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Distribution within the cells and some properties of water-soluble and lipid-bound catalase in the normal liver and in transplanted hepatoma

, : Distribution within the cells and some properties of water-soluble and lipid-bound catalase in the normal liver and in transplanted hepatoma. Vop Med Khim 12(3): 227-234

Intracellular localization of activities of the soluble (in aqueous solutions) and lipid-bound forms of catalase was studied in cells of liver and hepatoma 22a in mice. Total content of the enzyme in intracellular structures of liver decreased in the following order: mitochondria, microsomes, hyalo-plasma, nuclei, nembranes, ribosomes; in hepatoma cells: mitochondria, microsomes, nuclei, membranes, hyaloplasma and ribosomes. Both forms of catalase exhibit 3 pH - optima of activity. Sensitivity towards controlled heating and effect of temperature on the activity were studied for both forms of catalase in homogenates and intracellular structures in normal liver and in hepatoma. Increased sensitivity of lipin - bound catalase of hepatoma towards the effect of KCN was demonstrated. Preliminary data on separation of both forms of catalase from normal liver and hepatoma by means of DEAE-Sephadex A-50 are reported. Hypothesis on the existence of the isoenzymes of catalase discussed.


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