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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 22922

Chapter 22922 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Landscape invasibility by exotic species. Unknown

Landscape level analysis of mountain pine beetle in British Columbia, Canada: spatiotemporal development and spatial synchrony within the present outbreak. Ecography. June; 293: 427-441

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Landscape management practices.

Landscape modifications and ant communities. Unknown

Landscape mosaic in the treeline ecotone on Mt Rodjanoaivi, Subarctic Finland.

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Landscape pattern, timber extraction, and biological conservation. Unknown

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Landscape policy in the Netherlands. Current initiatives top-down and bottom-up.

Landscape policy in the Vosges Mountains - landscape planes and landscape contracts.

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Landscape scale research in butterfly population ecology - Maculinea case study. Unknown

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Landscape with plants and habitat of importance to the EU within a park.

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Landscapes and agricultural practices.

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Landscapes and labscapes: exploring the lab-field border in biology. Unknown

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