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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 24517

Chapter 24517 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Drugs which effect the structure and function of dna rev acridines phenanthridines mitomycin actinomycin. Nature (London) 219(5161): 1320-1324

Drugs which modify membrane excitability frog skeletal muscle veratrine metab procaine metab cat cns. Federation Proceedings: 132-136

Drugs which the gastroenterologist wishes developed. Amer Prof Pharmacist 16(1): 54-57, 89

Drugs with a curare-action. Pharmaceut Weekblad 86(37/38): 676-680

Drugs with anti depressive effects. Fortbildungskurse der Schweizerischen Gesellschaft fuer Psychiatrie : 77-89

Drugs with psychotropic action abstract solanaceae amanita muscaria lysergic acid di ethylamide cent stim opium human. Archiv der Pharmazie und Berichte der Deutschen Pharmazeutischen Gesellschaft 300(9): 200-201

Drugs, brain and behavior An experimental approach to experimental psychoses. Jour Neuropsychiatpl. 1: S104-S113

Drugs, doctors and directives. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society 7(2): 148-152

Drugs, hormones, and other factors influencing steroid and sterol metabolism. Rodolfo Paoletti, Editor Lipid Pharmacology (Vol 2 Medicinal chemistry) p 184-236

Drugs, mastitis and acid starters. Amer Milk Rev 12(6-54-56)

Drugs, medicines and man. Drugs, medicines and man viii+248p

Drugs, Shock Intensity, And The Cer. Psychopharmacologia 4: 148-153

Drugs Colorimetric determination of benzocaine in drugs. J Ass Offic Anal Chem: 612-615

Drugs a handbook for physicians Part 1 Sixth revised and augmented edition.

Drugs development, use and metabolism Drug promotion and patient safety.

Drugs development, use and metabolism General aspects of the metabolism of drugs and other chemicals in the environment.

Drugs development, use and metabolism How does legislation protect the public from poisoning?.

Druh Lithobius validus Mein a jeho pribuzenske vztahy k jinym druham na zaklade atypickych forem Lithobius validus Mein et ses relations vers autres especes.

Druhy pispvek k poznani moravskych pisivek. A Second Contribution to The Fauna Of Moravian Psocoptera Sbornik Klubu Prirodo Vedeckeho Brno 29: 105-119

Drum and spray drying and characteristics of precooked bean powders. Us Dep Agr Agr Res Serv [Rep] Ars : 74-41, 24-38

Drum process dry milk in ice cream. Ice Cream Rev 26(6): 14-15, 40-41

Drum seining A new development in the Puget Sound salmon fishery. Commercial Fish Rev 16(2): 1-6

Drum shock resistance and res function after glucan cardio vasc administration in the rat. RES Journal of the Reticuloendothelial Society 5(6): 578

Drumming as a means of informing in stoneflies. Z Naturforsch 20(12): 1258-1260

Drumming flight in the blue grouse and courtship characters of the Tetraonidae. Condor 48(4): 154-157

Drumming in the chimney swift. Nebraska Bird Rev 15(2): 9-11

Drumming of snipe. Avicult Mag 6(5): 123-124

Drumming of the great spotted woodpecker. British Birds 37(9): 175-176

Drumming of woodpeckers in winter. Ornithologische Mitteilungen 20(1): 27-28

Drummondia A new genus of the Rhizothyriaceae.

Drumstick nuclear appendages of eosinophilic granulocytes Abstract only. Acta Anat 46(1/2): 171-172

Drumsticks in the leucocytes of primates. Experientia 20(12): 679-679

Drunken slugs dont always die.

Drunkenness and suggestion: an experiment with intravenous alcohol. Quarterly Journal of Studies on Alcohol 23: 376-389

Drunkenness, a quantitative study of acute alcoholic intoxication. Jour Amer Med Assoc 89(18): 1508-1511

Drusen of optic nerve simulating papilledema. Journal of Neurosurgery 7(1): 70-8, Pl

Drusen of the optic disk, an irregularly dominant hereditary affection. Acta Ophthalmologica 39: 626-643

Druska Pec in Ucka A new location of the fauna of the Upper Pleistocene in Jstria. Bull Sci Cons Acad Rsf Jougoslavie Sect Asci Natur Tech Med: 65-66

Drusus carpathicus Dziedzielewicz, a species of Trichoptera, new for Polish fauna. Acta Hydrobiol 8(1): 15-16

Dry -matter distribution in the fodder-beet root. Empire Jour Exptl Agric 23(91/92): 202-205

Dry AKZh medium for the diagnosis of food poisonings caused by Cl botulinum and perfringens.

