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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 24183

Chapter 24183 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

A co-operative evaluation of mammography in seven teaching hospitals. Radiology 86(5): 886-891

A cooperative group study of prostatic cancer: stilbestrol versus placebo in advanced progressive disease. Cancer ChemoTherapy Reports 16: 323-328

A cooperative nutrition program in North Carolina. Publ Health Repts: 797-803

A coordinated set of instruments for optical quantitative high resolution cytochemistry. Experimental Cell Research 13(Suppl 4): 9-24

A Correction. American Journal of Public Health and the Nation's Health 45(7): 884-884

A correction in crustacean nomenclature. Proc New England Zool Club 16: 15-16

A correction in the Tryphoninae in Dalle Torres Catalogus Hymenopterorum. Canadian Ent: 95

A correction to A generalization of Fishers z test. Biometrika4: 467-469,

A correction: a comparison of some concepts of psychological health. Journal of Clinical Psychology 14(4): 438-438

A correction A second species of Xenosphex. Wasmann Jour Biol: 313-315

A correlated anatomic study of degenerative disease at the bifurcations of the abdominal aorta and common carotid arteries. Angiology 13: 284-289

A correlated histochemical and electron microscopic study of the intranuclear crystalline aggregates of Adenovirus in Hela cells. Jour Biophys And Biochem Cytol 3(1): 1-8

A correlated morphological and functional study of the effects of actinomycin D on HeLa cells. I. Effects on the nucleolar and cytoplasmic ribonucleoproteins. Experimental Cell Research 45(1): 106-119

A correlation approach to certain problems of population-environment relations. Amer J Bot 54(5): 529-538

A correlation between gill surface and activity in marine fishes. Biol Bull: 222

A Correlation Between The Histological Changes And The Fate Of Living Tubercle Bacilli In The Organs Of Reinfected Rabbits. Journal of Experimental Medicine 57(2): 181-201

A correlation between the sedimentation coefficient of deoxyribonucleic acid and its paper chromatographic migration. Arch Biochem And Biophys 94(3): 417-423

A correlation of clinical and hemodynamic studies in patients with hypothyroidism. Journal of Clinical Investigation 37(4): 502-510

A correlation of oak d hybridization and glacial geology on cape cod massachusetts. Asb Bulletin: 24

A Correlation Of The Effects Of Cervical Cordotomy, Hypothermia And Catecholamines On Carbon Tetrachloride-Induced Hepatic Necrosis. Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics 147: 103-111

A correlation of thyroxine-like activity and chemical structure. Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics 62(2): 305-317

A correlation table as an aid for identifying pelagic fish eggs in plankton samples. Jour Conseil Perm Internatl Explor Mer 27(1): 100-108

A correlative inst electron microscopic and chemical study of lipids in storage diseases title. Pathologia Europaea: 492

A correlative study by electron and light microscopy of the development of type 5 adenovirus. I. Electron microscopy. Journal of Experimental Medicine 112: 373-382

A correlative study of the cholinesterase activity of brain and blood. Dissertation Absts: 136-137

A correlative study of the content of thyroid stimulating hormone and cell morphology of the human adeno-hypophysis. Amer J Clin Pathol 41(6): 576-588

A cortico-bulbo-reticular pathway from area 4-s. Journal of Neurophysiology 9: 127-132

A corynebacterial agent which protects ruminant erythrocytes against staphylococcal beta toxin. Australian Journal of Experimental Biology and Medical Science 32(3): 361-368

A cotton pellet granuloma assay for locally administered anti-inflammatory drugs: 9 halo, 21 desoxy-corticoids. Endocrinology 60(1): 153-160

A cotton pest new to northeastern Brazil. O Campo [Rio De Janeiro] 1(9): 12-13

A count of elk activities on a feeding tract in the Barguzinsk Preserve. Tr Barguzinsk Gos Zapovednika 4: 227-228

A country wide experiment on soil mixture for Cyclamen. Mededel Directeur Tuinbouw 17(7): 468-477

A county check-list of Florida ferns and fern allies,. Amer Fern Jour: 46-54

A County Health Department's Experience With A Radium Management Program. Public Health Reports 80: 545-550

A county-wide screening program for the control of malaria. Jour Tennessee Acad Sci 4(3): 78-82

