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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 24428

Chapter 24428 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Cutaneous nerves in the experimental tar cancer of mice. Boll Soc Ital Biol Sperim 5(2): 55-59

Cutaneous nerves: demonstration by indirect immunofluorescence. Journal of Investigative Dermatology 49(6): 569-574

Cutaneous neurofibroma with Wagner-Meissner corpuscles in a pigeon. Rec Med Vet Ecole D Alfort 135(6): 385-393

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Cutaneous new growths of geriatric interest. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society 2(4): 240-246

Cutaneous nodular elastoidosis and blackheads of favre and racouchot abstract human. Semaine des Hopitaux de Paris 42(32/33/34/35): 2024

Cutaneous nodular elastosis with cysts and comedons man. Japanese Journal of Dermatology 77(2): 240

Cutaneous nodules of basophile cells after tar application. Pathologica 19(426): 157-166

Cutaneous onchocerciasis in a Simulium damnosum-infested region of Uganda. Ann Trop Med And Parasitol 27(4): 489-496

Cutaneous ossification. Report of 120 cases and review of the literature. Archives of Pathology 76: 44-54

Cutaneous pain and tissue damage produced by thermal radiation. Proc Natl Biophys Conf 1: 577-592

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Cutaneous papillomas among patent fuel workers in relation to malignant disease. Jour Indust Hyg 14(7): 255-279

Cutaneous papillomata in the rat following exposure to ultra-violet light. The Lancet 215(5571): 1229-1231

Cutaneous pharmacology of the tetracyclines. Journal of Investigative Dermatology 45(4): 263-268

Cutaneous plantar reflex in cranial trauma. Ann Ital Chir 5(9): 910-924

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Cutaneous precancerous conditions in man. Natl Cancer Inst Monogr 10: 323-333

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Cutaneous primary lichenoid amyloidosis Diffuse forms Meetings of the French Society of Dermatology and Syphilography, February, March, and May, 1964.

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Cutaneous productions of the head and neck in some pheasants. Arch Zool Ital 28: 175-191

Cutaneous projection to second-order neurons of the dorsal column system. Journal of Neurophysiology 25: 337-358

Cutaneous re-epithelization Licorice and glyceretic acid used in cosmetics.

Cutaneous reaction following inoculation with dried Ascaris material. Arch Schiffs U Tropen Hyg 33(1): 46-50

Cutaneous reaction from tuberculous filtrates in various forms of human tuberculosis in adults. Compt Rend Soc Biol 99(35): 1738-1740

Cutaneous reaction in helminth infections. Beiheft Arch Schiffs U Tropen Hyg 30(1): 86-88

Cutaneous reaction in irradiated hamsters provoked with peripheral lymphocytes from cancer patients. Japanese Journal of Experimental Medicine 38(6): 401-404

Cutaneous reaction patterns to drugs. Journal of the Louisiana State Medical Society 120(6): 273-275

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Cutaneous reaction to pneumococcic filtrates. Proc Soc Exp Biol & Med 23(4): 295

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Cutaneous reaction to tuberculin in So Morocco.

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Cutaneous reactions due to the body louse. Jour Amer Med Assoc 123: 821

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Cutaneous reactions in drug allergies, particularly to chlorpromazine. Pathol Et Biol Semaine Hop 5: 337-348

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Cutaneous Reactions In Pneumonia. The Development Of Antibodies Following The Intradermal Injection Of Type-Specific Polysaccharide. Journal of Experimental Medicine 52(4): 573-585

Cutaneous Reactions In Rabbits To The Type-Specific Capsular Polysaccharides Of Pneumococcus. Journal of Experimental Medicine 54(4): 587-596

Cutaneous reactions in skin diseases. Arch Derm U Syph 151: 85-88

Cutaneous Reactions In The Diagnosis Of Undulant Fever. Journal of Clinical Investigation 13(2): 209-218

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Cutaneous reactions of persons with atopic eczema to human dander. Arch Derm And Syph 51(6): 402-404

Cutaneous reactions produced by sterile filtrate of Kochs bacillus.

Cutaneous reactions to BAL in humans. CHEM WARFARE SERV MED DIV MD [EA] MEM REPT 101 OFF PUB BD REPT PB 11444: 13p

Cutaneous reactions to animal plasma proteins in man. Jour Immunol 45(4): 261-272

Cutaneous reactions to anti coagulants human. Archives of Dermatology 98(2): 136-137

Cutaneous reactions to different diphtheric and pseudodiphtheric antigens Contribution to the study of the anti-genic structure of diphtheria and pseudodiphtheria bacilli, of the mechanism, of the histology of intradermoreactions, and of the biology of the skin in general.

