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Descriptions of Mollusca from the post-Eocene Tertiary formation of north-western India; Gastropoda and Lamelli-branchiata

, : Descriptions of Mollusca from the post-Eocene Tertiary formation of north-western India; Gastropoda and Lamelli-branchiata. Mem Geol Surv India 50(2): 351-506

Part 2. Gastropoda, Cerithiidae (Contd.). Cerithiidae: Cerithium (Gourmya) baluchistanense* (p. 352); C. (Ptychocerithium) perlamellosum* (p. 354); C. (P.) sindiense* (p. 354); C. (P.) archiaci (p. 356); C. (P.) haimei*(p. 357); C. (P.?) tricingulatum* (p. 360); C. (? Chondrocerithium) bhagothorense* (p. 361); Tympanotomus pseudodiaboli* (p. 363); T. laevis*(p. 363); Terebralia miosulcata* (p. 366); T. dimorpha*(p. 368); T. sublignitarum* (p. 368); T. mekranica* (p. 369); Pyrazus protebeninus* (p. 369); Potamides (Cerithidea) sindiensis* (p. 371); Batillaria mekranica* (p. 372). Strombidae: Rostellaria protofusus (p. 373); Rimella javana v. gedrosiana (p. 373). Cerithiopsidae: Cerithi-opsis mekr.anica* (p. 374). Turritellidae: Turritella narica* (p. 375); T. n. var. baluchistanensis* (p. 375); T. pseudobandongensis* (p. 376); T. pseudotethis* (p. 380); T. bhagothorensis* (p. 381); T. conofasciata (described) ; T. tipperi* (p. 384); crassocingulata* (p. 385); Protoma sindiense* (p. 387); P. retrodilatatum* (p. 388); P. subrenevieri* (p. 390). So-lariidae: Solarium naricum (p. 391). Calyptraeidae: Hipponyx cornucopiae v. narica*(p. 396). Naticidae: Sigaretus protoneritoides* (p. 399). Scalidae: Scala (Clathrus) gajensis*(p. 401). Turbinidae: Turbo (Olearia) protocepoides* (p. 402), Baluchistan; T. (Se-nectus) radiatus v. naricus* (p. 404); T. (Marmoro-stoma?) pseudo-undulatus* (p. 404). Arcidae: Arca submultiformis* (p. 412); A. feddeni(p. 415); A. new-toni* (p. 416); A. mekranica* (p. 417); Pectunculus gwadarensis* (p. 418); P. sindiensis (p. 419). Nuculi-dae: Nucula narica* (p. 420); N. cancellata* (p. 420). Ostreidae: Ostrea gajensis* (p. 423); O. pseudorissen-sis* (p. 424); O. protoimbricata* (p. 425). Pectinidae: Pecten (Chlamys) feddeni* (p. 433); P. prototranque-baricus* (p. 433); P. p. v. paucicostatus* (p. 433); P. (Chlamys) alexandri* (p. 435); P. nearchi* (p. 437). Carditidae: Cardita (Venericardia) pseudonodulosa (p. 438); C. rovereti* (p. 439). Lucinidae: Lucina (Denticulina) narica* (p. 440). Diplodontidae: Diplodonta incerta v. narica* (p. 441). Cardiidae: Cardium (Discors) naricum* (p. 443); C. (Nemocardium) bhagothorense*(p. 445); C. (Trachycardium) sindiense* (p. 446). Veneridae: Dosinia pseudoargus v. gedrosiana* (p. 448); D. subpenicillata* (p. 448); D. peralta* (p. 449); Cytherea (Callista) pseudo-umbonella* (p. 450); Venus (Omphaloclathrum) mekranica* (p. 454); V. papyracea v. grandis*(p. 455); V. (dementia) protopapyracea* (p. 456); Tapes (Callistotapes) pseudoliratus* (p. 457). Solenidae: Solenocurtus sindiensis* (p. 458). Scrobiculariidae: Semele mekranica* (p. 458). Corbulidae: Corbula tunicosulcata* (p. 460); C. mekranica* (p. 461).


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