A couple of Lithocolletis species on apple trees. Deut Entomol Z3: 279-287

A course in biology for the senior high schools in Egypt. Dissertation Absts: 4599-4600

A course in psychology and sociology for medical students. Lancet 2(7512): 411-413

A crab muscle receptor without impulses title. Journal Of Physiology (cambridge): 53

A cranium of Pliohippus fossulatus from the Clarendon Lower Pliocene fauna of Texas. Jour Paleontol 13(3): 349-353

A creeper foraging head downward. Condor 37(1): 39

A creeper foraging on palm trees. Condor 46(1): 34

A crinoidal marking in the Dundas Formation at Toronto. Jour Paleontol 15(1): 89

A criterion for chronicity in schizophrenia. Psychiatric Quarterly 31(3): 454-457

A Criterion Of Hemorrhagic Diathesis In Experimental Scurvy. Journal of Experimental Medicine 53(2): 289-297

A critical analysis of calcium kinetics in neopl metastatic cancer human neopl breast cancer neopl bone cancer. Nuclear Medizin: 273-284

A critical analysis of the early gravid and pre-menstrual phenomena in the uterus of Elephantulus, Macaca and the human female. S African Jour Med Sci 7(2/3): 134-143

A critical appraisal of some aspects of the concept of optimal design in biology. Biometrics: 626

A critical appraisal of the newer amebicides and the results of treatment of amebiasis with di-iodo-hydroxyquinoline. Amer Jour Digest Dis 6(1): 27-32

A critical appraisal of the present position of leprosy. Internatl Rev Trop Med: 2

A critical clinical analysis of acute pancreatitis. Archives of Surgery 86: 1032-1038

A critical complex theory of biosynthesis. Proc Utah Acad Sci Arts And Letters: 92

A critical discussion by the Commission of the Ail-Union Botanical Society of the textbook Botany by M V Kultiasov Referat Zhur, Biol, 1956, No 7 1430. Bot Zhur: 778-781

A critical evaluation of homologous artificial insemination. Internatl Jour Fertility 4(1): 38-41

A critical evaluation of the Italian distribution of the rare macrolichen Usnea longissima Ach. Plant Biosystems - An International Journal Dealing with all Aspects of Plant Biology 143(1): 14-19

A critical evaluation of the ubiquitin-proteasome system in Parkinson's disease. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1792(7): 664-675

A critical evaluation of the hypotensive action of hydrallazine, hexamethonium tetraethylammonium and Dibenzyline salts in human and experimental hypertension. Circulation: 188-198

A critical evaluation of the selective tritiation method of determining C-terminal amino acids and its application to luteinizing hormone. Biochemistry 7(4): 1291-1296

A critical examination of modern bating theories. Jour Intern Soc Leather Trades Chem 25: 35-42

A critical examination of the Vittarieae with a view to their systematic comparison. Trans Roy Soc Edinburgh 55(1): 173-217, 1926- ( )

A critical examination of the bacteriological characteristics of Bact pyosepticum viscosum equi. Centralbl Bakt 1 Abt Orig4: 227-245

A critical examination of the value of supervoltage rotation therapy. Brit Jour Radiol 35(410): 104-114

A critical review of articles by Liutkevcha on phyllopods in connection with his work Stratigraphy of the Upper Permian of the Kama district Pre-Urals See also abstracts 3288, 3289, 3291, and 3292. Izvestiia Akad Nauk Sssr Ser Geol: 148-152

A critical review of clinical cephalometric radiography. Amer Jour Orthodont 40(1): 1-26

A Critical Review of Gastroscopy. Bulletin of the New York Academy of Medicine 20(3): 179-189

A critical review of methods for the evaluation of antiseptics. Arch Path 26(1): 320-326

A critical review of methods of transferrin assay. Acta Pharm Jugoslavica 14(1-2): 31-35

A critical review of range survey methods and their application to deer range management. California Fish And Game 34(4): 189-207

A critical review of research on the conceptual thinking of schizophrenics. Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease 132: 118-126

A critical review of the literature of 1952 on sewage, waste treatment, and water pollution. Sewage And Indust Wastes 25(6): 633-683

A critical review of the phos-phatase test. Internat Assoc Milk Dealers Assoc Bull 33: 1-24

