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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 24262

Chapter 24262 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Boreal parulids of the Taiga and of the Appalachians. Sci Stud St Bonaventure Univ 20: 7-19

Boreal peatland margins as repository sites of long-term natural disturbances of balsam fir/spruce forests. Quaternary Research 71.3

Boreal plant species in the Pannonian flora and vegetation. ARCH SOC ZOOL BOT FENNICAE VANAMO" 9(Suppl ): 337-350

Bored-hole latrine equipment and construction. Philippine Jour Sci 46(4): 681-749

Borelis from Israel. Ecologae Geol Helv 59(1): 437-447

Borelis philippinensis n sp from Luzon P I. Japanese Jour Geol And Geogr4: 155-157

Borelli and the problem of reproduction. Monitore Zool Italiano 40(5): 146-148

Boreohydra simplex Westblad, a bipolar hydroid. Arkiv Zool: 351-354

Borer attack on logs of meranti tembanga. Malayan Forester 4(4): 182-186

Borer control experiments. Arborist S News 26(4): 25-30

Borer damages golden glow plants. Michigan Agric Exp Sta Quart Bull 11(3): 124-126

Borer index of some sugarcane varieties in Pernambuco. Boi Tecn Inst Agron Nordeste 4: 59-87

Borers of sal poles and their control. Indian Forest Rec Ent 8(4): 17-34

Boreus hyemalis new to Norway, and recent records of Norwegian Mecoptera. Norsk Entomol Tidsskr 13(1/2): 17-18

Boreus lokayi Klp in Czechoslovakia. Ent Listy: 96

Boric acid accumulation in brain after repeated injection. Fed Proc 21(2): 451

Boric acid, an inhibitor of gametic copulation in Allomyces. Experientia 10(12): 498-499

Boric acid as a preservative of milk samples for routine bacteriological examination. Vet Jour 88(7): 284-287

Boric acid as a stomach poison for the German cockroach. Jour Econ Ent 38(3): 407

Boric acid derivatives as reagents in carbohydrate chemistry IV The interaction of pnenylboronic acid with hexopyranold compounds.

Boric acid for the preservation of milk naturally infected with Brucella abortus. Jour Infect Dis 47(5): 380-383

Boric acid in the preservation of blood samples for serological investigation. Veterinariya 3: 73-74

Boric acid intoxication from medicated talcum powder. Arch Dermatol 95(1): 83-86

Boric acid intoxication in the newborn. Wiener Klin Wochensch 77(3): 46-50

Boric acid lactose broth as a medium for the detection of fecal coliform bacteria. Applied Microbiology 5(2): 80-82

Boric acid poisoning; report of a case and survey of Connecticut Hospitals. Connecticut State Medical Journal 18(9): 745-748

Boric acid precipitation technique in serologic diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis. Reumatismo 17(2): 79-86

Boric acid reaction with -keto acids, and its use in assaying acetoacetic decarboxylase. Arch Biochem Biophys 108(2): 240-243

Boric acid sprays reduce cracked stem of celery. Pre Pack Age 7(1): 29

Boric acid, an inhibitor of ascospore differentiation in Sordaria. Experientia 10(4): 183-183

Boring animals and their damages inflicted on the shells of silver-lip pearl oyster collected from the Arafura se. Bull Tokai Reg Fish Res Lab 14: 21-29

Boring holes in laboratory glassware. Chemist Analyst 33(3): 70-71

Boring of Haversian canals. Calcified Tissues Proc Europe Symp 3: 60-62

Boring of shell by caobangia spp in fresh water snails of southeast asia abstract morphology life cycle chemical secretion. American Zoologist 8(4): 797-798

Boring sponges as controlling factors in the formation and maintenance of coral reefs. Publ Amer Assoc Advan Sci 75: 25-54

Boring sponges in the Devonian of Iowa. Amer Midland Nat 13(2): 42-54

Borings in a Lenapah Lime fossil. Okla Geol Notes 24(10): 243-244

Borings through the alum shale in the neighborhood of Yxhult in Narke made in 1940. Sveriges Geol Undersokn Ser C 35(5): 1-20

Borings through the alum shales of Oland and Ostergot-land made in 1943. Sveriges Geol Undersokn Ser C 38(5): 1-22

Borings through the alum shales of Scania made in 1941-42. Sveriges Geol Undersokn Ser C (1): 1-45