Dry Napier grass. Indian Farm Ing 3(H): 590-591

Dry Season Den Use by Pygmy Spotted Skunk Spilogale pygmaea in a Tropical Deciduous Forest of Mexico. Biotropica 41(3): 347-353

Dry T-1 bacteriophage in measurement of large doses of ionizing radiation. Radiation Research 28(2): 336-351

Dry aminocrovin as a source of parenteral protein nutrition. Probl Gematol I Perelivaniya Krovi 8(1): 34-38

Dry and powdered fish protein, autoclaved aqueous calf skin extract. Bull Calcutta Sch Trop Med 10(1): 12-13

Dry bacterial preparations for plant pest control and their application by dusting. Byul Nauchn Tekhnol Inform Po Sel Skokhoz Mikrobiol 102: 35-37

Dry bacterial prepns.

Dry bark of lemon trees. California Cultivator 94(21): 688-689

Dry basal media for rapid microbiological assay of amino acids. Journal of the American Pharmaceutical Association. American Pharmaceutical Association 40(9): 462-464

Dry bean production in New York Ext. Bull [New York] Cornell Univ Agric Expt Sta 669: 1-7

Dry blood plasma from re -convalescent patients after burns used in a complex treatment of thermic eye burns. Oftalmol Zh 21(8): 575-580

Dry blood test for typhus fever Preliminary report. Brit Med Jour7: 253-254

Dry cassava d meal and wheat m bran and wheat m flour in chicken feed. Experientiae (Vicosa) 8(4): 109-141

Dry chicken manure as a factor in the growth of chickens. Acta Agron 14(1/4): 23-45

Dry cleaning as a means of delousing garments. Soap And Sanitary Chem 19(8): 94-96

Dry cleaning slightly soiled eggs versus washing to prevent penetration of spoilage bacteria. Poultry Sci 38(4): 906-910

Dry coating of tablets. Harokeach Haivri [Sci Ed] 9(1): 40-42

Dry concentrates as complete trout foods. Progr Fish Cult 26(1): 21-24

Dry concentrates as complete trout foods for growth and egg production. Prog Fish Cult 26(4): 155-159

Dry conditioning A new process to extend the life of seeds. AGRIC GAZ N S WALES 71(12): pp 663, 668

Dry corpuscular antigens from rickettsiae Referat Zhur, Biol, 1956, No 75576.

Dry cow treatment in the control of mastitis in cattle. N Ireland Min Agr Rec Agr Res 16(1): 93

Dry culture of the mold, Aspergillus niger, should be incorporated into industry. Vinodelie Vinograd Arstvosssr 23(7): 11-13

Dry deposition and soila“air gas exchange of polychlorinated biphenyls PCBs in an industrial area.

Dry destruction method for the study of traces of elements in biological media application to the determination of lead in urine. Archives des Maladies Professionnelles de Medecine du Travail et de Securite Sociale 29(1-2): 23-28

Dry diagnostic medium. Zhurnal Mikrobiologii Epidemiologii I Immunobiologii [Moscow] (10): 36-37

Dry diagnostic tests A valuable method of laboratory investigations.

Dry diets for Chinook salmon. Progr Fish Culturist 21(2): 86-88

Dry diets for ranch-raised mink I Suitability for late growth and maintenance Michigan State Coll.

Dry dust from coconut m fiber mills a useful soil. Ceylon Coconut Quarterly 16(3/4): 85-98

Dry epidermal density. A study in normal and atopic subjects. British Journal of Dermatology 79(7): 411-415

Dry face. Naval Stores Rev 56(5-6): 7-8, 6-8

Dry farming Developmental research in the black soils of the Bellary district. Dry farming Developmental research in the black soils of the Bellary district (Madras State) 28p Illus

Dry farming tomatoes in Western Montana. Biologist 37(2/4): 91-96, 1954-

Dry fibrinogen. REV MED Y ALIMENTACIoN 6(7/8): 320-322

Dry food or canned food for dogs?. Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association 111(848): 390-390

Dry forests of the tropical and subtropical zone of South America. Bol Inst Forest Latino Amer Invest Y Capacitacion 4: 1-49

Dry grassland in the Natural Reservation Perchtoldsdorfer Heide near Vienna A sociological study.

