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Effect of androgen, barbiturate and puromycin on the rat submaxillary serum and amylase activity

, : Effect of androgen, barbiturate and puromycin on the rat submaxillary serum and amylase activity. Acta Physiologica Latino Americana 16(2): 106-114

Carbamylcholine and pilocarpine promote an increase in the rat blood submaxillary gland amylase activity. This increase is depressed by a barbiturate. Puromycin,a protein synthesis inhibitor, does not depress this para-sympathoimmetic drug induced increase of amylase activity. Testosterone acts by decreasing this enzyme activity both in the blood serum and gland. The results suggest that parasympathomimetic stimulation promotes in the rat submaxillary gland an accumulation of blood amylase activity instead of a de novo synthesis.


PMID: 5918584

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