Boriomyia baltica Tjeder, a hemerobiid new to Britain. Ent Monthly Mag 68(815): 83-84

Boriomyia persica Mort, rava With, and baltica n sp. Entomologisk Tidskrift Stockholm, 52: 1-12

Boris Aleksandrovich Kuznetsov. Biul Moskov Obshchestva Ispytat Prirody 61(6): 111-116

Boris Alexeievitsch Fedtschenko. Kew Bull (1): 28

Boris Mikhailovich Zhltkov as the founder and manager of the 1st USSR scientific research institute for game rearing. Tr Vses Nauchn Issled Inst Zhivotnogo Syr Ya I Pushniny 17: 5-15

Boris Sergee-vich Ilin Obituary.

Boris Stepanovich Vinogradov. Zool Zhur 39(2): 313-314

Boris Yah Padalka.

Borisiak and vertebrate paleontology. Akad Nauk Sssr Trudy Paleont Inst 20: 29-44

Borisiak as man and scientist. Akad Nauk Sssr Trudy Paleont Inst 20: 20-28

Borkenkafer aus Sud-amerika VII. Rev Ent [Rio De Janeiro] 5-(3)(2): 153-159, 329-334

Borkenkafer aus Sudamerika III.

Borkenkafer aus Sudamerika IV.

Borkenkafer aus Sudamerika IX 5 neue Chilenen.

Borkhausenia schaefferella L. Flora Og Fauna 56(1/2): 46-47

Bormangel an Weisskohl, Rotkohl, Wirsing, Rosenkohl im Gefassversuch und Freiland. Gartenbauwiss 18: 288-303

Born January 24th, 1851 Died July 20th, 1938.

Born among the ice first morphological observations on two developmental stages of the Antarctic silverfish Pleuragramma antarcticum , a key species of the Southern Ocean. Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries 19(2): 249-259

Born fifty years too soon. Annual Review of Physiology 24: 1-10

Borna disease and enzootic encephalomyelitis of sheep and cattle. Privy Council Med Res Council Spec Rept Ser 121: 7-90

Borna disease virus: a unique pathogen and its interaction with intracellular signalling pathways. Cellular Microbiology 11(6): 872-879

Bornas disease in horses, and grass tetany in cattle.

Bornas disease of horses With a 2-page bibliography.

Bornean Membracidae. Jour Fed Malay States Mus 14(3/4): 469-478

Bornean birds. Ibis 2(2): 445

Bornean rarities. Ibis 101(2): 244-245

Borneo bird notes 1966 1967 from various hands. Sarawak Museum Journal 15(30-31): 414-423

Borneo caves With special reference to Niah Great Cave. Studies in Speleology, 1: 26-32

Borneo records of Malay tapir, Tapirus indicus Desmarest a zooarchaeological and historical review. International Journal of Osteoarchaeology 19(4): 491-507

Bornerina, eine neue Gattung der Atheroididen. Anz Schddlingsk 16(1): 2

Bornholm disease in an Adelaide suburban area. Medical Journal of Australia 45(16): 517-518

Bornholm disease, pleurodynia or epidemic myalgia; an outbreak in the Transvaal associated with Coxsackie virus infection. South African Medical Journal 27(19): 397-402

Bornholm s flora.

Bornmuller and his work as a botanical explorer in Iran. Taxon: 97-99

Borodin, physician and chemist. Bull Galenica 17: 267-274

Borodinella, n gen of Chlorophyceae.

Borohydride Reduction Of L-Glutamate Decarboxylase. Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics 110: 346-349

Borohydride reduction of as -partate amino-transferase and model compounds. Arch Biochem Biophys 122(1): 224-236

Borojoa d and tocoyena d rubiaceae d in panama borojoa panamensis d new species. Phytologia 17(6): 445-449

Boron a minor plant nutrient. Northwest Sci 16(1): 19-22

Boron absorption from borated talc. Journal of the American Medical Association 157(6): 503-505

Boron analysis of plant tissue. Soil Sci 92(3): 161-165

Boron and its effect on glycolysis. Washington Agricultural Experiment Station Bulletin (707): 17-18

Boron and manganese effects on cotton d gossypium hirsutum d yield lint quality and earliness of harvest. Agronomy Journal 60(5): 488-493

Boron and molybdenum in Latvian soils. Pochvovedeniie [Transl] (9): 941-947

Boron and myo-inositol in pollen pectin biosynthesis. H F Linskens, Editor Pollen Physiology and Fertilization A Symposium, 1963 128-136

Boron and nucleic acid metabolism Trace elements and natural soil radioactivity. Boron and nucleic acid metabolism Trace elements and natural soil radioactivity Bor i nukleinovyi obmen In: Mikroelementy i estestvennaya radioaktivnost' pochv Trace elements and natural soil radioactivity 101-109

Boron and other elements in sugar beet culture Their influence on tonnage, sugar content, and blackroot control.

