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Experimental studies on Endamoeba histolytica in the dog

, : Experimental studies on Endamoeba histolytica in the dog. Amer Jour Hyg Sect C 29(2): 89-109

Studies designed to determine whether cysts of E. histolytica formed in the intestine excyst and invade the tissues of the host without leaving the body indicated that such a process of internal infection does not normally occur, although it may be produced under extremely artificial conditions. In another series of expts. 5 of 13 dogs became infected following the ingestion of trophozoites of E. histolytica in a cyst-free medium. In at least 14 out of 22 animals trophozoites passed through the stomach in a viable condition. Trophozoites of this ameba were observed to withstand moderate conc. of HCl in vivo. Data obtained from exptl. inoculation of 16 animals with cysts of E. histolytica showed that excystation occurred both in the ileum and in the large intestine of the dog. Excystation was observed in several animals and the time required to complete the process following ingestion of the cysts ranged from 1.5 to 4.5 hours or longer. No amebae with more than 4 nuclei were observed during the period of metacystic development which in the dog must be very short. Neither an extended incubation period nor chilling is necessary for the excystation of cysts of E. histolytica, but cysts refrigerated for several weeks at about 5[degree]C remained viable.


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