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Experiments on the mosquito-transmission of Encephalitis epidemica japonica, in mice

, : Experiments on the mosquito-transmission of Encephalitis epidemica japonica, in mice. Saikingaku Zasshi 527: 33-48

Culex pipiens var. pallens and C. tritaeniorhynchus were fed on a mixture of 1/5-1/10 broth emulsion of the brain of a severely infected mouse, defibrinated rabbit blood, without any neutralizing effect, and a syrup. (i) On the 1st, 4th, 8th and 13th days of the feeding, 50 mosquitoes (about 0.15 g in wt.) were triturated and suspended in broth (1/10). A supernatant fluid of the centrifuged suspension was passed through a Seitz filter and 0.02 cc. of the filtrate was intracerebrally injected into mice; results were negative. (ii) Abdominal portions of 101 normal mice were cut away, and the mice, kept in a closed cage at body temp., were bitten by mosquitoes infected 24 hrs. to 21 days previously. After a 10-days' observation of these mice, broth extract of their brain tissues were injd. into a 2d group of 298 mice, the brains of which were injected into the 3d group of 510 mice after 10 days' observation. Some of the mice of the 1st and the 2d groups died, but no encephalitis was found; of the 3d group, 2 mice showed symptoms of encephalitis, but this is not considered an adequate proportion to suggest mosquito transmission.


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