A critical review of the recent literature on the dust atopen and on vitamin C in relation to hypersensitiveness. Jour Allergy: 72-94

A critical review of therapeutic trials on paludrine carried out in India during 1946. Indian Jour Malariol 1(3): 347-359

A critical revision of Middle and South European species of the cyprinid genus Barbus. Akad Wiss Wien Mat Naturw Kl Sitzungsber 1 Abt 135(5/6): 167-202

A critical species of Draba from the cycle D alpina. Trudy Botanicheskogo Muze Akademii Nauk Sssr : 3-228

A critical study of Bangs micromethod for the determination of blood lipoids. Skand Arch Physiol6: 267-315

A critical study of Kurloff body in guinea pigs. Indian Jour Med Res 43(2): 201-215

A critical study of certain epappose genera of the Heliantheae-Ver-besininae of the natural family Compositae. Ann Missouri Bot Gard 22(1): 51-152

A critical study of some commonly used methods of preparing desoxyribonucleate. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 13(3): 374-380

A critical study of sphincterotomy. Strasbourg Med 13(10): 794-801

A critical study of technique for measuring granulation in wheat meal. Jour Agric Res 58(5): 329-341

A critical study of the endocrinologic value of vaginal cytologic diagnosis. Presse Med: 771-772

A critical study of the evidence for the presence of an isomer of d-glucose in blood. Amer Jour Physiol 76(1): 59-68

A critical study of the species of the genus Stipa in Chile. Gayana Inst Cent Biol Univ Concepcion Bot 13: 123-127

A critical study of the taxonomy of the Achlya spinosa, A stellata, A cornuta complex. Trans Brit Mycol Soc: 479-488

A critical study of tuberculosis of the spine in children. Jour Bone And Joint Surg 22: 875

A critical study on the Sarcophagidae from the Jassy region 7,. Fragmenta Faunistica [Poland] 9(11): 123-134

A critical summation of results on vegetative hybrids, in relation to attempts to solve the problem of the vegetative hybrid of Lilas, vard Pres Poincare + Dame Blanche. Acta Soc Bot Poloniae: 47-86

A critical temperature for lengthening of the vestigial wings of Drosophila melanogaster with sexually dimorphic effects. Jour Exp Zool 56(3): 363-368

A Critical View of Nurses and Nursing Programs. American Journal of Public Health and the Nation's Health 29(4): 318-320

A criticism of Reads basal metabolism measurements in cases of central limitations on the increased use of oxygen. Med Klinik 35: 905-909

A criticism of drug therapy in psychiatry. Archives of General Psychiatry 4: 131-136

A criticism of techniques for serologic diagnosis. Virus [Kyoto Univ] 2(3): 149-154

A Critique of Benard's So-called Laws of the First-Born and of Alternation. Canadian Medical Association Journal 16(6): 656-661

A critique of Morphological integration. Evolution: 130-132

A critique of P E Medehls clinical versus statistical prediction. Behavioral Sci: 224-230

A Critique of Gastroscopy. British Medical Journal 2(4382): 849-851

A critique of our progress toward understanding the biology of the mammalian ovary. Diamond, Milton (edited By)ectives In Reproduction And Sexual Behavior. Symposium. X: Bloomington, Ind., U.s.a.; London, England. 187-205

A critique of school health services; from a pediatrician's viewpoint. American Journal of Public Health and the Nation's Health 44(9): 1191-1194

A critique of some physicochemical methods for estimating the age of market eggs. Poultry Sci: 924

A critique of the genetotrophic theory of the etiology of alcoholism. Quarterly Journal of Studies on Alcohol 14(2): 228-237

A critique of the group therapy literature. Acta Psychotherapeutica et Psychosomatica 10: 62-73

A critique of the scale method for determining the age of the alewife, Alosa pseudoharengus. Trans Amer Fish Soc 92(4): 409-413

A Critique Of The Serial Dilution Method For Quantitative Determination Of Bacteriophage. Science 75(1949): 494-495

A cropworm, Capillaria contorta, the cause of death in turkeys. Proc Helminthol Soc Washington 15(2): 80

A cross-cultural study of drinking V Detailed definitions and data. Quart J Stud Alc. 3: 78-111

