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Premiere decouverte dans le Bassin d'Aquitaine (Marnes de Saubrigues, SW France) de 1'espece Miocene de BivalviaOppenheimopecten josslingii; interet biogeographique

, : Premiere decouverte dans le Bassin d'Aquitaine (Marnes de Saubrigues, SW France) de 1'espece Miocene de BivalviaOppenheimopecten josslingii; interet biogeographique. Bulletin de la Societe Linneenne de Bordeaux 33(4): 271-289

In the south-western part of the Aquitaine Basin, the Saubrigues Gulf (the outcome of a paleocanyon dug out during the Oligocene) experienced a mainly marly, neritic sedimentation during the Miocene, with facies quite open to the Atlantic westward. One species of Pectinidae, so far unknown in the whole of Aquitaine, has been discovered and is presented here : it is Oppenheimopecten josslingii (SMITH), originally described in the Miocene of Portugal; it is also the first discovery of this genus in the Aquitaine Basin. As well as in the type area, the age of the Saubrigues deposits which yielded this taxa must be Upper Burdigalian (maybe basal Langhian). After a few reminders of geologic and stratigraphic data of those deposits, the species is described and figured. This discovery completes the knowledge of Aquitaine Pectinidae, which confirms the relative diversity of the associations of the Burdigalian (stage considered as a whole) with a dozen taxa, that is twice as many as the Aquitanian fauna, but rather far behind the rich fauna of the Chattian of Landes when renewal and diversification were very notable. It is also interesting as far as paleobiogeography is concerned; southern Aquitaine seems to be the northernmost limit of the expansion area of O. josslingii, common in Portugal and present in the Mediterranean domain, where moreover it reaches the "Helvetian" (auctorum), i.e. the early Middle Miocene. It is one more example illustrating the good Miocene marine communications on the north-eastern Atlantic platform.


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