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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 24294

Chapter 24294 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Cellulose, starch, and glycogen. Florkin and Mason, Editors Comparative Biochemistry Vol IV p 27-64

Cellulose-decomposing bacteria in the sea. D L Ray, Ed Marine Boring and Fouling Organisms p 332-341

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Cellulose-ion exchange resins for purification and fractionation of proteins I Cobalamin protein from hog gastric mucosa.

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Cellulose-splitting bacteria from human stools A preliminary report.

Cellulose-splitting bacteria isolated from human stools. Jour Bact 41(1): 78

Cellulose-splitting enzyme I Comparison of the cleavabillty of various celluloses by cellulase of Irpex lacteus.

Cellulose-splitting enzyme V Purification of Irpex cellulase and its action upon p-nitrophenyl- -cellobioside.

Cellulose-splitting enzymes VI Difference in the specificities of cellulase and B-glucosidase from Irpex lacteus.

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Cellulose New sources, new converting methods, new uses.

Cellulose/DNA hybrid nanomaterials. Biomacromolecules 10(3): 497-504

Cellulose From wood.

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Cellvolume regulation in osmotically adjusting marine animals. J Exp Mar Biol Ecol 1(2): 209-219

Celomic cycle of gregarine stictospora parasites from oryctes larvae from madagascar abstract. Journal of Protozoology 14(SUPPL): 49

Celontin in patients with refractory epilepsy. Neurology 8(3): 201-204

Celontin in the treatment of convulsive disorders. Proceedings of the Staff Meetings. Mayo Clinic 33(5): 105-108

Celosomia with cyclocephaly in the newborn F domesticus L.

Celosomian monstrosity in a goat. Indian Vet Jour 28(2): 130-131

Celosterna scabrator lamiidae coleoptera a new pest of eucalyptus d and its control. Indian Forester 94(11): 826-830

Celsia and Verbascum hybrids. Jour Roy Hort Soc 79(3): 138

Celsia, Staurophragma, Verbascum New finds from the Orient.

Celsius versus centigrade: the nomenclature of the temperature scale of science. Science 136(3512): 254-255

Celtic origins A stage in the enquiry. The Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland 78(1-2): 71-79

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Celtis spinosa Sprengel var pallida M C Johnston, new combination.

Celyphidae. Bull Brit Mus [Natur Hist] Entomol 17(5): 227-230

Cembran pine in the Austrian Alps. Wiener Allg Forst U Jagdzeitg 48(38): 227-228

Cembran pine mycorrhiza in nurseries. Centralbl Ges Fortw 80(1): 21-30

Cement based solidification/stabilization of arsenic-contaminated mine tailings. Waste Management 29(5): 1766-1771

Cement blocks, heat-stable blocks for ascospore-formation in yeast. Comptes Rendus des Travaux du Laboratoire Carlsberg. Serie Physiologique 25(7): 213-239

Cement glands and their canals in balanus tintinnabulum cirripedia balanidae. Notas Tecnicas Instituto De Pesquisas Da: 21

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Cement in the construction of a public aquarium 1st International Congress of Aquariology. BULL INST OCEANOG MONACO Vol C-1C: 27-31

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Cementoma; Report Of A Case. Oral Surgery, Oral Medicine, and Oral Pathology 18: 136-139

Cementum layering in the canine tooth of a 28-year-old captive black bear. N Y Fish Game J 13(2): 233-234

Cementum of periodontally diseased teeth from India. Journal of Dental Research 39: 385-390

Cenantocarpia. Atti Soc Nat E Mat Modena 60: 50-59

Cenapse albumino-bilirubinique et elimination renale de la bilirubine. Bull Soc Chim Biol 29: 96-99

Cenchrus and Pennisetum Fascicle morphology.

Cenchrus parviceps , a new species from southern Texas. Field And Lab 24(2): 73-74

Cendra cearana Navas 1916 sinonimo de Macrothemis griseofrons Calvert, 1909.