A cross-matching test using activated papain. American Journal of Clinical Pathology 27(6): 707-713

A crossed reflex obtained by a single stimulation in an undecerebrated but morphinized frog. Compt Rend Soc Biol 97(21): 227-229

A crown rot of young apple trees apparently new to this section. Mountaineer Grower 15(151): 11-13

A crucial period. Rybovodstvo I Rybolovstvo 6: 26-27

A crustacean from the Tesnus formation of Texas. Jour Paleontol 29(5): 852-856

A crvoglobulin of high sedimentation rate from human serum. Arch Biochem And Biophys 53(2): 491-500

A cryogenic probe for intravitreal surgery. A preliminary report. American Journal of Ophthalmology 60(5): 916-918

A cryogenically pumped all-metal field ion microscope. J Sci Instrum 44(2): 167-168

A cryptogamic disease of tomatoes. Rev Path Veg Et Ent Agric 13(1): 70-71

A crystalline antirachitic substance. Proc Roy Soc [london] B 108(757): 340-359

A crystalline body found in the rod inner segment of the frog's eye. Journal of Biophysical and Biochemical Cytology 6: 517-518

A crystalline enzyme from the mold Trichoderma koningi. Bull Fac Agric Univ Miyazaki 2(1/2): 79-81

A crystalline macroglobulin from human serum. Journal of Biological Chemistry 222(1): 31-37

A crystalline polypeptide from the seed of Crambe abyssinica. Phytochemetry 4(3): 467-473

A crystalline, active oxidation product of or-chymotrypsin. Jour Biol Chem 189(2): 671-682

A culicine mosquito survey of the upper Limpopo River valley. Jour Ent Soc So Africa 18(2): 238-246

A cultist drug-addiction in an Indian alcoholic. Bull Meninger Clinic 5: 40-46

A cultura do cafeeiro a sombra. Rev Soc Rur Brasil6: 22-23

A cultura do girassol no Uruquai e na Argentina. Rev Agric [Piracicaba] 22(7/8): 189-194

A culture chamber for tropical rain forest plants. American Fern Journal: 97-102

A Culture Medium For Free-Living Flagellates. Science 65(1680): 261-261

A culture medium for the rapid growth of Pasteurella tularensis. Amer Jour Clin Path 3(5): 379-380

A cumacean new to South Australia. Rec S Australian Mus 4(4): 549-550

A Cumulative Register Of Psychiatric Services In A Community. American Journal of Public Health and the Nation's Health 53: 1269-1277

A cured case of pulmonal gangrene after the application of a photosensitizing dye. Med Res Photosensit Dyes :

A curing effect of chloramphenicol on bacteria infected with bacteriophage. Virology 12: 68-80

A curious aberrant nest of the edible-nest swift Collocalia brevirostris unicolor. Spolia Zeylanica 28(1): 107-108

A Curious Abnormal Human Brain. Journal of Anatomy 69(Pt 4): 526-527

A curious anomaly in a larva of Culex nigripalpus. Rev Brazil Biol 1(3): 343-344

A curious case of broncho-stenosis resulting from melioidosis. Geneesk Tijdschr Nederland Indie 79(14): 877-884

A curious example of natural layering in maple. Turtox News 37(2): 68

A curious habit common to Lorisoids and Platyrrhine monkeys. Ceylon Jour Sci Sect B Zool And Geol Spolia Zeylanica: 65

A curious history of a bacillus isolated from a case of axillary abcess. Antiseptic [madras] 39(7): 445-451

A Current Concept Of The Regulation Of Blood Volume. British Heart Journal 23(1): 66-74

A current regulator for electrical skin stimulation. Zhur Vysshei Nerv Deiatel Nosti Im I P Pavlova : 674-677

A curved modification of the Iowa trumpet. Obstetrics and Gynecology 31(5): 736-738

A cutaneous disorder of connective tissue in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Neurology 10(8): 717-724

A cycle of development in the potato beetle. Bol Patol Veg Y Ent Agric 12: 9-30

A cycle of morphine addiction Biological and psychological studies I Biological investigations, by Edwin G Williams, and Fred W Oberst II Psychological investigations, by Ralph R Brown. Publ Health Repts2: 1-26, 37-53

