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Premiere reprise en Suisse d'un Goeland d'Audouin Larus audouinii bague

, : Premiere reprise en Suisse d'un Goeland d'Audouin Larus audouinii bague.

On 16th and 18th August 2001, a ringed juvenile Audouin's gull was observed on the Lake of Geneva, on the french and the swiss sides. It had been ringed as a chick in June 2001 on Pianosa Island, Tuscany, 518 km south-east of the recovery site. This bird may have followed some Yellow-legged Gulls Larus cachinnans michahellis, for which the lake of Geneva is a favoured destination during post-nuptial and juvenile dispersal. This is the 4th observation of an Audouin's Gull in Switzerland (the 3rd on the lake of Geneva) and the 1st recovery.


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