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Data on the development and distribution of larvae and fry of the flying halfbeak

, : Data on the development and distribution of larvae and fry of the flying halfbeak. Data on the development and distribution of larvae and fry of the flying halfbeak (Oxyphorhamphus micropterus Problems of ecology [5] Materialy po razvitiyu i rasprostraneniyu lichinok i mal'kov letuchego poluryla (Oxyporhamphus micropterus) In: Voprosy ekologii Problems of ecology [5] 235-236

An exceedingly large concentration of larval O. micropterus was found in April between the latitudes of 3 and 9[degree]N at a water temperature of 28-29[degree] (23-30[degree]C). In larvae and fry the lower jaw continues to elongate in proportion to size until it reaches a length of 30-35 mm; it protrudes slightly in adult O. micropterus. Length of pectoral fins increases during the entire developmental period. Larvae of O. micropterus occurring in northern and southern zones of the range are distinguished from larvae occurring in the central zone by their slower rate of development.


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