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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 23527

Chapter 23527 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Revideret Fortegnelse over Danmarks marine Arter af Isopoda, Tanaidacea, Cumacea, Mysidacea og Euphausiacea.. Kjobenhavn Nath Medd, 1909 197-262

Revideret fortegnelse over Faeroernes sommerfugle. Entomologiske Meddelelser, 38: 3-14

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Revie: raising a young tern. Massachusetts Audubon, 52: 23-25

Revier und Aktionsraum bei der Wanderratte. Zeitschrift fuer Hygienische Zoologie, 39: 33-50

Revier und Vorhalten eines ungepaarten Bergfinkenmannchens (Fringilla montifringilia L.). Ornis Fennica, 29: 105-107

Revierbesetzung and Paarbindung bei der Sumpfmeise Parus palustris. Ornithologische Beobachter ember; 100(3): 210

Revierbesetzung und Siedlungsdichte der Bontvogel eines Gebietes der Schleswig-Holstein-ischen Seenplatte in den Jahren 1948-1952. Biologische Abhandlung, 7-8: 1-47

Revierbesitz im Vogelleben. Mitteilungen des Vereins Saechsischer Ornithologen, 3: 49-68

Reviermarkierungen durch Duftstoffe Passauer Smaragdeideohse und andere Richtigstellungen. Aquar Terrar Zeitschr Stuttgart, 11: 81-82

Reviev of the birds fauna (Aves) of Moneron Island. Unknown

Review 'The spider' by John Crompton.

Review 1965/1966. Fisheries Research Board of Canada, 148

Review 1971-1972. Review Fish Res Bd Canada, 1971- 1-230

Review 2006 - Skogforsk.

Review : The variations of human sex ratio at birth during and after wars, and their potential explanations.

Review A. Kaestner, Invertebrate Zoology, translated and adapted by H. W. Levi & L. R. Levi 2 1968: 1-472.

Review A. M. Hughes The mites associated with stored food products.

Review Alfred Kaestner, Lehrbuch der Speziellen Zoologie Bd. 1.

Review Article: A Review of the Development and Operational Characteristics of the TALSPEAK Process. Solvent Extraction and Ion Exchange 25(6): 665-701

Review Aspects of disease-transmission by ticks, ed. D. R. Arthur.

Review Atrophins emerging roles in development and neurodegenerative disease.

Review British Spiders G. H. Locket & A. F. Millidge.

Review D. R. Arthur, Ticks of the genus Ixodes in Africa.

Review DNA barcode information for the sugar cane moth borer Diatraea saccharalis.

Review E. H. Easton, British centipedes.

Review Essay: Tourism and China's Development: Policies, Regional Economic Growth and Ecotourism; Tourism in China; Tourism and Hotel Development in China: From Political to Economic Success. Journal of the American Planning Association 74(1): 150-151

Review European animals by R. F. Scharff. Irish Naturalist, 211-214

Review F. J. Radovsky, The Macronyssidae and Laelapidae (Acarina: Mesostigmata) parasitic on bats.

Review G. Ramazzotti, Il Phylum Tardigrada.

Review H. W. Levi & L. R. Levi, A guide to spiders and their kin. (Golden Nature Guide).

Review H. Wiehle, Beitrage zur Kenntnis der Deutschen Spinnenfauna ii und iii 1963.

Review H. Wiehle, Die Tierwelt Deutschlands, 49 Teil Spinnentiere oder Arachnoidea (Araneae) xiii Tetragnathidae, Strechspinnen und Dickkiefer 1963.

Review H. Wiehle, Tierwelt Deutschland Teil 47, Micryphantidae.

Review J. L. Gressitt, Entomology in Antarctica 1967.

Review J. Naegele, Advances in Acarology.

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Review R. V. Grebenyuk, Ticks of Kirghizia.

Review S. A. Minton & C. Olson, A case of spider bite with severe hemolytic reaction.

Review S. Babos, Die Zeckenfauna Mitteleuropas 1964.

Review Sandor Babos, Die Zeckenfauna Mitteleuropas 1964.

Review Spiders of Britain..

Review The terrestrial Acari of the British Isles by G. O. Evans, J. G. Sheals and D. Macfarlane.

Review V. N. Zamarajev, Identification key to species of the family Araneidae.

Review W. Duncan, Webs in the Winds 1949.

Review W. J. Gertsch, American Spiders.

