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Effects of eserine, acetylcholine and atropine on the electrocorticogram

, : Effects of eserine, acetylcholine and atropine on the electrocorticogram. Jour Neurophysiol 3(2): 131-138

The changes in the electrocorticogram in the cat and rabbit, induced by the local application of minimal amts. of 1% eserine, 1:105[long dash]1% acetylcholine (ACh) and 0.2% atropine, were recorded by one or two cathode ray oscillographs. Eserine locally reduces amplitude of slow waves. ACh alone yields effects like eserine, though weaker. ACh applied locally to eserinized cortex evokes large Es-ACh spikes, together with motor effects, indicating cortical stimulation. Atropine injected prevents above effects of eserine and ACh. Pilocarpine does not replace eserine in above effects. Eserine and ACh are believed to stimulate or facilitate synapses so that repetitive electrical impulses are initiated or accelerated across these junctions.


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