Boron and plant life VI Developments in agriculture and horticulture, 1943-1946.

Boron and plant life III Developments in agriculture and horticulture, 1937-38. Fertiliser : 118-119, 121

Boron and Sugar Translocation in Plants. Science 132(3431): 898-899

Boron as a plant nutrien A bibliography of literature published and reviewed, January 1939 through December 1939.

Boron as a plant nutrient A bibliography of literature published and reviewed January 1940 through December 1940.

Boron as a toxic constituent of arid soils. Proc And Papers First Internal Cong Soil Sci Washington D C 3: 688-689, 1927( )

Boron carbide whiskers produced by vapor deposition. NASA TECH BRIEF 65(10261): n p

Boron composition of Cruciferae in Tadzhikjstan. Dokl Akad Nauk Tadzh Ssr 9(11): 31-34

Boron compounds for the preservation of timber against fungi and insects. Pest Technol 2(6): 124-127

Boron content in the typical soils of Lodz voivodship. Rocz Nauk Rolniczych Ser A Roslinna 87(2): 153-181

Boron content of Sultana vines in the Mildura area. Australian Jour Agric Res 9(1): 123-128

Boron content of hickory and some other trees. Soil Sci 53(4): 309-312

Boron content of olive leaves. Proc Amer Soc Hort Sci 46: 78-80

Boron contents in the soils from different regions of Poland. Rocz Nauk Rolniczych Ser A Roslinna 82(3): 843-845

Boron deficiency and alternate bearing in avocados. Proc Florida State Hort Soc 72: 311-317

Boron deficiency and toxicity in crops grown in sphagnum peat soil. Canadian Jour Soil Sci 42(2): 302-310

Boron deficiency as a cause of iron chlorosis in oats on a sphagnum peat. Maataloustieteellinen Aikakauskirja 33(4): 267-271

Boron deficiency disease in celery. Phytoma 145: 31

Boron deficiency in apples. Agric Gaz N S Wales 57(1-2-3-4): 17-21, 75-80, 132-136, 184-188

Boron deficiency in pear and apple at Trentino. Notiz Malattie Piante 6: 24-26

Boron deficiency in pears symptoms and control measures. Agric Gaz N S Wales 57(5): 241-243

Boron deficiency in soils of Confluencia, province of Nuble, Chile, detected by means of the external symptoms of the Pais grape vinestock. Agr Tec [Chile] 26(4): 172-173

Boron deficiency in the Kober 5 BB grape. Weinberg Keller 10(1/2): 28-30

Boron deficiency in vegetables. Noticias Agric Serv Shell Para El Agricultor 3(2): 7-8

Boron deficiency investigations on apple and pear trees in northern Italy. Quaderno Ist Bot Univ Lab Crittogamico Pavia 4: 1-48

Boron deficiency of the peanut. Compt Rend Acad Agric France 41(3): 127-131

Boron deficient snapdragons noted in Pennsylvania ranges; problenm is not widespread at present. Florists Exchange 130(1): 12-33

Boron detection in tissues using the reaction. Nucleonics 12(10): 21-25

Boron determination in soils. Anal Edafol Agrobiol 22(5/6): 167-181

Boron determination in wines from different Spanish regions 49 References. An Bromatol 19(1): 11-31

Boron dificiency in white clover seedlings grown in an organic soil. New Zeal J Agr Res 9(4): 1025-1031

Boron distribution in saline lakes of the southeastern Transbaikal region Trace elements in soils, waters, and organisms of Eastern Siberia and the Far East, and their role in the life of plants, animals, and man. Ulan Ude : 114-122

Boron effects upon gamma-ray and thermal neutron irradiations in einkorn wheat, RBE of heavy particles from 10B 7 Li reaction. Seiken Ziho 14: 86-92

Boron fertilization and red clover seed production in Central Finland. Acta Agr Fennica [Suomen Maatalousteeteeleen Seuran Julkaisuja] 107: 154-160

