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Clitocybe mushroom root rot of citrus trees and other woody trees in Florida

, : Clitocybe mushroom root rot of citrus trees and other woody trees in Florida. Citrus Industry 12(9): 5-9, 38-40

Mushroom root rot (C. tabescens) is reported attacking grapefruit, orange, and tangerine trees. Approximately all the 150 citrus trees thus far found infected have been on rough lemon root stock. The attacked trees range from scattered individuals to more or less grouped trees, and in some groves areas have been found where a considerable number of trees were attacked. Although new to science, this disease appears to be of long-standing occurrence in Florida citrus groves but has not hitherto been differentiated from foot rot, which it closely resembles. The root rot produced by Clitocybe tabescens resembles in many respects that caused by the well-known honey agaric or oak-root fungus (Armillaria mellea), especially in regard to habit of growth, the production of rhizomorphs, appearance of the mushroom-like fruiting bodies, and prevalence on land where oak trees have occurred. In the majority of cases, when the soil was removed from the root crown and adjacent roots for treatment, more or less of the lateral roots were found invaded by the root-rot fungus, or dead, and in most cases the tap root was also dead, even before the tops showed evidence of decline.


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