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Coccidia found in several wild animals in Kara-Kapakiya

, : Coccidia found in several wild animals in Kara-Kapakiya. Vestnik Mikrobiologii Epidemiologii I Para Sitologii [rev Microbiol Et Epidemiol Et Parasitol [saratov]] 19(1): 152-155

The coccidia occurring in the feces of hedgehogs, mice, serpents, lizards, tortoises, frogs, toads, and fish gathered in Central Asia from May 20-Aug. 20, 1937 were investigated. 9 animals out of 208 were infected. All feces were preserved in 1% K2Cr2O7 soln. The coccidia found in hedgehog (Hemiechinus albulus) closely resemble Eimeria ostertagi. Measurement of 50 oocysts showed the known coccidia of mice (Mus musculus) to vary within very narrow limits, (36. X 37.8[mu]). Those found here closely resemble Isospora laguri. Measurements of the isospore and the range in size of the coccidia are large. These coccidia may be a new sp. The author disagrees that the coccidia of small flying birds are I. lacazei and leaves the question open. Since the size of oocysts known to occur in carp (Cyprinus carpio) do not approach the size of those observed, they are considered a new sp. Up to the present, no coccidia were found in swift lizards (Eremias v. velox). The authors consider their coccidia a new sp.


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