A cycle of swelling and contraction of mitochondria initiated by electron transport following l palmitoyl carnitine. Acta Biologica Et Medica Germanica: 433-446

A cyclopia completa and arhinencephalia completa with umbilical hernia in a full term child. Arch Ophthalmol 33(3): 217-223

A cylinder-plate assay for chloromycetin in body fluids and tissue extracts. Journal of Laboratory and Clinical Medicine 36(1): 154-157

A cylindrical core suggesting rotational symmetry in the particle of SV40 loncogenic Simian virus-40. J Cell Biol: 34a

A cynodont from the Triassic of Brazil. Centralbl Mineral Geol Palaontol Abt B (4): 251-270

A cyto embryological study of apple d trees. Sad Respub Mizhvidom Nauk Temat Zb: 34

A cyto embryological study of cytoplasmic male sterility in onions m. Trudy Po Prikladnoi Botanike Genetike I Selektsii: 163-176

A cyto taxonomic study of a natural hybrid between agropyron cristatum m and agropyron subsecundum m. Madrono: 277-281

A cyto taxonomic study of viscum d on taiwan. Taiwania: 13-117

A Cytochemical Study of the Feulgen Nucleal Reaction. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 34(3): 75-80

A cyto-logical analysis of self-sterility in Tradescantia. Bot Gaz 95(4): 609-621

A Cytological and Microchemical Study of Thiobacillus thiooxidans. Journal of Bacteriology 46(5): 451-461

A cyto-pathologic study of potentially carcinogenic properties of air pollutants. Acta Cytol 5(5): 311-319

A cytophotometric study of chromosome pairing. Chromosoma 8(4): 380-395

A cytochemical analysis of the lactic dehydrogenase-diphosphopyridine nucleotide-diaphorase system in the epididymis of the mouse. Journal of Histochemistry and Cytochemistry 9: 221-233

A cytochemical examination of the spermatozoon of the domestic fowl. Research in Veterinary Science 7(2): 121-127

A Cytochemical Study Of Dpnh Diaphorase Activity In Exfoliated Cancerous And Noncancerous Cells In Man. Acta Cytologica 7: 320-326

A cytochemical study of Entamoeba nuttalli. Bull Calcutta Sch Trop Med: 76

A cytochemical study of gonophore and oocyte development in Pennaria tiarella. Acta Embryol Morphol Exp 7(2): 167-179

A cytochemical study of hemipteran spermatogenesis. J Morph 99(2): 271-328

A cytochemical study of nucleic acids in plant cells V Nucleic acids of Feulgen negative plants. Cytologia4: 359-371

A cytochemical study of the maturation process of the forming cotton embryonic sac. Izvest Akad Nauk Turkmensk Ssr Ser Biol Nauk 3: 27-34

A cytochemical study of the succinic dehydrogenase activity in the mitochondria of resting and stimulated neurons of the spinal ganglia. Arkh Anat Gistol I Embriol 40(5): 39-46

A cytochemical study on nuclei isolated from human neopl gastric cancer. Journal Of Nara Medical Association: 113-126

A cytoembryological study of the effect of foreign pollen on Zea mays fertilization 2. Tr Inst Genet Akad Nauk Sssr: 6-219

A cytogenetic approach to the Y-linked histocompatibility antigen of mice. Ann New York Acad Sci 101(1): 12-22

A cytogenetic study involving interspecific hybrids between red clover and several related species. Dissert Absts: 3600-3601

A cytogenetic study of certain broad-leaved races of Oenothera. Indiana Univ Publ Sci Ser 16: 82-159

A cytogenetical study of New Zealand form of Solanum nigrum L, S nodiflorum Jacq and S gracile Otto. Trans Roy Soc New Zealand: 379-385

A cytogenetlc and descriptive study of the trispecific iris hybrid Stolorine, Werckmeister. Caryologia: 291-303

A cytological and histochemical study of the carotid body of the cat. Anatomical Record 129(4): 433-455

A cytological investigation of a tetraploid Rhoeo discolor. Amer Jour Bot 35(3): 141-150

A cytological note on Heliotropium angiospermum Murray. Southwestern Nat: 100

A cytological study of Cocos nucifera Linnaeus. Philippine Jour Sci 37(4): 417-437