Cenni suUattivita di campagna.

Cenno necrologico del Prof. Achille Forti Ann R Accad Agric Torino 80: 19-22, 1937( )

Ceno-manian and Turonian of the vicinity of Unna and Werl, Westphalia. Neues Jahrb Miner Geol U Paldontol Abt B Beilageb 58: 1-49

Cenobe ou individu dasso-ciation.

Cenobiosi della scogliera di S Giuliano-Bocca-dasse, con speciale riguardo agli anfipodi. Boll Mus E Lab Zool E Anat Comp R Univ Genova: 1-15

Cenococcum graniforme als Mykorrhizabildner von Waldbaumen. Symbolae Botanicae Upsalienses 5(2): 1-19

Cenomanian Foraminifera from the Puerto Rico Trench. Deep Sea Res 11(3): 395-414

Cenomanian and Turonian at Wunstorf, west of Hanover. Jahresber Niedersdchs Geol Ver [Hannover] 21: 18-38

Cenomanian and Turonian of the Cretaceous basin of Sack, near Alfeld. Neues Jahrb Mineral Geol U Palaont Abhandl Abt B Beilage Band 55(1): 87-132

Cenomanian formation of Belgium and Bohemia. VESTNiK KRALOVSKE CESKE SPOLECNOSTI NAUK TIDA MAT PiRODOV [MEM SOC ROY SCI BOHEME CL SCI] 1927(paper 2): 1-71

Cenomanian fossils of the Tripolital Gebel. Riv Ital Paleontol Stratigr 67(3): 251-318

Cenomanian-Turonian ammonites from Trans-Pecos Texas and northeastern Chihuahua, Mexico. Jour Paleontol 37(2): 309-322

Cenoses of benthic fauna as a criterion of the extent and nature of the effect produced in bodies of water by industrial and domestic pollution Radioactive isotopes in hydrobiology and methods of sanitary hydrobiology. Cenoses of benthic fauna as a criterion of the extent and nature of the effect produced in bodies of water by industrial and domestic pollution Radioactive isotopes in hydrobiology and methods of sanitary hydrobiology Tsenozy donnoi fauny kak pokazatel' stepeni i kharaktera vliyaniya promyshlenno-bytovogo zagryazneniya na vodoemy In Radioaktivnye izotopy v gidrobiologii i metody sanitarnoi gidrobiologii Radioactive isotopes in hydrobiology and methods of sanitary hydrobiology 140-148, 19

Cenozoic biostratigraphy and Ostracoda of South Carolina. Dissert Absts 24(2): 701

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Cenozoic formations of paria detailed sections correlations paleontology and paleo ecology with the description of some species. Geos: 2-107

Cenozoic geochronology of the fossil mammals of the Western Hemisphere. Rev Mus Argentino Cienc Nat Bernardino Rivadavia" Inst Nac Invest Cienc Nat Cienc Zool 8(4): 53-67

Cenozoic History of the Bering Land Bridge: The seaway between the Pacific and Arctic basins has often been a land route between Siberia and Alaska. Science 129(3362): 1519-1528

Cenozoic mammals from the Lombard caves. Riv Ital Paleontol 64(4): 303-348

Cenozoic mollusks from the drill holes cassino and palmares do sul of the coastal plain of rio grande do sul. Iheringia Serie Geologia (2): 55-136

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Cenozoic vulcanism in Lower Caucasia. Doklady Akad Nauk Sssr 67(4): 721-724

Cenozoic aoradiobaritea occurrences in the OhÅe Eger Rift, Bohemian Massif Mineralogical and geochemical revision.

