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Biochemical changes in extracorporeal circulation

, : Biochemical changes in extracorporeal circulation. Sbornik Ved Praci 2(5): 747-765

Changes in oxygen supply inthe tissues during extracorporeal circulation were studied in 37 dogs. Duration of the perfusion 30 min. In the basic series the authors applied minute volume of 50 ml/kg/min. During the experiment reduction of oxygen in the tissues, increase in the arteriovenous difference in bloodoxygen, decrease in the alkali reserve and reduction of pH can be observed. In the authors' opinion acidosis is based on the increase in anions which comes about in anaerobic oxydation of carbohydrates due to insufficient supply of oxygen to the tissues. In the course of extra-corporeal circulation centralization of the circulation occurs which deteriorates the condition. Infusion of noradrenalin has a favourable influence on the return of venous blood by regulating the pressure conditions. It does not, however, influence favourably the composition of body fluids; on the contrary, by deepening the centralization of the circulation it makes the oxygen supply to the periphery still worse and reduces thus the percentage of survival in the experimental animals. An increase in the minute volume to 70 ml/min/kg and a blockade by ganglio-plegics (Pendiomid) improves essentially the oxygen supply to the tissues, reduces acidosis as well as the other manifestations of anaerobic metabolism of carbohydrates bringing about acidosis, and increases essentially the percentage of survival in the experimental animals. The question of principle of acidosis occurring in the course of extracorporeal circulation is discussed as well as the action of noradrenalin and the effect of increased minute volume with a simultaneous block by ganglio-plegics.


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