Cutaneous Reactions To Flax And Linen In Five Cases Of Bronchial Asthma And Two Of Hay-Fever, With Poor Results From Specific Treatment. Canadian Medical Association Journal 17(5): 552-554

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Cutaneous Reactions To The Polysaccharides And Proteins Of Pneumococcus In Lobar Pneumonia. Journal of Experimental Medicine 50(5): 687-701

Cutaneous reactions to tuberculin antigen and to PPD in vaccinated and non vaccinated children. Rev Mex Tuberc Y Aparato Respirat 21(1/2/3): 21-27

Cutaneous reactions to tuberculin of cancer patients prognostic value abstract human hyper sensitivity chemo therapy immunotherapy endoxan anti neoplastic. Semaine des Hopitaux de Paris 43(17): 1162

Cutaneous reactions to unclassified mycobacterial antigens. A study of children in household contact with patients who excrete unclassified Mycobacteria. American Review of Respiratory Disease 86: 547-552

Cutaneous reactions wife the virus of herpes simplex. Federation Proc 6(1): 432

Cutaneous Reactions With Culture Filtrates Of The Colon Typhoid Type. Journal of Experimental Medicine 51(3): 409-423

Cutaneous reactions with histoplasmin and its value in the diagnosis of histoplasmosis and in the investigation of pulmonary calcifications. Publ Centro Invest Tisiol 13: 141-148

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Cutaneous reactivity in rheumatic and nonrheumatic disease. J Amer Med Ass 201(6): 357-361

Cutaneous reactivity of guinea pigs to gum-arabic. Jour Immunol 38(3): 237-250

Cutaneous Reactivity Of Immune And Hypersensitive Rabbits To Intradermal Injections Of Homologous Indifferent Streptococcus And Its Fractions. Journal of Experimental Medicine 62(4): 573-587

Cutaneous reactivity to tuberculin in the dog. Proc Soc Exp Biol And Med 37(3): 470-473

Cutaneous receptors in the body wall of lizards abstract tiliqua nigrolutea mechano receptor. Australian Journal of Experimental Biology & Medical Science 46(4): P-5

Cutaneous reflex changes in development and aging. Transactions of the American Neurological Association 84: 23-26

Cutaneous reinfection in pulmonary tuberculosis. American Review of Tuberculosis 53: 468-474

Cutaneous resistance to alkaline compounds. Strasbourg Med 15(8): 726-730

Cutaneous resorption of heparin metab and heparinoids investigated by inst auto radiography rat. Journal of Investigative Dermatology 51(2): 113-115

Cutaneous respiration. Med Rev Ctr Acad Rocha Lima [sao Paulo] 2(1): 1-97

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Cutaneous respiration in man. Physiological Reviews 37(3): 325-336

Cutaneous respiration in man I Factors affecting the rate of carbon dioxide elimination and oxygen absorption.

Cutaneous respiration in man II The effect of tem-perature and of relative humidity upon the rate of carbon dioxide elimination and oxygen absorption. Amer Jour Physiol: 13-19

Cutaneous respiration in man III The permeability of the skin to carbon dioxide and oxygen as affected by altering their tension in the air surrounding the skin.

Cutaneous respiration of the cat. Amer Jour Physiol 85(1): 158-167

Cutaneous responses to insects, types and mechanism of reactions. JAMA 196(3): 259-262

Cutaneous retention of infective larvae of the dog hookworm Ancylostoma cani-num, and the inflammatory reaction to skin penetration. Amer Jour Hyg 15(1): 186-205

Cutaneous revaccination with BCG in animals.

Cutaneous rickettsiosis of the type of erythema chronicum migrans of Lipschutz Corticotherapy results. Bull Soc Franc Dermatol Et Syphil: 18-21

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Cutaneous sarcoma-like lesions of the horse caused by the agent of bovine papilloma. Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine. Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine 77(2): 281-284

Cutaneous schistosomiasis with schistosoma haematobium abstract human histo pathology. Semaine Des Hopitaux De Paris: 1749

Cutaneous selectivity of ringworm, whatever be its route of entrance into the host. Compt Rend Soc Biol 95(29): 966-967

Cutaneous senescence as an anoxiate phenomenon International symposium on physiology and biochemistry of aging skin. Riv Ital Essenze E Profumi 43(1): 41

Cutaneous senescence In International symposium on physiology and biochemistry of aging skin. Riv Ital Essenze E Profumi: 41

Cutaneous Sensation. Science 78(2027): 395-399

Cutaneous sensation and space perception. Deutsche Zeitschrift Fur Nerven Heilkunde 93(4/6): 216-217

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Cutaneous sense organs of fishes II The structure of lateral-line organs in the burbot and pike.

Cutaneous sense organs of fishes IV The lateral-line organs in the perch-pike and perch , their topography, innervation, vascularization, and structure.