Censo de lepra. Rev Leprol Dermatol Y Sifilogr 2(3): 183

Censure reinforcement, cue conditions and the acute-chronic schizophrenia distinction. Dissert Absts 23(7): 2590

Censure sensitivity in schizophrenia. Journal of Abnormal Psychology 72(3): 294-302

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Census data for studies of genetic demography. Proceedings of the Third International Congress of Human Genetics 5-10 September, 1966 459-470

Census experiments on snakes leading an underground mode of life Problems in soil zoology. Census experiments on snakes leading an underground mode of life Problems in soil zoology Opyt ucheta zmei vedushchikh podzemnyi obraz zhizni In: Problemy pochvennoi zoologii Problems in soil zoology 43-44

Census methods and their application in the management of mule deer. Trans North Amer Wildlife Conf (8): 369-380

Census of Anatidae hibernating in the Camargue region, France Winter 1964-1965.

Census of Britains woodlands.

Census of Indian algae Scope of algological studies in India.

Census of Paleocene mammals. Amer Mus Novitates 848: 1-15

Census of a Dacinae population. Entomol Soc S Afr J 28(2): 166-178

Census of a colony of Caspian terns. Condor 45(6): 220-225

Census of a population of the red-backed salamander. Amer Midland Nat 39(2): 362-372

Census of agricultur 1960 Preliminary report, livestock No 5.

Census of agriculture Preliminary report number three Type, tenure and fragmentation of farms.

Census of brown teal on Waipu River system. Notornis 8(4): 116-117

Census of butterfly species known in the Texas District, Queensland. Victorian Nat 68(5): 85-88

Census of drug addicts in Brazil The incidence and nature of drug addiction.

Census of guillemots on Gt Saltee Island. Irish Nat Jour 9(12): 336-337

Census of lake st anne gaspesia park canada 1964 salvelinus fontinalis fisheries. Quebec Service de la Faune Rapport 4: 247-256

Census of leprosy in Cuba. Census of leprosy in Cuba (present status, June ) Censo de lepra en Cuba (estado actual, junio de ) 44p 9 fig

Census of mental hospital patients 1966 new zealand. New Zealand Department Of Health Special Report Series: 62

Census of mental hospital patients, 1961. New Zealand Dept Hlth Spec Rept 9: 1-45

Census of ring-billed and California gull. Condor 65(2): 163-164

Census of scallops in the iles de la madeleine canada in 1966 placopecten magellanicus clamys islandicus. Station de Biologie Marine Grande Riviere Quebec Rapport Annuel : 91-105, 1966

Census of the bird population at OstensiOvannet in Oslo. Sterna [Stavanger Mus] 5(1): 25-26

Census of the birds on the Island of Rouzic in April 1955. Alauda 24(1): 37-48

Census of the common clam mya arenaria of the estuary of the saint lawrence canada. Station de Biologie Marine Grande Riviere Quebec Rapport Annuel : 107-113, 1966

Census of the dermatophyte strains isolated from 1954 to 1962 in the Mycology Laboratory of the University Hospital Center of Montpellier. Arch Inst Pasteur Tunis 40(2): 101-110

Census of the distribution of British non-marine Mollusca. Jour Conchol 23(6/7): 170-244

Census of the moose in the southwest sector of quebec canada. Quebec Service de la Faune Rapport 4: 93-100

Census of the sud river montmagny and bellechasse counties quebec canada salmo salar pollution limnology. Quebec Service de la Faune Rapport 4: 101-114

Census of the varieties of sugar cane planted in Puerto Rico in the crop year of 1932. Gob Puerto Rico Dept Agric Y Comercio Estac Exp Insular Circ 98: 1-19

Census of young cod and haddock in the Barents Sea in the winter of 1962-63 Contributions to fisheries research in the Northern basin. Census of young cod and haddock in the Barents Sea in the winter of 1962-63 Contributions to fisheries research in the Northern basin [2] Rezul'taty ucheta molodi treski i pikshi v Barentsevom more zimoi 1962-63 g In: Materialy rybokhozyaistvennogo issledovaniya sovernogo basseina Contributions to fisheries research in the Northern basin [2] 22-28

Census records of turnstone for firth of thames and manukau harbor arenaria interpres. Notornis 15(4): 238-241

Census report for 1959 of the great blue heron colony on Dickinson Island, St Clair county. Jack Pine Warbler 37(3): 107

