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Behavior of cytoplasmic membranous structures in spermatogenesis of the grasshopper, Atractomorpha bedeli Bolivar

, : Behavior of cytoplasmic membranous structures in spermatogenesis of the grasshopper, Atractomorpha bedeli Bolivar. Cytologia 32(1): 72-86

Formation of the stack of cisternal endoplasmic reticulum and the tubular endoplasmic reticulum (ER) were studied in successive stages of meiotic divisions in A. bedeli. Only a few stacks of cisternal ER or tubular ER are seen in the cytoplasm of gonial cells. The cytoplasm in cells at diplotene and diakinesis stages is, however, filled with agranular tubular ER. Some cells in early meiotic prophase (Leptotene stage) show agglomeration of vesicles in the vicinity of Golgi bodies or between Golgi bodies. In this region, near the Golgi body or between Golgi bodies, a developing stack of granular ER cisternae is seen in cells in the pachytene stage. The elements in the ER stack are continuous with the Golgi vesicles. The Golgi vesicles furthest outside the Golgi cisternae are oblong and semi-granular, suggesting that they are half-formed ER cisternae. At these stages, tubular ER is also present, but is limited to the vicinity of the Golgi body. Continuation of tubular ER with the Golgi vesicles is often observed. These observations suggest that the stack of cisternal ER and tubular ER are formed by fusion of Golgi vesicles. The stack of cisternal ER afterwards moves in the cytoplasm to a place apart from the Golgi region and becomes attached to the nuclear envelope.


DOI: 10.1508/cytologia.32.72

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