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L'Aquitanien superieur de Lisbonne et du Ribatejo

, : L'Aquitanien superieur de Lisbonne et du Ribatejo. Comun Serv Geol Portugal 35: 99-149

The varied fauna of these beds is listed, with notes, and with descriptions of spp. of the corals Myceto-phyllia, Stylophora, Heliastraea, Prionastraea, Astraea, Madrepora and Porites; the echinoid Cidaris; the lamellibranchs Nuculana, Anadara, Lithophagus, Mytilus, Pycnodonta, Ostrea, Crassostraea, Cyrena, Cardita, Cardiocardita, Cardium, Omphaloclathrum, Ventricoloidea, Cordiopsis, Gastrana, Lentidium, Sphenia and Barnea; the gastropods Solarium, Natica, Monodonta, Buccinofusus, Galeodea, Subemarginula, Peyrotia, Zaria, Turritella, Haustator, Cerithium, Semivertigus, Rostellaria; the crustacean Pyrgoma.


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