Dry heat and mushrooms. Mykologicky Sbornik6: 88-89

Dry heat resistance of salmonellae in rendered animal by-products. Poultry Sci 43(5): 1151-1157

Dry ice as an insect anesthetic. Jour Econ Ent 49(2): 264-265

Dry ice cabinet for laboratory. Indust Equip News 11(3): 53

Dry ice refrigeration for above-knee amputations. American Journal of Surgery 113(2): 241-245

Dry ice sets off the strawberry rush. Western Grower And Shipper 22(1): 21-23, 34

Dry inoculants for alfalfa. Jour Amer Soc Agron 22(11): 916-918

Dry land birds and shore birds in the Bering Sea Ornithology. Dry land birds and shore birds in the Bering Sea Ornithology [4] Sukhoputnye ptitsy i kuliki v Beringovom more In: Ornitologiya Ornithology [4] 373-375

Dry land gardening at the Northern Great Plains Field Station, Mandan, North Dakota. U S Dept Bull 1427: 1-16

Dry layer permeability and freeze-drying rates in concentrated fluid systems. J Food Sci 33(2): 170-175

Dry leaf spot of Quercus ilex L. Atti Int Bot Univ Lab Crittogam Pavia Ser 5 14(1/3): 326-328

Dry mass accumulation under conditions of artificially decreased leaf area in cotton. Doklady Akad Nauk Uzbek Ssr 4: 50-53

Dry mass and cell area changes in Ehrlich mouse ascites carcinoma cells after complement-fixation reaction measured by interference microscopy. Cancer Research 20: 1415-1421

Dry mass of epithelial cells from the vagina of mice in the course of the estrus cycle measured by interference microscope. Acta Biochim Pol 11(2-3): 99-105

Dry mass partitioning and nitrogen uptake by Eucalyptus grandis plants in response to localized or mixed application of phosphorus. Plant and Soil 319(1-2): 175-184

Dry Mass, Lipid Content And Protein Content Of The Intact And Zona-Free Mouse Ovum. Journal of Embryology and Experimental Morphology 12: 113-121

Dry matter accumulation and moisture loss during maturation of corn grain. Agron J 57(2): 150-153

Dry matter and glucose content in fruits of Gleditschia triacanthos. Bot Zhur 43(10): 1472-1473

Dry matter and refraction of beets. Landbouwk Tijdschr (671): 796-797

Dry matter estimation of cheese, using aluminium foil. Milchwissenschaft 8(3): 93-95

Dry matter intake by calves. Mededel Inst Biol Scheidundig Onderzoek Landouwgewassen 126: 191-192

Dry matter losses and mineral leaching in bluestem standing crop and litter. Ecology 46(4): 529-532

Dry matter of swedes. I Jour Agric Sci 16(1): 51-58

Dry matter production and growth in length of overground parts of Carex humilis Leyss. Biol Plant [Praha] 1(4): 235-247

Dry matter production and light interception of crop surfaces iii actual herbage production in different years as compared with potential values grassland. Journal of the British Grassland Society 23(3): 206-215

Dry matter production and recovery of fertilizer nitrogen by rice m as affected by nitrification retarders n serve 2 chloro 6 trichloromethyl pyridine and am 2 amino 4 chloro 6 methyl pyrimidine organic soil. Plant & Soil 29(2): 327-330

Dry matter yield and evaluation of dominant associations. Helmut Lieth, Editor Die Stoffproduktion der Pflanzendecke [Net productivity of the plant cover ] International Ecological Symposium 1960 p 54-60

Dry matter, sugar, and carotene content of morphological portions of carrots through the growing and storage season. Proc Amer Soc Hort Sci 38: 267-272

Dry medium for diagnosis of food poisoning caused by Clostridium botulinum and Clostridium perfringens. Lab Delo 4: 33-36

Dry milk. Dry milk 309p

Dry milkfat as a form of storage fat in the dairy industry. Milk Plant Month 37(3): 43-57

Dry mixes for the baker Open forum. Proc Amer Soc Bakery Engineers: 6-212

Dry motley-grass cereal valleys of the Northern Aral Territory, their landscape-ecological features, and intrazonal significance in the desert zone. Byul Mosk Obshch Ispytat Prirody Otd Biol 63(3): 41-55

Dry mounting electron microscopic radioautography. Acta Histochemica et Cytochemica 1(4): 236

