( Biol): 181: 191-204

Date privind ritmul de crestere la somnul pitic (Ictalurus nebulosus Le Sueur 1819) din apele bazinului crisurilor Beretaului. Nymphaea, 1: 34-39

Date privind rotiferele din apa lacului Rosu. Analele Stiint Univ Al I Cuza NS (Biol): 202: 387-389

Date privind situatia populatiei de nurca europeana (Mustela lutreola L, 1761) (Mammalia, Carnivora, Mustelidae) in cateva zone din Rezervatia Biosferei Delta Dunarii. Studii si Comunicari Muzeul National Brukenthal Stiinte Naturale 29: 231-239

Date referitoare asupra hranei unei specii de pasari in Dobrogea de nord. Nymphaea, 3: 229-244

Date referitoare la albinarel (Merops apiaster L.) pe valea Mure4ului. Nymphaea, 3: 173-178

Date si observatii faunistice ale lui L. Dobay din Dobrogea. Nymphaea: 207

Date sulla transformazione del sesso nei Crostacei per opera del parassitismo da Epicaridei. Pubblicazioni della Stazione Zoologica di Napoli, 19: 56-70

Dated historical biogeography of the temperate Loliinae (Poaceae, Pooideae) grasses in the northern and southern hemispheres. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 46(3): 932-957

Datem zum Entenzug auf zwei Natronseen der ungarischen Pussta. Vogelwelt Beihefte, 2: 47-51

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Daten fuer die Noctuiden-Fauna aus Nahrungsresten einer Fledermaus (Lep. Noctuidae; Mam. Chiroptera).

Daten uber das Gewicht des Vogel-dottersackes vom Schlupftag bis zum Schwinden. Revue Suisse de Zoologie, 68: 103-110

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Daten uber den Vogelzug in Mariahof pro 1912. Ornithologisches Jahrbuch Hallein, 24 228-230

Daten uber den normalen und patologischen stand der Regenbogenforellen Fingerlinge (Salmo gairdneri Rich. ). Lucrarile Sta. Cerc. biol. geol. geogr. Stejarul, 1974- 289-294, illust.

Daten uber die Mikrodistribution der Krebstiere in einer senkrechten Sektion in Potoci-Bicaz Stausee. Lucrarile Sta Cerc biol geol geogr Stejarul, 1974-1975: 127-131

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Daten uber einige in dem inter-stitiellen Wasser der Donau lebenden Tiere bei Bratislava. Biologia Bratislava, 16: 838-841

Daten und Serien uber den Zug der Vogel. Aquila, II 163-166

Daten zu den Ergebnissen der Wasservogeljagd in Europa. Falke, 214: 135-137

Daten zum Vogelschlagproblem in der Schweiz. Angewandte Ornith, 51: 1-12

Daten zur Aculeaten-Fauna der Ussuri-Region unter Beruecksichtigung der angrenzenden Gebiete - 2. Arten der Gattungen Halictus, Lasioglossum, Dufourea, Macropis aus dem Lazovski Zapovednik - Naturreservat Laso (Insecta: Hymenoptera: Apoidea: Halictidae, Melittidae). Linzer Biologische Beitraege21: 541-593

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Daten zur Entwickelung der jungen des gewohnlichen Hamsters (Cricetus cricetus L.). Vertebrata Hungarica, 1: 195-207

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