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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 24578

Chapter 24578 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Effects of donor and host lymphoid and myeloid tissue injections in lethally x-irradiated mice treated with rat bone marrow. Journal of the National Cancer Institute 21(2): 279-293

Effects of dopa and dopamine on the isolated rabbit-atrium treated with reserpine. Folia Pharmacol Japon 58(4): 30

Effects of dopamine and -methyl-dopamine on smooth muscle and on the cardiac pacemaker. J Pharmacol Exp Ther 156(2): 310-324

Effects of dopamine and acth on steroid single neurons in the basal hypothalamus. Experientia (Basel) 24(11): 1133-1134

Effects of Dopamine in man. Circulation Research 10: 237-243

Effects of dopamine on renal function and hemodynamics in the dog. Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics 156(1): 186-192

Effects of dopamine-related gene gene interactions on working memory component processes.

Effects of dorsal root section on choline esterase concentration in spinal cord of cats. Jour Neurophysiol 7(1): 27-36

Effects of dosage and time of administration of testosterone propionate on 7, 12-dimethylbenzanthracene mammary carcinogenesis in the rat. Z Krebsforsch 66(6): 517-522

Effects of dosage technique on prevention of methotrexate toxicity by end products of the reactions inhibited. Proc Amer Assoc Cancer Res 3(3): 213

Effects of dose and of partial body exposure on conditioning through a radiation induced humoral factor rat. Physiology & Behavior 3(6): 809-813

Effects Of Dose Dilution On Survival Of Ak Leukemia In Recipient Swiss Mice. Transplantation 1: 462-468

Effects of dose fractionation on ultraviolet survival of Escherichia coli. Photochemistry and Photobiology 7(1): 73-86

Effects Of Double Bond Configuration On Lecithin Synthesis. Journal of the American Oil Chemists' Society 42: 465-467

Effects of drainage on water properties of clay and clay loam soils. Pochvovedenie [Transl] 1961(3): 312-318

Effects of dredging operations on the hydrodynamics of an ebb tidal delta Oka Estuary, Northern Spain.

Effects of dressings with fungicides and insecticides on American cotton in the Sudan Central Rainland. Empire Jour Exptl Agric 27(106): 124-132

Effects of drinking salt water on sodium chloride tolerance and preference in japanese quail coturnix coturnix japonica. American Midland Naturalist 80(1): 28-33

Effects of drinking small quantities of sea-water An experimental study. The Lancet 242(6267): 441-444

Effects of drinking sobisminol on skeletal changes in growing white rats. Jour Pharmacol And Exp Therap 63(1): 88-92

Effects of drinking water with high iodine concentration on the intelligence of children in Tianjin, China. Journal of Public Health 31(1): 32-38

Effects of drive level and experience on the reward value of saccharine solutions. Journal of Comparative and Physiological Psychology 49(6): 553-557

Effects of drive strength and chemical block of auto- nomic impulses upon maze learning and retention. Psychol Repts 3: 91-94

Effects of drive strength on extinction and spontaneous recovery. Journal of Experimental Psychology 73(3): 419-421

Effects of drive, discrimination training and response disruption on response strength in the absence of primary reinforce-ment. Psychol Repts 12(3): 683-690

Effects Of Drive, Reinforcement Schedule, And Change Of Schedule On Performance. Journal of Experimental Psychology 69: 292-297

Effects of droperidol metab on sheep purkinje fibers. Naunyn-Schmiedebergs Archiv fuer Pharmakologie und Experimentelle Pathologie 261(2): 133-142

Effects of dropping on the subsequent hatching of teleostean ova. Jour Fish Res Bd Canada 6(3): 252-256

Effects of drought and land use on prairie nesting ducks. Trans N Amer Wildlife Conf 27: 69-79

Effects of drought on higher vertebrates in N Africa.

Effects of drought on plant growth. Natl Shade Tree Conf Proc 34: 11-22

Effects of drought on the composition of rural mosquito populations as reflected by light trap catches. Moquito News 16(4): 279-281

Effects of drought on vegetation near Miles City, Montana. Ecology 18(2): 329-336

Effects of drought, dust, and intensity of grazing on cover and yield of short -grass pastures. Ecol Monogr 14(1): 1-29

Effects of drouth in 1945-1946 in the forest district Mihaesti. Rev Padurilor [Bucharest] 62(1/3): 23-27

Effects of drouth on mesquite. J Range Manage 17(5): 275-276

Effects of drug metabolism modifiers on nicotinamide nucleotide and oxygen metabolism by hepatic microsomes. Diss Abstr 26(3): 1693

Effects of drug-induced sleep upon experimental hemolytic anemia. Tr Erevansk Med Inst (8): 53-56

Effects of drugs acting in relation to sympathetic functions on the analgesic action of morphine. Archives Internationales de Pharmacodynamie et de Therapie 160(2): 312-320