Censuses of the ipswich sparrow on sable island nova scotia canada passerculus princeps passerculus sandwichensis. Canadian Field-Naturalist 82(2): 148-150

Censusing darwins finches ecology galapagos. Noticias de Galapagos (7-8): 13-17

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Censusing pheasants by detonations. Jour Wildlife Management 8(1): 61-65

Censusing quail in early fall. Jour Wildlife Management 2(4): 169-171

Censusing southern Michigan Sandhill Cranes. Auk 72(4): 374-384

Censusing wildlife. Trans Kansas Acad Sci 50(3/4): 322-326

Cent. Inst Hematol Blood Transfus Min Health Ussr Moscow Ussr] Klinicheskoe Izuchenie Transfuzii Eritrotsitnoi Vzvesi Soderzhashchei Zhelatinu [Clinical Study Of The Transfusion Of Erythrocyte Suspension Containing Gelatin ] Probl Gematol Pereliv Krovi 9(4): 29-30

Centaur Essays on the history of medical ideas. Centaur Essays on the history of medical ideas 714p

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Centaurea trichocephala M B, eine neue Adventivpflanze Deutschlands.

Centaurea vertesensis nov spec.

Centaureaaksoyi sp nov Asteraceae Cardueae from Turkey and a contribution to the sectional taxonomy. Nordic Journal of Botany 27(1): 16-20

Centaureele romaniei Monographic.

Centaurin-like protein Cnt5 contributes to arsenic and cadmium resistance in fission yeast. Fems Yeast Research 9(2): 257-269

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Centaurlum umbellatum and the bitter substances of the Gentianaceae. Pharm Weekbl 101(28): 605-619

Centenaire de la Societe Linneenne de Normandie. Bull Soc Linn Normandie Suppl Vol , 1924( )

Centenarian. All Pets Mag 16(18): 19

Centenarina nov gen es Cassidulina vitalisi nov sp a budai alsorupeli retegekbol Centenarina and C vitalisi aus den Budaer unter Rupelischen Schichten.

Centenario de los Annales Medico-Psychologiques.

Centenary Commemoration Number. Vet Rec 57(51): 602-682

Centenary of Billroth. Kin Med [Napoli] 6(14): cdlxxiii-Cdlxxv

Centenary of Giovanni Battista Grassi Born March 27, 1854.

Centenary of Karst reforestation in Slovenia. Zentralbl Ges Forstw 75(3/5): 268-280

Centenary of Schleidens textbook of botany Have the aims of botany changed?.

Centenary of appointment of the first medical officer of health for the city of Edinburgh Commemorative oration. Scottish Mea Jour: 53-62

Centenary of four eminent world neurologists Babinskii, Bekhterev, Horsley and Sherrington.

Centenary of ivan konstantinovich tarnani 1865 1930 biography entomology. Entomol Rev (Engl Transl Entomol Obozr) 46(2): 283-284

Centenary of mendelism plant genetics. Przeglad Zoologiczny 9(3): 225-227

Centenary of psychology 1856-1956 Celebration at Washington University, St Louis. American Psychologist 11(10): 558-562

Centenary of the Melbourne Botanic Gardens. Victorian Nat 62(11): 196-198

Centenary of the birth of Billroth. Rev Espanola Med Y Cir 12(131): 263

Centenary of the birth of Louis Polio Problems in Natural History and Procedures Referat Zhur, Biol, 1959, No 28037. Centenary Of The Birth Of Louis Polio Problems In Natural History And Proceduresletiyu So Dnya Rozhdeniya In: Vopr. Istorii Estestvoznaniya I Tekhniki Problems In Natural History And Procedures. 108-120

Centenary of the discovery of the mammalian ovum. Med Life 35(2): 67-74

Centenary of the founding of the modern physiology of work and exercise by the physician Carl Speck in Dillenburg. Sitzungsber Ges Beforder Gesamt Naturwiss Marburg 63(9): 193-212, 1928 ( )

Centennial Historial Issue. Jour Amer Dental Assoc 58(6): 1-266

Centennial anniversary of Hofmeisters most famous work.

