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Nutrients release and biological aspects of butadiene styrene - fertilizer mixtures

, : Nutrients release and biological aspects of butadiene styrene - fertilizer mixtures. Egyptian Journal of Soil Science 46(1): 69-77

BUTADIENE styrene, (24/76) latex emulsion, 50 % active materials mixed with the complex N, P and K treatment fertilizer 19:19:19 has been evaluated biologically in two steps using sandy calcareous soil. Firstly a completely randomized incubation experiment with the following treatments 1) T. Control, 2) T1 (1.0 % polymer fertilizer mix), 3) T2 (2.0 % polymer fertilizer mix) and 4) T3 (3.0 % polymer fertilizer mix) with three replications were performed for three months to examine the release rate and decomposition of studied fertilizer. In the second step, greenhouse experiment using maize (Zea maye L.-Giza 20) as the indicator plant was conducted to examine nutrients uptake by the plants and the biological activity of the soil.In the incubation experiment, the released macronutrients under this study were greatly affected by the application rate in the polymer fertilizer mixture. The fertilizer mixture T1 or T2 increased the total number of bacteria, fungi, and actinomycetes compared with the control treatment. T3 decreased the population of actinomycetes in incubated soil as compared with T1 or T2, but the counts of actinomycetes was still higher than that of the control treatment.In the greenhouse experiment, the nutrients uptake by maize negatively proportional with the application rate of the Polymer without any toxic effects on growing plants. The same trend was observed for nutrients availability in the soil. Treated soil significantly affected microbial population in the rhizosphere of maize plants. Alternaria, Aspergillus, Fusarium, Mucor, Penicillium, Rhizopus and Trichoderma were the common macrofungi found in soil treated with latex.It was concluded that butadiene styrene emulsion can be used as a good coating material for fertilizers. Nutrients status of both soil and plant and biological activity of the soil are greatly affected by the application rate of the polymer i.e. coating thickness.


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