Effects of drugs against anxiety on the behavior of normal persons their action on perception efficiency humor and other personal attributes abstract meprobamate cent depress chlordiazepoxide cent depress. Cronache Farmaceutiche 10(1): 32

Effects of drugs alone, or combined with refrigeration, in protecting female mice against x-irradiation-induced sterility. Radiation Research 19: 88-103

Effects of drugs and brain lesions upon learning and memory in monkeys. Vagtborg, Harold (Edited By) Use Of Nonhuman Primates in Drug Evaluation A Symposium Xii + 640p Illus University Of Texas Press: Austin, Tex , U S A And London, England : 357-368

Effects Of Drugs And Brain Metabolism On Internal Carotid Arterial Flow. An Electromagnetic Flow Meter Study In The Monkey. American Journal of Medical Electronics 3: 169-180

Effects of drugs and hormones on the respiratory response to carbon dioxide. Handbook Physiol 1(3): 545-555

Effects of drugs and methionine sulfoximine on acetylcholine synthesis by brain slices. Fed Proc 10(1): 220

Effects of drugs and physiologic alterations on nasal salt excretion in sea gulls. Jour Pharmacol And Exptl Therap 130(4): 401-410

Effects of drugs during earliest stages of experimental schistosomiasis in mice. Amer Jour Trop Med 28(1): 157-162

Effects Of Drugs On Cx-Protein Responses In The Rabbit. Archives Internationales de Pharmacodynamie et de Therapie 148: 61-81

Effects of drugs on Plasmodium gallinaceum infections produced by decreasing concentrations of a sporozoite. Amer Jour Hyg 51(2): 194-199

Effects of drugs on acetylcholine release from the cat superior cervical ganglion by carbachol and by preganglionic stimulation. Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics 157(2): 328-336

Effects of drugs on adrenal regeneration hypertension in rats. Pharmacologist 8(2): 202

Effects of drugs on after-discharge in central lateral nucleus of cat. FED PROC 22(2 Pt 1): 392

Effects of drugs on after-discharge in thalamus, cortex and hippocampus of cat. Fed Proc 21(2): 338

Effects Of Drugs On An Approach Discrimination Under Two Deprivation Conditions. Journal of Comparative and Physiological Psychology 59: 289-292

Effects Of Drugs On Avoidance And Escape Behavior. Federation Proceedings 23: 818-835

Effects of drugs on behavior. Ann Rev Pharmacol 3: 205-222

Effects of drugs on bronchial circulation. FED PROC 20(1 Pt 1): 99

Effects of drugs on characteristics of behavior maintained by complex schedules of intermittent positive reinforcement. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 65(4): 303-317

Effects of drugs on ciliary activity of mucosa of upper respiratory tract. Arch Otolaryngol 19(1): 55-65

Effects of drugs on depolarized plain muscle. Journal of Physiology 143(3): 474-485

Effects of drugs on different measures of running performance in a straight alley. BIOCHEM PHARMACOL 12(Suppl ): 26

Effects of drugs on different types of synovial inflammation in the rabbit chloraquine phosphate anti inflam sodium salicylate anti inflam phenyl butazone anti inflam cortico steroids. Yale Journal of Biology & Medicine 41(3): 273-281

Effects of drugs on epileptiform activity in chronically isolated slabs of cerebral cortex. Pharmacologist 10(2): 161

Effects of drugs on handwriting. Journal of Forensic Sciences 10(3): 335-346

Effects of drugs on heat acclimatization by controlled hyperthermia. Journal of Applied Physiology 22(2): 301-304

Effects of drugs on human blood platelet and plasma enz amine oxidase activity in vitro and in vivo furazolidone metab isoniazid metab. Biochemical Pharmacology 17(1): 109-119

Effects of drugs on intraocular fluids.

Effects of drugs on learning and memory. International Review of Neurobiology 8: 139-196

Effects Of Drugs On Metabolism Of The Brain In Vitro. British Medical Bulletin 21: 49-56

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Effects of drugs on retention hyperlipemias In 68th Session of the German Society for Internal Medicine, 1962 Abstract only.