Boron fertilization for potatoes. Landwirtschaft (23-24): 355-357

Boron fertilizer recommendations by states extracted from references cited, December 1947. Boron fertilizer recommendations by states extracted from references cited, December 32p

Boron fixation as influenced by pH, organic matter content, and other factors. Soil Sci Soc Amer Proc 11: 216-220

Boron for plums, prunes. Amer Fruit Grower 80(1): 32

Boron for preventing breakdown in beets. Canning Age 23(12): 633-635

Boron for southern crops. Crops And Soils 2(6): 15

Boron geochemistry. Ann Agron [Paris] 17(4): 367-402

Boron hydride anions. I. Nitrogen mustards. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 9(4): 581-584

Boron important to crops. Better Crops With Plant Food 37(9): 17-19

Boron in New South Wales Permian coals. Australian Jour Sci 25(6): 265-266

Boron in chernozems and gray forest soils of northern Bulgaria. Pochvovedeniie [Transl] 9: 1042-1048

Boron in food. Semaine des Hopitaux de Paris 42(47): 2852

Boron in pecan nutrition. Proc Amer Soc Hort Sci 38: 209-210

Boron in plant life A brief historical survey. Soil Sci 60(1): 41-51

Boron in plant nutrition. Arq Inst Biol Veg [Rio De Janeiro] 1(1): 3-26

Boron in plants: a biochemical role. Science 158(3802): 798-799

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Boron in some soils and running waters in the south of Romania. An Inst Cent Cercet Agr Sect Pedol 33: 111-120

Boron in the soils and irrigation waters of southern California and its relation to citrus and walnut culture. Hilgardia 3(16): 445-458

Boron in the soils, cotton, irrigation and ground waters of Golodnaya Steppe. Pochvovedeniie [Transl] (9): 979-985

Boron in western washington usa soils. Washington Agricultural Experiment Station Bulletin (707): 17

Boron increases the effectiveness of weeding. Zashchita Rast Ot Vreditelei I Boleznei 3: 31

Boron intoxication of plants. Mededel Directeur Tuinbouw 14(11): 915-919

Boron isotope composition of melt inclusions from porphyry systems of the Central Andes a reconnaissance study. Terra Nova 21(2): 111-118

Boron isotopic fractionation during incorporation of boron into MgOH2. Chinese Science Bulletin 54.17

Boron isotopic fractionation in laboratory inorganic carbonate precipitation evidence for the incorporation of BOH3 into carbonate. SCIENCE CHINA Earth Sciences 51(12): 1776-1785

Boron micro-determination in fresh plant tissue. Analvt Chem 20(2): 176-181

Boron nutrition of cauliflower in relation to brownin. Bull [New York] Cornell Univ Agric Exp Sta 778: 1-29

Boron nutrition of celery. Western Grower And Shipper 20(5): 20-21

Boron nutrition of gladiolus. Proc Florida State Hort Soc 68: 358-361

Boron removal by membrane contactors the water that purifies water. Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy 12(1): 53-61

Boron requirement of Chlorella vulgaris. Bot Gaz 119(4): 231-233

Boron requirement of buckwheat during its development. Fiziol Rast [Transl] 8(6): 553-557

Boron requirements of cotton. Soil Sci 34(4): 301-305

Boron research in agriculture. Amer Fertilizer 107(9): 7-8, 24, 26

Boron soil treatments and the development of flax diseases. Phytopath 33(12): 1113

Boron status and needs of the southern region. Plant Food Rev 7(4): 12-17

Boron status of Bihar soils. Ranchi Univ J Agr Res 1(1): 47-52

Boron status of Maryland soils as indicated by soil and plant analysis. Dissertation Absts 15(11): 1966

Boron status of arid-zone soils of western Rajasthan. Sci Cult 32(3): 150-151

Boron status of greenhouse roses. Proc Amer Soc Hort Sci 60: 439-448

Boron stimulates Clematis rooting. Florists Exchange 133(15): 43

Boron toxicity on chrysanthemums d chrysanthemum morifolium d. Plant Disease Reporter: 824

Boron uptake in mouse brain neoplasm. Radiation Research 3(1): 1-17

Boron-doped diamond anodic treatment of olive mill wastewaters: statistical analysis, kinetic modeling and biodegradability. Water Research 43(16): 3999-4009