Centennial blooming of anoxygenic phototrophic bacteria in Qinghai Lake linked to solar and monsoon activities during the last 18,000 years. Quaternary Science Reviews 28.13-14

Centennial of D L Ivanovskii, founder of virology.

Centennial of Lloyd Library A century of contribution to the pharmaceutical botanical and biological sciences, 1864-1964.

Centennial of the Canadian Naturalist Homage to its founder, the Abbe Leon Provancher.

Centennial of the Nancy National School of Streams and Forests. L Alpe 13(2): 54-55

Centennial of the birth of Carl Johann Maximowicz. Trans Sapporo Nat Hist Soc: 81-107

Centennial of the departure of Darwin on the Beagle for the voyage around the world. Revista Mus De La Plata 33: 299-325

Centennial public lecture A story of Queenslands scientific achievement, 1859-1959.

Center for agricultural publication and documents literature review no 34 chemical analysis of leaves and other organs of theobroma cacao d as a means of diagnosing fertilizer requirements a critical analysis of the literature. PUDOC Centrum voor Landbouwpublikaties en Landbouwdocumentatie Literatuuroverzicht (55)

Center for human ecology, University of Illinois. Bioscience: 530-531

Center for quantitative science. Research in Fisheries (Seattle) : 1969

Center for studies on the chemistry of fermentations.

Center of applied hydrology in brazil establishment plans and program. Nature & Resources 4(2): 16-17

Center of distribution of the carp cyprinus carpio and its parasite fauna cyprinus carpio carpio. Voprosy Ikhtiologii 8(2): 342-349

Center of gravity of the human body during growth I An improved apparatus for determining the center of gravity. Amer Jour Phys Anthrop: 423-455

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Center of plant protection work in Finland A Department of Plant Pathology of the Agricultural Research Center.

Centering and choice of irradiation fields in remote radiation therapy of tumors of the urinary bladder. Med Radiol 7(11): 32-36

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Centers for the study of child behavior. Real Acad Nac Med An [Madrid 82(4): 543-552

Centers of autonomic nervous system Physiology and anatomy.

Centers of conservation of Tertiary forest relicts between the Carpathians and the Altai range. Prace Moravske Pirodovedecke Spolecnosti [Acta Soc Sci Nat Moravicae] 4(2): 18-40

Centers of origin of cultivated plants of Latin America Resources of cultivated plants.

Centers of sympathetic innervation of the organs of the thoracic and abdominal cavities and their significance in surgery. Nauchn Tr Tsentr Inst Usoversh Vrachei 112: 40-44

Centeterus alternecoloratus Cushman? Var, a pupal parasite of the graminaceous borers Chilo partellus and Chilotraea auricilia.

Centimeter-scale stream substratum heterogeneity and metabolic rates. Hydrobiologia 623(1): 53-62

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Centraal-bureau voor Schimmelcultures, Baarn List of cultures, 1936 1-113p.

Centraal-bureau voor schimmelcultures Baarn. Centraal-bureau voor schimmelcultures Baarn (Holland) 68 p

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Central Africa, a land which is being regenerated. Compt Rend Conf Pedol Mediterr 1947: 355

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Central American Pteridophyta collected by Samuel J Record, June, 1926.

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Central effects of tetanus and botulinum neurotoxins. Toxicon 54(5): 593-599

Central European spp of gen Eusterinx-Hymn, Ichn.

Central Experiment Station, Serdang Compiled from information supplied by the staff.

Central Field Assistants report.

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Central Himalayan fungi II.

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Central Marine Fisheries Research Station, Mandapam Camp, S India.

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Central neuronal mechanisms of intestinal electrical stimulation: effects on duodenum distention-responsive (DD-R) neurons in the VMH of rats. Neuroscience Letters 457(1): 27-31

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