A cytological study of Oryza sativa L. Cytologia 2(1): 1-26

A cytological study of Puccinia glumarum on Bromus marginatus and Triti-cum vulgare. Jour Agric Res 36(6): 487-513

A cytological study of Tulasnella. Bot Gaz 94(1): 86-105

A cytological study of black gramagrass, Bouteloua eriopoda. Amer Jour Bot 47(9): 786-793

A cytological study of colchicine-induced nodal tumors in Tradescantia. Cancer Research 13(9): 646-650

A Cytological Study Of Normal And Radiation-Resistant Escherichia Coli. Canadian Journal of Microbiology 11: 271-278

A cytological study of parthenogentically activated eggs of Rana pipiens. Tex J Sci 19(1): 41-56

A cytological study of spermatogenesis in the epithelium of the testicles of irradiated mice treated by autotransplants of homologous bone marrow Problems of experimental and clinical roentgeno-radiology. Leningrad : 38-39

A cytological study of the anterior hypophysis of the dog with particular reference to the presence of a fourth cell type. Anatomical Record 95: 11-27

A cytological study of the first stages of development of some lethal hybrids of urodele amphibians. J EMBRYOL EXP MORPHOL 18(Part 2): 227-257

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A cytological study of the resistance of apple varieties to Gymnosporangium juniperi-virginianae. Jour Agric Res 51(7): 573-596

A Cytological Study of the Tubular Epithelium in Acute and Chronic Canine Bright's Disease with Especial Reference to the Mitochondria. American Journal of Pathology 19(6): 957-975

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A cytological survey of wild populations of Trimerotropis and Circotettix I The chromosomes of twelve species. Genetics: 537-563

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A cytophagic reaction employed in the diagnosis of Brucella infection. Jour Inject Dis 68(1): 16-19

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A cytotaxonomic study of the genus Disporum in North America. Contr Gray Herb 173: 1-40

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A cytotoxin from Blepharisma. Biological Bulletin 97(2): 145-149

A Dairy Infection With Streptococcus Epidemicus Davis. American Journal of Public Health 17(2): 139-141

A dangerous pest the pea moth. Zernobobovye Kul T: 37

A data processing system for the ballistocardiogram Use of analog-to-digital conversion and a digital computer for operation of a mathematical model based on Noordegraafs theory of the ballistocardiogram. Us Nav Sch Aviat Med Res Rep: 6-12, 1-18

A data transfer system for the digital analysis of thermoluminescent spectra. Health Physics 13(4): 412-414

A dataset for the validation of reflectance models.

A day care center in a state hospital. Amer Jour Psychiatry2: 1109-1112

A day-length sensitive, tall-mutant pea. J Hered 58(2): 78-80

A dead Clapper Rail found at Lexington, in the Valley of Virginia. Auk 46(1): 106-107

A deadly poisonous jellyfish. Australian Mus Mag 8(4): 127-131

A debatable carcinoma in situ of the neck of the uterus. Bol Acad Nac Med 132: 219-226

A decade of literature references on chelating agents in plant nutrition and closely related fields. Arthur Wallace, Editor: Ade Of Synthetic Chelating Agents In Inorganic Plant Nutrition. 151-195

A decade of progress in modern genetics historical rev bacteria virus dna molecular biology. American Biology Teacher: 721-733

A decade of research in color blindness. Psychol Newsletter N Y U 8: 128-148

A decay of ornamental cacti caused by Aspergillus alliaceus. Mycologia 29(6): 681-685

A deep-freeze method of maintaining virulent inoculum of the alfalfa wilt bacterium, Corynebacterium insidiosum. Phytopath 42: 13

A deeply-buried human skull and recent stratigraphy at the present mouth of the San Gabriel River, Seal Beach, California. Bull Southern Calif Acad Sci 64(4): 229-241

A defect in circulating mononuclear phagocytes in chronic granulomatous disease of childhood genetic disease polymorphonuclear neutrophils. Journal Of Immunology: 1093-1095

A defective cancer virus The Rous virus of fowl causes tumours only in the presence of another virus. Sci Amer: 46-52

A defective sex factor in Escherichia coli K12. G Microbiol 12(3): 175-182

A deficiency of glucose-6-phosphate dehydro-genase activity in lens from individuals with primaquine-sensitive erythrocytes. Bull Johns Hopkins Hosp 109(5): 206-216