Boron-boric acid complexes in sea-water. Deep Sea Res 8(2): 121-129

Boron-copper deficiency manifestations of the plant cell and its similarity to human neoplasias. Vitalst Zivilisationskrankheiten 10(47): 87-88

Boron-hormone sprays and dusts for early, quality tomatoes. Proc Assoc Southern Agric Workers 57: 202

Boron-iron relationships in the growth of tomato. Proc Iowa Acad Sci 40: 53-56, 1933( )

Boron-slow neutron capture therapy of gliomas. Acta Radiol 1(2): 114-121

Boron-supplying power of several South Carolina soils. Soil Sci 77(6): 427-434

Boron its importance in plant growth. Jour Chem Educ: 1235-42

Borophagus littoralis from the marine Tertiary of California. Univ California Publ Bull Dept Geol Sci 21(2): 15-24

Borrelia burgdorferi EbfC defines a newly-identified, widespread family of bacterial DNA-binding proteins. Nucleic Acids Research 37(6): 1973-1983

Borrelia burgdorferi and Babesia microti Coinfection in a 79-Year-Old Camper. Clinical Microbiology Newsletter 31(5): 37-39

Borrelia vincenti and Fusobac-terium plauti-vincenti as a venereal associated entity. Rev Med Costa Rica 29(334): 115-118

Borrelia vincentii and Bacillus fusiformis. Oral Surg Oral Med Oral Pathol 24(1): 113-123

Borrelia-like organisms in the urine of lambs suffering from eczema faclalis. Nature 212(5064): 856-857

Borrelidin, a new antibiotic with anti-borrelia activity and penicillin-enhancement properties. Arch Biochem 22(3): 476-477

Borrichia frutescens from Chesapeake Bav. Rhodora 55(650): 58-59

Borsodnadasd es Arlo kornyekenek foldtani visonvai Die geologischen Verhaltnisse der Umgebung von Borsodnadasd und Arlo.

Borsodnadasd, Arlo, Bolyok es korn-yekenek foldtani viszonyai Die geologischen Verhaitnisse von Borsodadasd, Arlo, Bolyok und Umgebung.

Borstel Research Institute, colloquium on tuberculosis in children, October 20-21, 1966. In Beit Klfn Erforsch Tuberk Lungenkr 137(1): 30-106

Bortezomib arrests the proliferation of hepatocellular carcinoma cells HepG2 and JHH6 by differentially affecting E2F1, p21 and p27 levels. Biochimie 91(3): 373-382

Borus lorentzianus Doering. Nautilus 39(3): 77-78

Borwirkungen auf Pisum sativum. Tahrb Wiss Bot 90: 731-749

Bory na Roztoczu Srodkowym. Ann Univ Mariae Curie Sklodowska Sect C Biol: 3-362,

Bos bonasus in the Belovezsky Forest. Ziva 10(1): 32-33

Bos primigenius Bojanus Oerus.

Bosartige Geschwulste des Penis. Arch Dermatol U Syph 176(4): 425-438

Bosartige Geschwulste und Arteriosklerose. Zeitschr Krebsforsch 36(2/3): 354-359

Bosartige Tumoren und Arteriosklerose Zugleich ein Beitrag zur Beziehung von Myoma uteri und Arteriosklerose.

Bosartiger Verlauf bei der Riesenzellengeschwulst des Knochens. Zeitschr Krebs Forsch 38(4): 380-393

Bosartiges Katarrhalfieber. Berliner Tierdraztl Wochenschr 48(53): 849-855

Bose Condensation and non thermal processes in living systems under millimeter (MM) radiation. Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine 28(1): 41-45

Bose institute golden jubilee symposium on structure and function of non living and living systems calcutta india january 15 17 1968. Science & Culture 34(9): 1-47

Bose und die wissenschaftliche Botanik. Biologe 1(4): 83-88

Boses plant physiological investigations in relation to modern biological knowledge.

Bose Leben und Werk. Bose: Und Werk. .

Boseimycin a new antibiotic microbiological and chemical methods of assay. Transactions of the Bose Research Institute (Calcutta) 31(4): 165-171

Bosmina remains in lake sediment as indicators of zooplankton community composition. Journal of Paleolimnology 43(1): 51-59

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Bosmina longirostris O F Muller in pond plankton and in carp intestine, illustrated by means of microphotographs.

