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L'ecologie du Mystacocaride Derocheilocaris remanei f. biscayensis Delamare sur les cotes du Golfe de Gascogne

, : L'ecologie du Mystacocaride Derocheilocaris remanei f. biscayensis Delamare sur les cotes du Golfe de Gascogne. Vie et Milieu, 5: 310-329


Other references

Newton, L.V., 1916: The Domestication of the Indian Honey Bee. In this article the author describes some of his experiences in the domestication of the yellow variety of the Indian honey-bee (Apis indica) over a period of six years. Though the amount of honey extracted from the combs may not compare favourabl...

Schoville Sean D., 2012: Three new species of Grylloblatta Walker Insecta Grylloblattodea Grylloblattidae, from southern Oregon and northern California. Grylloblatta oregonensis new species, Grylloblatta siskiyouensis new species, and Grylloblatta marmoreus new species are described from the Klamath Mountains region of Oregon and California, U.S.A. Two species were found at Oregon Caves National M...

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Hu, D., 2016: Role of Anti-inflammatory Cytokines IL-35 and IL-37 in Asthma. NlmCategory="UNASSIGNED">Asthma is a chronic airway inflammation that is characterized by intense eosinophil infiltrates, mucus hypersecretion, airway remodeling, and airway hyperresponsiveness. Interleukin (IL)-35 and IL-37 are two c...

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