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Sequence comparison of MHC class II (exon 2) and phylogenetic relationships between poultry and mammalian

, : Sequence comparison of MHC class II (exon 2) and phylogenetic relationships between poultry and mammalian. Agricultural Sciences in China. April 20; 44: 299-309

A fragment spanning over exon 2 and intron 2 of major histocompatibility complex B-LB II genes was amplified using PCR, cloned and sequenced in 13 individuals from eight Chinese indigenous chicken breeds and one introduced breed. Another 41 sequences of MHC class II 13 from ten vertebrate species were cited from the NCBI GenBank. Thirteen new B-LB II alleles were found in the chicken breeds sampled. Alignment of the exon 2 sequences revealed 91.1-97.8% similarity to each other within the chickens sampled, and the chickens shared 84.1-87.0% homology to Phasianus colchicus, 78.5-81.5% similarity to Coturnix japonica. The sequences in poultry showed 62.6-68.1% identity to HLA-DRBJ, 50-61.5% similarity to DQB (HLA-, SLA- and H2-BB), 53.7-60% to HLA-DPB and 53.3-57.8% similarity to HLA-DOB. The frequency of nonsynonymous substitutions of nucleotide was higher than that of synonymous substitutions, and the frequencies of nonsynonymous and synonymous substitutions in poultry B-LB II genes were lower than those observed in mammalian DRBI and DQB1 genes. The deduced amino acid sequences of MHC class II (31 domain exhibited extreme difference in conversed region and variable region patterns among the various species, but the two conserved cysteines forming disulfide-bond were shown consistent in poultry with that in mammalian species; and the carbohydrate attachment site was found more conserved in chicken, Homo sapiens, Bos taurus, Ovis aries and Capra hircus than in Sus scrofa and rodent animals. Compared with exon 2 of DQBI genes of Homo sapiens, ruminant species and Sus scrofa, the differentia that the deletion of six nucleotides at position195 to 200 of exon 2 of DQB1 genes, and insertion of three nucleotides at position 247 to 249 of the exon 2 existed in rodent species were found, which led to the absence of three AA residues at position 65, 66, and 67 within (31 domain of DQBI chain, and the insertion of one AA residue at position 85. The difference of the deletion of six nucleotides at position 72 to 77 of exon 2 of DPBI genes was observed with Homo sapiens DQB1, which caused absence of three AA residues at position 24, 25, and 26 of ( beta 1 domain of DPBI chain. The phylogenetic tree revealed that the B-LB II sequences from poultry are not orthologous to the class II MHC ( beta -chain genes of mammalian species. The tree indicated that genetic evolutionary relationship of chickens with Phasianus colchicus was much closer than with Coturnix japonica, and the DQB and DPB clusters are more tightly related to each other than to the remaining clusters.


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