Bosminafauna of Courland. Arch Hydrobiol 19(4): 625-650

Bosnia, the richest forest province of the Balkans. Skogen 15(21): 559-562

Bosnian Sphagnum mosses. [Extrait Du Rapport Annuel De L Universite De Zagreb ] Gospod Sumarski Fakult Sveucil Kraljev Jugoslavije U Zagrebu Spomenica Fakult Savjeta [Fac Agron Et Forest Univ Roy You Goslave Zagreb Mem Cons Fac ] 1919- : 473-479

Bosquejo Geografico de la Alimentacion en Mexico. Med Rev Mexicana 22(403): 1-11

Bosse. Tropical Woods 20: 10-14

Boston Dispensary Isolation of several peptides with relaxin activity. Science 130(3371): 338

Boston Effect of oxygen deprivation on the metabolism of fetal and adult tissues. Amer Jour Physiol 194(3): 457-464

Boston U. ] And Mildred Stratton Wilson [Arctic Health Res Center Anchorage Alaska] The Last Copepodid Instar Of Diaptomus Sanguineus Forbes [Copepoda] Jour Washington Acad Sci 41(12): 395-399

Boston fern collection finds a new home. Amer Fern J 54(4): 207-208

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Boston region. Bird Lore 31(1): 9-10

Bostrichidae 1 Notas sobre Bostry-chopsis neotropicais com descricao de uma nova especiea Bostrichidae 1 Notes on neotropical Bostrychopsis with description of a new species.

Bostrichidae 4 On the Bostrichidae in Black-welders Checklist.

Bostrichidae 5 On the geographical distribution of two species of Apate introduced into Brazil.

Bostrichidae 7 A new Xylothrips from China.

Bostrichidae 2 Dolichobostrychus vitis, synonym of Dolichobostrychus angustus.

Bostrichidae 3 A new genus and species of the subtribe Xyloperthina.

Bostrichidae collected in Italian Somaliland by the Guido Paoli Mission. Mem Soc Ent Italiana [Gen Ova] 8(1): 66-68

Bostrichobranchus digonas, a new molgulid ascidian from Florida. Jour Washington Acad Sci 41(9): 302-307

Bostrychia flagellifera post in Japan-A synoptic study. BULL RES COUNC ISRAEL SECT D BOT 10D(l/4): 101-115

Bostrychia from the Philippines. Hydrobiologia 27(3/4): 344-352

Bostrychia hamana-tokidai A synoptic study.

Bostrychia radicans in West African fresh water. Rev Algol 6(4): 270-281

Bostrychia scorpioides in tropical West Africa. Hydrobiologia 26(1/2): 301-306

Bostrychia tangatensis A synoptic study.

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Bostrychldae palearctiques le genre Scobicia Lesne.

Bot flies of the Punjab. Agric Res Inst Pusa Bull 160: 1-16

Bot fly parasitism of the red-backed vole: host survival, infection risk, and population growth. Oecologia 159(2): 283-294

Botaanical and cytological investigations of the wild Peruvian species, G raimondii, Ulbr.

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Botanic garden of the Univ of Central Asia.

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Botanic survey of Needles, California With special reference to the hay fever producing flora.

Botanica agraria, tecnologica e merceologica, ad uso degli istituti superiori e tecnici agrari, industriali e commerciali III La sistematica delle piante 1 Parte generate, by R Ciferri.

Botanica general y descriptiva. Botanica general y descriptiva xx + 546p 43 pl

Botanica gothoburgensia iv aspects of the marine algal vegetation of north norway streblonema tuberculi new species porterinema marina new species acrochaetium sertulariae new species entonema polycladum new combination philoeospora curta new combination stictyosiphon lofotensis new combination book. Botanica Gothoburgensia Iv Aspects Of The Marine Algal Vegetation Of North Norway Streblonema-Tuberculi New Species Porterinema-Marina New Species Acrochaetium-Sertulariae New Species Entonema-Polycladum New Combination Philoeospora-Curta New Combination Stictyosiphon-Lofotensis New Combination Book

Botanica miscelanea VII.

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Botanical and agronomic survey of the upper Niger Valley.

Botanical and chemical studies on the collective species Galium mollugo L with reference to karvotypes growing in Poland VI The effect of extracts and other chemical components of Galium mollugo L on germination of seeds and growth of selected plants.

Botanical and chemical studies on the collective species Galium mollugo L with special reference to the karyotypes occurring in Poland IV A biometric and chromatographic analysis of the dlploid and tetraploid plants under uniform vegetative conditions.

Botanical and chemical study of W poposa.

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