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Development of the epiphysis in the chick

, : Development of the epiphysis in the chick. Monitore Zool Ital 40(11/12): 334-335

In the epiphyseal region of chicks of 82 hours' incubation the posterior diverticulum (pineal primordium) forms part of the posterior wall of the anterior one (primordium of the parietal eye). At this stage the picture presented is identical with that of the parietal organs of Gongylus at the stage which precedes the separation of the primordium of the parietal eye from that of the pineal body. In the later development (92, 106, 108, 120, 127 hrs.), 2 epithelial proliferations may be seen, associated but quite distinct, a larger anterior one at the apex of the primordium of the parietal eye and a second smaller one at the apex of the pineal primordium. The 2 proliferations eventually fuse, as observed by Bozza in some mammals and in man. The author concludes that the formative material of the chick's epiphysis is derived for the most part from the diverticulum that corresponds to the primordium of the parietal eye of reptiles.


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