Dry mounting of vacuum freeze-dried sections for cellular autoradiography of drugs. FED PROC 23(2 Pt 1): 405

Dry necrosis of the mastoid A report of four cases. Archives of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery 11(4): 445-458

Dry nitragin and the method of using it. Zemledelie 6: 53-55

Dry noninfectious hemagglutinating antigens of six arboviruses of group A grown in a cell culture. Vop Virusol 12(2): 246-249

Dry nutrient agar D for culturing the organisms which cause brucellosis, tularemia, and diphtheria. Lab Delo Po Vopr Med 9(6): 31-34

Dry nutrient medium for determining the toxicity of diphtheria microbes. Laboratornoe Delo (11): 698-699

Dry nutrient medium for the diagnosis of the causative agents of gas gangrene. Zhur Mikrobiol Epidemiol I Immunobiol [transl] 31(3): 431-435

Dry or water content of chironomid larvae and its ecological significance. Zool Jahrb Abt Alg Zool U Physiol Tiere 65(2): 171-193

Dry packing lettuce the Huston way. Western Grower And Shipper 21(5): 15, 17

Dry patch tests for streptomycin sensitivity. Jour Alergy 20(6): 449-452

Dry pea d and lentil d improvements. Washington Agricultural Experiment Station Bulletin (707): 15

Dry period therapy. National Institute for Research in Dairying Report (England) :

Dry plastic composition containing urea-formaldehyde condensate, plaster of Paris, wheat flour, and veneer dust. Dry plastic composition containing urea-formaldehyde condensate, plaster of Paris, wheat flour, and veneer dust

Dry poultry can be obtained with sloping wire floor egg production system abstract. Poultry Science 47(5): 1658

Dry preparations of thrombin, fibrinogen, and thrombin-free plasma from cattle blood and their use in laboratory and clinical studies of the blood coagulation system. Baku : 330-332

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Dry rice farming in Libya. Giornale Risicoltura 21(8): 117-120

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Dry rot Some experiments in the development, treatment and eradication of dry rot in floors.

Dry Rupture Of Bacterial Spores. Journal of Bacteriology 85: 720-721

Dry salad dressing. Dry salad dressing

Dry season biology of anopheles gambiae in the sudan. Nature (London) 217(5131): 879-880

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Dry sectional corncrib floor bin and emergency grain bin. Dry sectional corncrib floor bin and emergency grain bin

Dry semisynthetic agar for cultivation of the whooping-cough bacillus. Lab Delo (10): 633-635

Dry serum for growing cell cultures I.

Dry sheath-rot of abaca caused by Marasmius and suggestions for its control. Philippine Jour Agric 12(1): 31-41

Dry shipment of freshwater mollusks. Arch Molluskenk: 145-146

Dry spell trend analysis of Isfahan Province, Iran.

Dry Stripped Replicas For The Electron Microscope. Science 97(2512): 188-188

Dry substance of blood; individual and racial Use of dry substance as an index of individual and racial constitution.

Dry sugar beet pulp as a component of concentrate mixtures for feeding dairy cows. Arh Poljoprivredne Nauke 16(53): 27-36

Dry summers blessing to vine growers grape d fungal diseases. Fruit World & Market Grower 69(2): 16

Dry thermal inactivation of trypsin and ribonuc lease. Nature 210(5039): 953

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Dry weight and caloric content of developing herring eggs. Helgolaender Wissenschaftliche Meeresuntersuchungen 18(1/2): 45-52

Dry weight and nitrogen content of Schistosoma mansoni from experimental infections. A I B S Bull 13(5): 75-76

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Dry weight-diameter relationships for jack pine seedlings. Forest Sci 12(3): 365-366

Dry whole milk the relation of lecithin to its keeping qualities. Ice Cream Trade Jour 39(11): 22

Dry wilted beets likely to rot. Sugar Beet Jour 15(1): 11-17

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Dry, Lactone-type milk for feeding infants. Pediatriya 44(3): 66-70

Dry, high resolution autoradiography. Stain Technology 37: 239-242

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Dryas babingtonia nom nov An overlooked species of the British Isles and Western Norway.

Dryas octopetala at Langesund, southeast Norway. Blyttia 21(3): 116-122

Dryas paphia valesina Udei Internat.

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Dryland cotton d nursery. Oklahoma Agricultural Experiment Station Progress Report 622:

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