Review Werner Hirschmann Milben (Acari) Kosmos-Verlag 1966.

Review about mites (Acari) of rubber trees (Hevea spp., Euphorbiaceae) in Brazil. Biota Neotropica 6(1): 24pp.

Review and assessment of biotic variables and analytical methods used in estuarine inflow studies. Estuaries ember; 25(6B): 1291-1303

Review and assessment of water resources in Libya. Water International 31(3): 295-309

Review and challenges of policies of environmental protection and sustainable development in China. Journal of Environmental Management 88(4): 1249-1261

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Review and comment on The British Amphibians and Reptiles by M. Smith. Copeia, 67-68

Review and comparison of Belly River Group and Edmonton Group stratigraphic architecture in the southern Alberta Plains. CSPG Annual Convention 2002(2002

Review and comparison of multiple proxy records of Holocene paleoenvironments and paleoclimate, New York State, USA. Abstracts with Programs - Geological Society of America 39(1): 56

Review and emendation of family Clupeidae by Samuel F. Hildebrand Copeia, 720-730

Review and evaluation of desalination cost and costing methodologies. International Journal of Nuclear Desalination 3(1): 79

Review and index through 1975 of genus Candona (Ostracoda) in North America (exclusive of pre-Quaternary species). Microform Publ geol Soc Am, 6,1976: 1-82

Review and new records of abyssal and hadal molluscan fauna in Japanese and adjacent waters. Venus Tokyo, 331: 23-39

Review and outlook for participatory plant breeding in West Africa.

Review and perspectives of the symposium in ecological and genetic factors of speciation and evolution. Ricerca Scientifica Suppl, 1949: 128-134

Review and perspectives on molecular genetic approaches to sea trout biology.

Review and prospect of the study of gold heap-leaching. Henan Dizhi = Henan Geology 16(1): 77-80

Review and prospects of utilization of tree extractives in China.

Review and reconstructions of the Tetraodontiform fishes from the Eocene of Monte Bolca, Italy, with comments on related Tertiary taxa. Studi e Ricerche sui Giacimenti Terziari di Bolca, 9: 47-119

Review and redescription of Caligus gurnardi Kroyer, 1863 (Copepoda, Caligidae). Stud Stns Fish Res Bd Can 1965, 951: 93-103

Review and regional context of Late Devonian through Early Pennsylvanian stratigraphy of north-central Ohio. Guidebook - State of Ohio, Department of Natural Resources, Division of Geological Survey Pages 13-18

Review and retrospective analysis of degenerative lumbosacral stenosis in 156 dogs treated by dorsal laminectomy. Veterinary and Comparative Orthopaedics and Traumatology 21(3): 285-293

Review and revision of systematics in sedimentary petrology with reference to statistical and mathematical analyses of sedimentary data. Terra Nostra (Bonn) 2002-3(Pages 367-371

Review and summary of studies of insects associated with Lemna minor. Jour New York Ent Soc 48(4): 319-333

Review article. Animal disease agents transmitted by horse flies and deer flies (Diptera: Tabanidae). Journal Med Honolulu: 225-275

Review article. Malaria eradication and control from a global standpoint. Journal Med Honolulu: 1-25

Review by J. H. List. Biologisches Zentralblatt, IX 560-563

Review communication and relationships in the genus Tyrannus. Auk, 84: 606-609

Review for Planetary and Space Science Volcanism on Io - A comparison with Earth.

Review in J. Paleont. Menasha, Wis. 24 4 1950 pp. 507-512 of Richter, R. Ist eine Unveranderliche Form des Art-Namens moglich. Senckenbergiana, 25( ): 340-356

Review in plasmid genetic tools of lactobacilli.

Review lecture. Muscular contraction. Journal Physiol Lond, 2431: 1-43

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Review of 'Catalogue of Batrachia and Reptilia obtained by J. A. McNeil in Nicaragua' and 'Catalogue of Reptilia and Batrachia obtained by C. J. Maynard in Florida', both by E. D. Cope. Salamandra, 2: 55

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Review of 'Weevils of the subfamily Cleoninae of the Fauna of the USSR. Tribe Lixini (Zhuki-dplgonosiki Podsemeistva Cleoninae Fauni SSSR, Triba Lixini), by M. E. Ter-Minassian. pp. 1-141. Leningrad, 1967.

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Review of American Birds in the Museum of the Smithsonian Institution. Part I. (continued). North and Middle America. Unknown

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