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Phytoplankton and hydrography in the coastal waters of Thannirbhavi, southwest coast of India

, : Phytoplankton and hydrography in the coastal waters of Thannirbhavi, southwest coast of India. Environment and Ecology Kalyani e; 24(2): 449-456

The study was carried out in the Arabian Sea, off Thannirbhavi along Mangalore coast during October 2004 - May 2005. The fluctuations recorded in hydrographic parameters were: temperature 27.50-31.17 C, pH 7.94 - 8.30, salinity 28.74 - 34.59 ppt, dissolved oxygen 3.55-4.34 ml/liter and extinction coefficient 0.60 -2.16. The variations recorded in the nutrient contents were: ammonia, 3.73-18.12 [mu]g at/liter, nitrite 0.51-3.14 [mu]g-at/liter, nitrate 4.45-22.41 [mu]g-at/liter, phosphate 2.00-12.96 [mu]g-at/liter and silicate 7.57-25.15 [mu]g-at/liter. The phytoplankton biomass in terms of wet weight and dry weight varied from 69.20 to 1284 mg/m3 and 10.40 to 225 mg/m3 respectively. The biomass was higher at shallower stations as compared to deeper station. The qualitative analysis of phytoplankton showed the dominance of diatoms, followed by dinoflagellates and blue green algae.


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