Effects of drugs on secondary epileptogenic lesions. Neurology 11: 651-664

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Effects of drugs on the uptake of dyes by capillaries and lymphatics. Experientia Supplementum (Basel) : 67-86

Effects Of Drugs On Uterine Contractility. Anesthesiology 26: 409-422

Effects of drugs related to -ethyltryptamine on stress-induced ACTH secretion in the dog. Endocrinology 80(5): 889-892

Effects of drugs upon the changes of serum protein fraction of 60Co irradiating male rabbit. Igaku Kenkyu 31(3): 1091-1106

Effects of drugs which depress the peripheral nervous system on the reticular activating system of the cat. British Journal of Pharmacology and ChemoTherapy 13(4): 485-492

Effects of dry and germinating wheat on feeding behavior and growth of larvae of the prairie grain wireworm, Ctenicera aeripennis destructor. Ent Exptl Et Appl 2(4): 300-303

Effects of drying and extrusion on colour, chemical composition, antioxidant activities and mitogenic response of spleen lymphocytes of sweet potatoes. Food Chemistry 117(1): 114-121

Effects of drying processes on the lipid and resin components of Podophyllum peltatum. Diss Abstr 25(11): 6550-6551

Effects of drying severity on properties of western hemlock. Forest Prod J 16(1): 39-46

Effects of duration and delay of shock on self-punitive behavior in the rat. Psychological Reports 17(1): 107-112

Effects of duration and rise time of tone bursts on evoked vertex potentials human. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 44(2): 582-591

Effects of dust upon coal trimmers. Jour Indust Hyg 10(4): 101-110

Effects of dusts on metabolic and physiological processes. South African Pneumoconiosis Review 2: 14

Effects of dwarfmistletoe on immature lodgepole pine stands in Colorado. Jour Forest 62(1): 27-32

Effects of dyes and antibiotics on fruiting myxobacteria. Indian J Microbiol 7(1/2): 73-74

Effects of ear protection on communication. Annals of Occupational Hygiene 10(4): 423-429

Effects of ear protective devices on the intelligibility of speech in noise. Jour Acoustical Soc Amer 18(2): 413-417

Effects of early adult X-irradiation upon motional display in the aged female beagle A negative finding.

Effects of early and late blindness on auditory spatial learning in the rat. Neuropsychologia 5(3): 267-274

Effects Of Early And Later Onset Of Cerebral Dysfunction Upon Psychological Test Performance. Perceptual and Motor Skills 20: Suppl:1099-100

Effects of early and prolonged experience with bitter water on its pref erableness to guinea pigs. Dissert Absts 24(2): 859-860

Effects of early auditory deprivation upon auditory and visual information processing. Perceptual and Motor Skills 23(1): 123-130

Effects of early drug treatment on adult dominance behavior in rats. Psychopharmacologia 8(4): 235-240

Effects of early earthing-up of sugarcane on the attack of the stem borer. Indian Jour Agric Sci 15(1): 1-7

Effects Of Early Environmental Complexity On The Following Response In Chicks. Perceptual and Motor Skills 18: 653-658

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Effects of early feed restriction on live performance, carcass characteristics, meat and liver composition, some blood parameters, heterophil-lymphocyte ratio, antibody production and tonic immobility duration. Tropical Animal Health and Production 41(7): 1513-1519

Effects of early handicaps on chickens as measured by yolk absorption and body weight to twenty weeks of age. Hilgardia Jour Agric Sci California Agric Exp Sta 4(1): 1-51

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Effects of early harvesting of coniferous cones on seed quality. Lesnicka Prace 10(5/6): 248-256

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Effects of early postnatal hemispherectomy in cats. FED PROC 20(1 Pt 1): 332

Effects of early season mid season and late season infestations of 2 spotted spider mites on the yield of cotton d tetranychus urticae. Journal of Economic Entomology 61(5): 1446-1447

Effects of early social experience on aggressive play in young goats. Anat Rec 138(3): 335

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Effects of early social isolation upon adult timidity and dominance in Peromyscus. Psychol Rept 13(1): 47-50

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Effects of earthworm mucus and amino acids on cadmium subcellular distribution and chemical forms in tomato seedlings. Bioresource Technology 100(17): 4041-4046

Effects of earthworms on metal uptake of heavy metals from polluted mine soils by different crop plants. Chemosphere 75(8): 1035-1041

Effects of eastradiol benzoate on gestation in rats I Influence during the 4th to the 9th day of gestation.

Effects of eating and of sham feeding upon the absorption of vitamin A palmitate in man. Jour Clin Invest 33(7): 1015-1021

Effects of ecdysone analogues on differentiation of eye antennal discs of drosophila melanogaster in culture. National Institute of Genetics (Misima) Annual Report 19: 22-23

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Effects of edrophonium and neostigmine on neuromuscular block in the cat. Acta Pharmacologica et Toxicologica 14(4): 303-311

Effects of effluent on the fish population of mill creek rochester indiana. Proceedings of the Indiana Academy of Science 78: 202

Effects Of Effort On Response Rate. Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior 8: 1-7

Effects of effortil cardio vasc depot therapy in cerebral arteriosclerosis with hypotension abstract from med klin 60 32 1280 1283 august 6 1965 human. Drug Digests (6): 15-16

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Effects of egg-yolk-citrate and egg -yolk- glycine dilutors on the morphology of bovine spermatozoa. Jour Agric Sci 55(2): 225-228

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Effects of electric current on responses of single photoreceptor units in the eve of Limulus. Fed Proc 11(1): 65-66

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