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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 22963

Chapter 22963 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Life-history studies of New Zealand Brachyura. 2. Family Xantbidae. Larvae of Heterozius rotundifrons A. Milne-Edwards, 1867, Ozius truncatus H. Milne-Edwards, 1834, and Heteropanope (Pilumnopeus) serratifrons (Kinahan, 1856). New Zealand Journal of Marine and Freshwater Research, 2: 293

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Life-history studies on New Zealand Brachyura. 3. Family Ocypodidae. First stage zoea larva of Hemiplax hirtipes (Jacquinot 1853). New Zealand Journal of Marine and Freshwater Research, 2: 698-707

Life-history studies on New Zealand Brachyura:4 zoea larvae hatched from crabs of the family Grapsidae. N.Z. J. mar. freshw. Res. 4: 4: 3-35

Life-history studies on Proteocephalus pinguis La Rue. Parasitology 21(4): 487-496

Life-history studies: gathering details on desert lizards. Research News Univ Mich Divn Res Dev Admin, 244: ,P l

Life-history study of the Yellow-throat. Wilson Bulletin, 65: 99-115

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Life-history variation in three coexisting species of carnid flies (Diptera: Carnidae), Carnus hemapterus, Hemeromyia anthracina and Hemeromyia longirostris. European Journal of Entomology il 6; 103(2): 347-353

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Life-long identification microchips in leopards caught in conflict areas in Maharashtra, India. Cat News. Autumn; 41: 10-11

Life-natura i la conservacio de les zones humides mediterranies. Propostes per adaptar l'instrument life a les necessitats de conservacio dels paisos mediterranis. Life-natura, una eina per a la conservacio de les zones humides mediterranies: analisi i avaluacio: jornades de treball celebrades a Barcelona, Catalunya, del 4 al 6 de novembre de 1998.

Life-span of foxes. Field London, 197: 438

Life-stage-based recovery dynamics of marine invertebrates in soft-sediment bottoms. Unknown

Life-tables and key mortality factors of lepidopterous foliage pests of okra.

Life-threatening constipation induced by intrathecal baclofen therapy. European Neurology 60(2): 95-96

Life-threatening exacerbation of Kaposi's sarcoma after prednisone treatment for immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome. Aids 22(5): 663-665

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Life-zones in the British Carboniferous Rocks. Report on Carboniferous Rocks and Fossils: South Pennine District. Report British Association, 371-375

Life: an introduction to biology. Life: An Introduction To Biology: D. Xviii 869illus

Life: the Explanation of it. Unknown

Lifecourse predictors of adult respiratory function: results from the Newcastle Thousand Families Study. Thorax 63(9): 823-830

Lifecycle of free-living marine nematode Chromadorina sp.

Lifehistory of Calomycterus sp. in Hangchow (Col. Curculionidae). Yearbook of the Bureau of Entomology Hangchow, 1934: 282-284

Lifeline performance under extreme loading during earthquakes. Geotechnical, Geological and Earthquake Engineering 6: 407-432

Lifeline to recovery - the RSPB's species recovery success in the UK. Unknown

Lifelong circadian and epigenetic drifts in metabolic syndrome. Epigenetics 2(3): 137-146

Lifelong exercise and mild (8%) caloric restriction attenuate age-induced alterations in plantaris muscle morphology, oxidative stress and IGF-1 in the Fischer-344 rat. Experimental Gerontology 43(4): 317-329

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Lifespan of cattle and horses tinder various climatic conditions and the reasons for premature culling. Unknown

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Lifestyle and attitudes towards smoking among smokers and non-smokers in a Japanese co-medical university. Dokkyo Journal of Medical Sciences 34(3): 221-229

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Lifestyles of the scaled and beautiful: variegated and Mexican fritillaries. American Butterflies. Fall-Winter; 143-4: 34-42

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Lifst van Nederlandsche Vertebrata 's-Graven-hage 1943 56 pp. Unknown

Lifting China's tiger trade ban would be a catastrophe for conservation. Cat News. Spring; 46: 28-29

Lifting a veil on diversity: a Bayesian approach to fitting relative-abundance models. Ecological Applications 16(1): 202-212

Lifting irrigated cropping profitability and water use efficiency.

Lifting the iceberg - boneinfo and the battle to save archaeological information.

Lifting the veil on the transcriptome. Genome Biology 9(4): 218-218

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Ligand Based Design and Synthesis of Novel Sodium Channel Blockers from a Combined Phenytoin-Lidocaine Pharmacophore.

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Ligand-binding pocket of the ecdysone receptor. Unknown

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Light and life ”the story continues.

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