A deformity in A tholloni. Mocambique: 44

A dehydrated medium for the preparation of type specific extracts of group A streptococci. Applied Microbiology 2(2): 117-118

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A delayed-release link. Deep Sea Res: 257-260

A deleterious interaction between a fungicide and systemic insecticides on cotton. Plant Dbs Reporter 48(4): 241-245

A delimitation of Mammea L. Acta Bot Neerland: 171-178

A delousing leg band for chickens. Vet Med 37(4): 178

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A demonstration of a cytotoxic effect in vitro following the rejection of skin grafts by the rabbit In Fourth tissue homotransplantation conference. Ann New York Acad Sci: 266-272

A demonstration of preferential inhibition of net synthesis of 23 S RNA in growing bacteria by actinomycin S. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 108(1): 158-159

A demonstration of the location of auditory organs in certain Orthoptera. Ann Ent Soc Amer 21(3): 445-448

A demonstration of the technique of pollen analysis. Univ Oklahoma Bull : 63-64

A demonstration, by electron microscopy, of plasmodesmata in the embryonic leaf cell walls of Cibotium chamissoi. Bull Torrey Bot Club 87(5): 337-341

A den of rattlesnakes in eastern Nevada. Bull Antivenin Inst America 3(3): 79-80

A dengue control program in an insular setting. Annual Progress Report Of The S E A T O (south East Asia Treaty Organization) Medical Research Laboratories:

A Density Mutant Of Encephalomyocarditis Virus. Virology 26: 466-477

A dental and facial study of triplets. Amer Jour Phys Anthropol: 8

A deoxyribonuclease of Penicillium chryso-genum HA 10. Int Congr Biochem: 304

A deoxythymidine ktaase deficient mutant of Escherichia coli II Mapping and transduction studies with phage 080. Genetics: 643-654

A deplumed pileated woodpecker. Condor 46(3): 124

A deposit of Pleistocene mammals in Olazagutia, Navarre. Bol R Soc Espanola Hist Nat 39(3/4): 155-160

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A deposit of illite in a state of alteration. An Edafol Y Fisiol Veg 14(2): 69-83

A depressant effect of methamphetamine on avoidance behavior. FED PROC 20(1 Pt 1): 395

A depressive effect produced on vegetation by magnesian irrigation waters. Compt Rend Acad Agric France 27: 36-42

A depth telerecording unit for marine biology. Jour Marine Res 14(2): 205-209

A derivative of vitamin K1. Jour Biol Chem 130(2): 791-793

A dermatological estimation of the action of soap containing sulfonated fatty alcohols. Tr Klin Kozhnykh Vener Bolez Mosk Obl Nauch Issled Klininst 4: 104-106

A description and some biological studies of a new alcyonarian species Clavularia hamra Gohar. Fouad I Univ Publ Marine Biol Sta Ghardaqa [Red Sea] 6: 1-33

A description and working recommendation for using a inst modified galvanic cell oxygen electrode letter. Biotechnology & Bioengineering: 693-697

A description of Burnupia sp cf caffra from Ethiopia. Ann And Mag Nat Hist: 377-382

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A description of certain MIX Crosses. Ann Rept East Mailing Res Sta [England] 1953: 86

A description of leprosy Its etiology, pathology, diagnosis and treatment for health officers and others concerned in antileprosy work. A Description Of Leprosy Its Etiology, Pathology, Diagnosis And Treatment For Health Officers And Others Concerned In Antileprosy Work: 14 Pl., 4 Fig

A description of rho; A non-H-2 isoantigen in RFM mice. Transplantation 5(2): 290-299

A description of the eggs of the coral snake Micrurus f fulvius. Copeia: 258

A description of the fungi of the genus Trichoderma found in the meadow-bog soils of the Uzbek SSR Problems of biology and local medicine. A description of the fungi of the genus Trichoderma found in the meadow-bog soils of the Uzbek SSR Problems of biology and local medicine Kh K kharakteristike gribov roda Tricho-derma Pers lugovo-bolotnykh pochv Uz SSR Voprosy biologii i kraevoi meditsiny Problems of biology and local medicine 131-136

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