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Comparison of the uptake and retention of carcinogen by breast and fat and skin

, : Comparison of the uptake and retention of carcinogen by breast and fat and skin. Acta Unio Internatl Contra Cancrum 19(3/4): 789-791

Localization of hydrocarbon in the breast depends upon the concentration of the compound in the mammary fat pad and is thus affected by the species and strain used. The data reported here suggest that some species 909 [1964] NEOPLASMS 11265-11275 and strain differences are due to the volume of the adipose tissue receiving the carcinogen. In fat animals, the hydrocarbon is diluted in a large volume of adipose tissue. To the extent that genetic factors affect the total amount of adipose tissue, they also affect the localization of hydrocarbon in the fat and breast. Following skin painting, hydrocarbons move directly to the target area. Although the specific mechanisms of genetic influence are obscure, preliminary experiments suggest that three or more genetic factors affect this process, with factors that retard penetration exhibiting dominance.


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