Cutaneous sense organs of fishes V Canal system of lateral-line organs in Mullus barbatus ponticus Essipov and Splcara smarts L. Acta Biol Cracov Ser Zool: 225-237

Cutaneous sense organs of fishes VI The structure, topography, and innervation of lateral-line organs in the burbot.

Cutaneous sense-organs in Ophiocephalus striatus Bloch. Current Sci 31(8): 337-338

Cutaneous sensibility. Annual Review of Physiology 24: 199-222

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Cutaneous Sensitivity After Prolonged Visual Deprivation. Science 144(3626): 1591-1593

Cutaneous sensitivity to pulse electrical stimuli. Dissertation Absts 18(4): 1509

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Cutaneous sensitization studies II Gross and microscopic changes in ragweed and 2-4 dinitrochlorobenzene sensitization of guinea pigs, and in poison ivy sensitization of human beings.

Cutaneous sensitization to arsaphenamine. Arch Derm And Syph 43(1): 103-110

Cutaneous sensitization to blue-green algae. Journal of Allergy 24(5): 452-457

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Cutaneous sensory fibers and sensory conduction. Arch Neurol And Psych 26(6): 1122-1144

Cutaneous sequelae following treatment of bronchial asthma with inorganic arsenic; report of two cases. Journal of the American Medical Association 148(9): 734-736

Cutaneous side effects of triparanol Preliminary data on ichthosis and loss of hair. Proc Staff Meetings Mayo Clin: 217-228

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Cutaneous Slowly Adapting Mechanoreceptors In The Cat. Science 143(3601): 53-54

Cutaneous sodium and potassium determined by reverse iontophoresis. Journal of Investigative Dermatology 23(4): 287-292

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Cutaneous strepthricosis V Pathogenicity of the microorganism of bovine streptothricosis.

Cutaneous strepto-thricosis IV Etiology, treatment, prophylaxis.

Cutaneous streptococcus I.

Cutaneous streptothricosis equine dermatophilosis in kansas usa horses dermatophilus congolensis cattle lesion exudate samples. Veterinary Medicine & Small Animal Clinician 63(11): 1055-1056

Cutaneous streptothricosis in cattle. Jour Amer Vet Med Assoc 138(3): 153-157

Cutaneous striae, purpura, high blood-pressure, amenorrhoea and obesity, of the type sometimes connected with cortical tumours of the adrenal glands, occurring in the absence of any such tumour with some remarks on the morphogenetic and hormonic effects of true hypernephromata of the adrenal cortex. Brit Jour Derm & Syph 38(1): 1-19

Cutaneous symptoms following perfusion with noradrenalin norepine-phrine 19 observations Prophylaxis and treatment.

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Cutaneous temperatures in the aged high ambient temperatures. Ateneo Parmenseppl. 8: 232-242

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Cutaneous thesaurismosis by poly vinyl pyrrolidone during a treatment for diabetes insipidus abstract human histology. Semaine des Hopitaux de Paris 42(51): 3142-3143

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Cutaneous tissue reactions to deafferentation. Izv Akad Nauk Sssr Ser Biol 5: 780-787

Cutaneous toxicity evaluation of Air Force development materials. Cutaneous toxicity evaluation of Air Force development materials 486

Cutaneous toxicity evaluation of Air Force development materials VIII.

Cutaneous toxicity evaluation of Air Force develpm materials III.

Cutaneous toxicity evaluation of air force development materials-V. Aerospace Med Div 6570th Aerospace Med Res Lab Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio Tech Documentary Rept 1-12

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Cutaneous trials with complex bacterial antigens in children with bronchial asthma beta hemolytic streptococcus staphylococcus aureus streptococcus viridinas. Pediatriya Akusherstvo i Hinekolohiya 30(3): 19-21

Cutaneous tuberculoses with few bacilli suggesting gran-ulomatosis disciformis of Miescher. Bull Soc Franc Dermatol Et Syphiligr 67(3): 427-429

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Cutaneous tumors in workers exposed to coal tar. Arch Mal Prof Med Trav Securite Soc: 467-481

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Cutaneous Ureterostomy In A Case Of Malignant Carcinoid Obstructing The Ureters. British Journal of Urology 36: 194-197

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Cutaneous varicelliform eruptions in a family, due to a collective reactogen. Rumanian Med Rev 4(1): 71-72

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Cuterebra thomonuris s nov, a warble from the pocket gopher, Thomomys talpoides.

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Cuthbert Clarke An 18th century book-farmer.

Cuthona marisalba sp n, a new nudibranch from the White Sea From;.

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Cutter or disintegrator for seeds, grains, or the like. Cutter or disintegrator for seeds, grains, or the like

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Cutting and ribbed beets A valuable kind of leaf vegetables for summer.

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